Chrispy @ 1/19/2018 15:47 commented on Dying Breed

Amazing! how did you go about animating the text scrolls?

Chrispy @ 11/19/2017 11:04 commented on Big Bird

Is the public queue broken? I have a piece awaiting approval but the queue says there's no pixels in there

Chrispy @ 8/3/2017 19:14 commented on Big Bird

Every professional artist knows there are only 4 art styles and therefore only 4 filters needed for the gallery:
1. Manga
2. Comic Books
3. Realism
4. Abstract

Chrispy @ 7/17/2017 17:07 commented on Chrispys face

Thanks, I'm pretty proud of my mane 

Chrispy @ 7/15/2017 21:16 commented on Red Trenchcoat

the arms and legs should move at opposite intervals. right arm forward, left leg forward. left arm forward, right leg forward.

Chrispy @ 7/12/2017 09:54 commented on Pull over (That Metal Too Fast) - Rikka

I've known about this music video forever but I didn't know you were here on pixeljoint. Nice job

Chrispy @ 6/28/2017 13:09 commented on Wow

Maybe keep the preview upscaled but please have the detail 1x

Chrispy @ 6/7/2017 16:32 commented on Pinup Walk Cycle

Thanks for the CC 

Chrispy @ 4/4/2017 17:20 commented on Aku...

The detailed piece is nice, but the scribbly white line on the preview really kills it.

Chrispy @ 12/1/2016 12:26 commented on Glitter

Well here's my reference, heavily NSFW.

Chrispy @ 11/11/2016 01:44 commented on Sombra

Thank you 

Chrispy @ 11/1/2016 02:11 commented on GSC Decidueye

I was always a big fan of thundershock

Chrispy @ 10/4/2016 09:25 commented on The Last Bastion

It's still a bit of a hassle to hit new frame, move right 128 times

Chrispy @ 8/28/2016 19:13 commented on The Color from Space

You're right, I didn't notice that. Adjusted to meet restrictions.

Chrispy @ 8/10/2016 23:39 commented on Rainboow

Thanks, both of you. I'm usually the type to avoid dithering altogether, but i decided to add it solely for the aesthetic

Chrispy @ 3/23/2016 16:17 commented on Steven and the Gems

good stuff 

Chrispy @ 3/13/2016 12:32 commented on No Pain No Gain
is this better?

Chrispy @ 3/11/2016 22:20 commented on Metal Gear Solid scene previous Ninja

Two metal gear pieces uploaded at the same time

Chrispy @ 12/5/2015 03:08 commented on Big Bird

Finally hit level 7! Woo!

Chrispy @ 10/9/2015 18:48 commented on Man vs Wild

Bruh that lighting on the wall is awesome

Chrispy @ 8/28/2015 13:45 commented on NSFW Dope

Additional edit:

Chrispy @ 8/28/2015 12:49 commented on NSFW Dope

Definitely an interesting take with the softer lighting, but I wonder if we maybe added in an additional shade between the purple and skin tones if we could eliminate the need for dithering to achieve the same effect

Chrispy @ 8/26/2015 19:55 commented on Hunter

Thanks! I'm glad you like it 

Chrispy @ 8/25/2015 22:08 commented on Big Bird

I'm using chrome

Chrispy @ 8/25/2015 02:46 commented on Big Bird

Anyone else getting 404 errors when trying to use the search bar?