Atrophy @ 5/31/2010 17:19 commented on Edward Scissorhands

Why is there not a game that looks like that? That was outstanding.

Atrophy @ 5/17/2010 13:37 commented on desert stone

 Looks good, I personally think it would be better with more contrast. and the edges changed. but overall, looks like a solid piece.

Atrophy @ 4/4/2010 09:01 commented on Big Bird

 When did Netherlands move to Russia? I don't see where Russia came into this.

Atrophy @ 3/2/2010 15:29 commented on Hey Josh!

 haha, yeah. Doing much to it is hard with the contest restrictions.. So.. Tomorrow i'll probably fix it up a bit.. hopefully make it look better.

Atrophy @ 2/25/2010 22:26 commented on Cave Exit

Yeah.. idk whats up with it. when I saved as a Gif, it's colors all changed.. the preview has the colors I actually used. I need to learn how to do transparency.

Atrophy @ 1/31/2010 19:56 commented on Awkward Turkey!

 We already had an argument on Dithering on Eclipse.. And yes It gives a sense of texture,  guess what HAS a texture. That would be skin. Thanks for the crit. I'm sure I could touch up the colors a bit, but seeing as its been submitted for a challenge, its a tad to late to change anything.

As for shortening the fingers, Its not that they are long, its that the knuckles aren't really visible, which is because i quickly finished to submit it so that i didn't miss the deadline since i was busy the following day.

Atrophy @ 1/31/2010 16:40 commented on Awkward Turkey!

 Slym.. ugh. Make a fist.. you don't see your fingernails..  and dithering isn't bad if its done well.. like it is here.

Atrophy @ 1/25/2010 01:47 commented on pixel warrior

 Question: Is this considering arachnids(Spiders, and scorpions) as Insects? Since they technically are NOT Insects.

Atrophy @ 1/23/2010 23:16 commented on Awkward Turkey!

 @ All

Thanks so much for the kind words and support of it.


@ Apixel

I've heard of Stickshift, when someone goes to fish bump, you grab their hand and jerk it around.


@ Chrispy

I'm having a hard time picturing this in my head.

Atrophy @ 1/23/2010 01:26 commented on ЯED BEAЯ Яising

 Not to bad, I like it! Great work!


The snowman needs a little work on the bottom ball, make it have some more support. Maybe mess up the sections up bit so that its more realistic since they never come out perfect like that. :]


This would be SOOOO SOOO EPIC if you animated the cars moving, and while the tank goes by, one of the guys tosses a grenade, and it blows up the snowman. :D

Atrophy @ 1/18/2010 23:02 commented on Meh Creepin

Haha, of course.

Atrophy @ 1/18/2010 12:28 commented on Meh Creepin

 <3 Elk! It's an honor!

Updated the Info with the reference, and the WIP stages I went through.