Night @ 8/28/2020 09:19 commented on Post Apocalypse

Thank you, I appreciate the remarks!

Night @ 3/14/2020 14:31 commented on Eternal Agony

Thanks. didn't realise, was an accident

Night @ 2/27/2020 11:09 commented on I, DRACULA!


Night @ 2/26/2020 04:30 commented on The Puddle People

Thanks guys!

Night @ 2/25/2020 11:45 commented on The Puddle People

Thanks :)

Night @ 11/21/2019 12:49 commented on Eldest Souls

Looks awesome!

Night @ 5/25/2019 07:04 commented on Another Anime AVA

Congrats Adigun, great palette! :)

Night @ 4/24/2019 11:31 commented on PrehISOria Collab tiles

Thanks guys! :)

Night @ 4/22/2019 10:30 commented on PrehISOria tiles

Superb, incredible job! :)

Night @ 4/16/2019 01:15 commented on PrehISOria tiles

Awesome work all around, I especially like the caverns tile you made on the bottom left!

Night @ 3/24/2019 14:32 commented on Desert Cards

these colours look familiar. :)

Night @ 2/12/2019 09:46 commented on Dragons Keep

Awesome man, well done!

Night @ 1/10/2019 12:48 commented on The Casting Ritual (Secret Santa 2018)

Nice :)

Night @ 12/24/2018 09:29 commented on Giants' Forest

Thanks a lot guys, really appreciate it! 

Night @ 12/22/2018 14:01 commented on Devastation

Nicely done, really like the colour usage!

Night @ 9/14/2018 13:59 commented on T. Hawk

That is really cool!

Night @ 9/12/2018 08:55 commented on T. Hawk

This is great! Thank you! 
Congrtulations to the rest of the winners and good job, and thank you AdigunPolack :)

Night @ 9/12/2018 02:42 commented on Secret Agent

Fair enough. I don't really see the problem of people leaving the white BG per se, but I suppose it's not worth arguing over.

Night @ 9/12/2018 01:14 commented on Secret Agent

What I was getting at is that you wouldn't necessarily know that (that this background colour is needed), unless you were the artist.

Night @ 9/11/2018 14:54 commented on Secret Agent

Don't remember what the old ones were like, but seems very good all in all.
Only thing I can say is that in regards to rule 7 I think you should be lenient when it comes enforcing it; I wouldn't classify tasteful nudity and gore, at least when it comes to a painting/art piece, as nsfw, seeing as you can distinguish it pretty easily from real life, and it doesn't evoke the same response as it would from a photo of the same subject, unless it is photorealistic.
I'm also unsure about rule 8, seeing as sometimes you would want your background to be a speicifc flat colour, as opposed to it being trasnparent and hence get the background colour of the site, which may not fit.

Night @ 9/9/2018 09:51 commented on Flute Player

Thanks everyone, I appreciate it very much :)

Night @ 8/27/2018 03:28 commented on Flute Player

Thanks guys! :)

Night @ 6/22/2017 02:44 commented on Caligo Battle Screen 00

Thank you :)

Night @ 3/28/2017 17:15 commented on Copper Death

Good job! I like your approach on the background.

Night @ 5/12/2016 08:46 commented on The last Pharaoh from Sirius

Love the fabrics!