cure @ 7/22/2018 09:47 commented on Empress

heck yes, dig the expressive style. There ain't enough "messy" pixels out there.

cure @ 7/12/2018 11:03 commented on Big Bird

Here are the early stages. I used a digital projector to throw the pixel art on the canvas, then traced the clusters and marked them up like a paint-by-numbers (O for orange, G for green, etc.). I'd originally planned to just paint the clusters and call it finished, but despite looking like fun pop art from across the room, it was really boring up-close. So it was necessary to delineate individual pixels (here's a video during that stage). Originally I was just going for a JPG effect where the pixels are just slightly discolored, but eventually it became an experiment of hiding various hues within a cluster without that cluster losing its overall color identity (e.g. slipping lavendar, peach, and magenta into the "orange" passages). At some point it also seemed necessary to vary the texture as well as the hue, so the last leg of the project was adding impasto effects, primarily using the stick-end of the brush.

@Lehmure: That's always the toughest question to answer, I worked on this in-between commissions and other personal projects. Longer than I'd initially intended, by a lot.

Now the only question is whether the title "YHWH.JPG" or "Yahweh Boogie-Woogie" makes a better pun...

cure @ 7/9/2018 22:29 commented on Big Bird

pixel art, oil paint

cure @ 7/5/2018 06:50 commented on Burning Sword

I think you've hit a home run your first at-bat. Dig the color contrast, style and content remind me of Reo's work.

cure @ 7/3/2018 22:21 commented on NPCS!!! (2005, Douketsu Monogatari style study)

You did our friendship is over and you can tell your sister I'm not coming to her wedding.

cure @ 7/3/2018 15:59 commented on NPCS!!! (2005, Douketsu Monogatari style study)

 plz no more flair

cure @ 7/2/2018 12:22 commented on NPCS!!! (2005, Douketsu Monogatari style study)


cure @ 7/2/2018 07:18 commented on Freek-a-Leek Inanna

Thanks, I probably updated it a few more times since you've commented (I can't tell if the new version looks good till I see it on my iPhone and also am a bit obsessive), but I think I've arrived at a satisfactory version. Good lookin' out.

@dastal, vector: muchos gracias

cure @ 7/2/2018 05:38 commented on Freek-a-Leek Inanna

Monitor issue. My entire computer is terrible rn- crunches when it starts up, overheats, missing keys... I tried to brighten it a bit, let me know if it reads better.

cure @ 7/1/2018 07:35 commented on Playing God Mock Up

Looks great, especially loving the sprites, very readable

cure @ 6/27/2018 11:12 commented on (herm)aphrodite

cure @ 6/16/2018 12:09 commented on The ballad of Erran the Broken

all you suckas who say don't use pure black, look how it's done!

cure @ 6/11/2018 09:13 commented on Portraits

The chick's back sprite is the strongest of the group I think, you nailed the pose (and she been working on them legs and glutes.)

cure @ 6/11/2018 09:10 commented on Thundercats Roar mockup1

Other than a couple in the bottom left, on the whip, and one very useful single pixel within an eyeball ;)

Fun stuff.

cure @ 6/2/2018 17:55 commented on Big Bird

Didn't notice Girafarig, the original design is definitely better. Catdog ftw.

re: porygon 2: You work in a circus and you don't appreciate balloon animals or lions? Shame!

cure @ 6/2/2018 16:38 commented on Big Bird


sprites I love: charizard, dugtrio, muk, jynx

new pokemon that don't suck: ikari, hinaazu

pokemon whose offical designs are worse than their prototypes: octillery, smoochum, magby, miltank, lickilicky

deb8 me

cure @ 6/2/2018 10:21 commented on MSX Pallette Girls Collection. NSFW!

fresh af. diggin the third on row 2 and the dog walker in particular. very efficient use of small canvases and palettes.

cure @ 6/1/2018 16:00 commented on Ant man

That'd be my guess. Probably with an exception for a non-sentient creature capable of locomotion.

cure @ 5/29/2018 19:53 commented on Big Bird

been listening to this ish on repeat. y'all welcome.

cure @ 5/28/2018 05:35 commented on Christine

lol, thought I recognized that face.

cure @ 5/24/2018 07:06 commented on Big Bird

iirc most of the time the winner didn't bother responding, or didn't respond in time. Every now and then it'd just be a really unworkable idea. I think the current system runs more smoothly, but it makes sense to also allow the previous challenge's winner to provide a challenge idea that takes precedence over those previously sent in by the masses.

cure @ 5/20/2018 12:34 commented on Weirdheads

dunno how I missed this. works great just on a purely abstract level of color and form.

cure @ 5/19/2018 08:45 commented on Hot and Cold

clean af, nice use of 'perfect' lines. death to AA!

cure @ 5/3/2018 07:01 commented on 16 col. portrait (commission)

diggin' these portraits, not so much the white backgrounds though.

cure @ 4/25/2018 13:31 commented on Big Bird