Kren @ 1/29/2010 18:32 commented on bug beaten by another bug

oh wow I love this so retro!

Kren @ 12/30/2009 13:00 commented on lorries

It seems that the deadline has changed, since they want to get more people to work on it, the new deadline is 1st of February, anyone is allowed to participate, but you need to register :P, yeah I understand about the colors I find it really weird 255 for just a logo o.o

Kren @ 10/2/2009 20:00 commented on Rio de Janeiro after people

amazing job.

Kren @ 9/16/2009 16:35 commented on Lassie Skurwy, a SKinhead Woman

Love the colours love the style.. but her legs are too tall.. still I love those fucking shoes :D

Kren @ 8/16/2009 16:13 commented on Want a balloon?

 I miss the serie in general.. good old days..

Kren @ 7/3/2009 11:08 commented on Where Am I ?

Pixelarg: si entiendo a lo que te refieres.. pero es un fondo :P el humo negro, y humo blanco van a aparecer como animaciones dentro de el juego no como parte del background :P

Cone: what do you mean with begins to dull D:!?

Well, I am really happy that people liked this.. my stuff tends to be average and not so comment as I expected :/, anyways, yeah thats a D-pad :P I am happy that people saw it :D!

Kren @ 9/29/2008 19:48 commented on Decap'd default av
why did I ended last o.O?

Kren @ 9/24/2008 19:46 commented on toot
Reminds me to Kof,  I really like the style, nice work!

Kren @ 9/16/2008 18:45 commented on Guard
I like this challenge, this one is actually challenging :P.

Kren @ 6/7/2008 22:53 commented on Crocodingus In Cube Island
You should have waited to submit ths :/ the pineapple ruins it and the eyes looked better in an old version but still I love the style in this, :D really amazing madPXL  

Kren @ 1/20/2008 19:12 commented on Mario Revisited
This one looks more like walking the old one looked like floating hmm apart from that you should detail it more.  

Kren @ 11/23/2007 15:47 commented on Odin
Really good job, I though it was Hagrid from HP >_>  

Kren @ 11/17/2007 15:14 commented on Swat
fool has 5 out of 10 o:O thats really impressive.

Kren @ 7/9/2007 19:10 commented on Super Maria Bros 3
Lo unico que le falta es el pelo negro, pero generalmente no se ve bien,  aun asi esta muy bueno suerte :)

Kren @ 7/3/2007 21:37 commented on Super Mario RPG new age Mage
Really nice SMRPG is one of my favorite game. the palette is really awesome.

Kren @ 5/25/2007 12:46 commented on MRPG Mock
agree with adarias.. Probably add a dark outline and some shadows.  

Kren @ 5/2/2007 14:28 commented on Nintendo DS Mockup
I really like this work, the only thing wrong is the grey in the bottom screen, you should use more catchy colours :P 

Kren @ 2/25/2007 20:26 commented on Tileset parts again
the tree leaves could use more depth, apart from that this is really nice. reminds me to MC

Kren @ 1/28/2007 20:09 commented on DS Felicia #2
my only comment is the hair.. It needs dithering. 

Kren @ 10/30/2006 14:32 commented on Freedom
Yeah it is a wip that I will never finish, as you can see some parts of the body is really dithered.