KingOfTheTrolls @ 1/26/2013 01:34 commented on Bad cough

I love the Pallette, and the style

KingOfTheTrolls @ 1/3/2013 18:18 commented on differences

Over 2000 colors, Im sorry but this is NPA :/

KingOfTheTrolls @ 1/1/2013 19:00 commented on Big Bird

 Happy Birthday ThePixelKnight !

KingOfTheTrolls @ 1/1/2013 16:24 commented on Jellyfish dream

 Would love to see you go back and touch up the "looking unfinished" parts  like the dots with no AA, some of the tentacles (not sure i that's what they're called on jellyfish). Where the floor just ends. and really the right side in general lacks a little detail. 

Overall though this is a really nice piece of artwork though 

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/27/2012 20:59 commented on Slipknot7


KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/24/2012 17:29 commented on RPG Game : The Town Update 1

 Are those lines from the Secret of Monkey island? XD I love the new character (D), C looks very good as well. The tree's also look great . Amazing work so far 

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/23/2012 16:19 commented on Pixel Art Community Icon

 Please don't submit your piece for the weekly challenge if it was not made for the challenge, I like the icon but I don't think this has much to do with pyramids  may need to be resubmitted.

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/21/2012 00:11 commented on Fuzzhog

 All of your pieces have such character to them.

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/20/2012 22:55 commented on Crocodile Pirate

 Obviously K. Rool from Donkey Kong?  That was my first thought, shading is very smooth, awesome piece, hat could use some work though.

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/20/2012 18:10 commented on Night Boy

 Thanks everyone  great to get feedback anytime.

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/17/2012 19:31 commented on RPG Game : The Town

 I really like the newest sprite design/detail wise seems like a much better "woman" style for the game than the previous template, I would assume men to have broader/manly structure. My final complaints on the sprite (the most updated/non chibi one) Lengthen the dress a pixel or two more. Other than that I really like the realistic version, shows a lot more effort into the sprite in general.

-Other: I really dislike the very dark shadow on the tree  just really stands out to me. Definately update the Rock texture (maybe make multiple sprites for rocks). and an updated path would be nice to see in the next update

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/17/2012 15:35 commented on POP WORLD

 Every piece you put out is a masterpiece, amazing work once again here, I love the little detailing you do. 

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/16/2012 17:05 commented on Neverdemon

 Wow the shading is so smooth, and there is so much depth in this. Amazing submission 

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/16/2012 16:58 commented on What time off does

 Thanks  means a lot coming from someone who's sketch-like style is quite amazing.

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/16/2012 15:29 commented on RPG Chars: Redhead Food Girl

 I think the character really fits into the style of the mockup, it also suits the avatar, although I feel it could use a little more detail in the face. Even if you don't rework (a bit) it I think it fit's in really well 

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/16/2012 11:54 commented on What time off does

 Yeah I was ahaving quite a hard time with both, I think the foot turned out alright but yeah the forearm/hand... I may go back and fix it . And thank you 


KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/15/2012 15:38 commented on RPG Houses: Final Update

 Turned out so beautifuly  really glad you kept at it, probably one of the best 3/4 perspective Houses I have ever seen!

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/14/2012 22:46 commented on Cool Guy

 I think this piece would look much better without the yellow background  but nice sprite indeed.

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/13/2012 15:38 commented on Big Bird

 The Angel's Demon's Weekly challenge is still in "Vote" mode People cannot see the winners  wasn't sure who to contact about this. Feel free to delete this post if seen and responded to. 

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/10/2012 15:57 commented on Rpg Houses : Update 1

 Building looks much better with the details, but yeah would love to see what you can do with the path/grass/scenery within the grassy area (trees's, bushes, etc).

Also those "stairs" on the bottom left, I feel are a bit hard to read as stairs, maybe add another step down or something. Anyway really loving it 

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/10/2012 15:51 commented on Vi Running

 Very smooth animation. About the wings you could say she magicaly "hides" them when she wants to run as running with wings would be awkward anyway.

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/10/2012 00:17 commented on Skipper 3

 Wow this sounds like it could turn into a very fun Competition, so open. 

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/10/2012 00:12 commented on Study

 Congrats on the win, well deserved.

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/9/2012 22:11 commented on Darkstalkers Demake

 Any ref images? Wonderful job with it though 

KingOfTheTrolls @ 12/9/2012 22:08 commented on Home Sweet Home

 Very smooth flow, may want to work a little on the foreground if you can, anyway great entry!