cure @ 7/25/2017 06:43 commented on robot

Reminds me of the scene in the Jawa landcrawler from New Hope. I like the textures and cross-hatching.

cure @ 7/24/2017 19:49 commented on Weezer Kermit

I have. No dice. My PJ account now contains my oldest work on the internet.

cure @ 7/24/2017 11:33 commented on Weezer Kermit

man I wish I still had all the terrible work from my first dA account

cure @ 7/24/2017 10:50 commented on Big Bird

"What does google know that we don't?"


cure @ 7/22/2017 22:07 commented on Onion Bro

Love that hatching, this is excellent

cure @ 7/22/2017 11:09 commented on walking boss [Blasphemous]

this game is going to be dope af

cure @ 7/19/2017 08:47 commented on R-madillo

Great palette, tight pixelling, cool design. More like this.

cure @ 7/15/2017 11:38 commented on Big Bird

dots > arabic numerals, pictograms

cure @ 7/15/2017 09:10 commented on Big Bird

Any Mods know what will become of jal's artist interviews? Surely he had one or two still unfinished.

cure @ 7/14/2017 10:01 commented on you gotta be lion

I only watched this for about an hour.

cure @ 7/14/2017 08:55 commented on Big Bird

There's just a lot of dice throwing in D&D. If it were a special critical hit animation or something that would be cool tho. 

cure @ 7/14/2017 07:02 commented on Big Bird

For me, CRPGs are the next logical step from tabletop precisely because computers cut out all the laborious parts like dice rolling and pencil math.

cure @ 7/13/2017 07:39 commented on Big Bird

Just use the Arm & Hammer logo

cure @ 7/12/2017 20:36 commented on Unlikely Adventures Mockup

Really dig the jungle level

cure @ 7/12/2017 20:33 commented on Murder in the Dark City

Nice atmosphere, and interesting composition

cure @ 7/12/2017 20:25 commented on Big Bird

witness protection. going underground.

cure @ 7/5/2017 21:29 commented on Big Bird

The chatterbox could really use a tumbleweed emote

cure @ 7/4/2017 18:11 commented on Incommunicado

Reo: Can't believe I forgot about Graindolium, always something fresh from him.

Cyangmou: Revolt is a strong word, just testing the waters. The blue is actually fully saturated, but you're right that the red burns a bit. I'm ok with that.

Conny Nordlund: I like the word "grit." I call it grain myself, but either seems preferable to "noise."

ptoing: I think the idea that the artist is allowed to "approve" unexpected pixel placement is key here.

cure @ 7/3/2017 12:16 commented on turtle

Looks like a bottle snuck in.

cure @ 7/2/2017 18:35 commented on Incommunicado

Where do you draw the line, personally?

cure @ 7/1/2017 21:01 commented on Incommunicado

I think you're right about the figure in the distance. I've updated the image.

cure @ 7/1/2017 09:53 commented on Incommunicado

Friend: That's the idea. I don't claim to be an innovator, but I do have the political capital to push this approach through to the gallery. I don't expect it to become a legal precedent for what is considered kosher, but I hope it can encourage more inclusive attitudes toward styles that exist where "oekaki" and "pixel art" overlap, or at least get the conversation going on "how loose is Toulouse?" and how we measure control/intent when it comes to pixel placement.

There are a few works already in the gallery that, while not entirely similar to this piece, do share the qualities that have meant rejection for other work. Ptoing is right that there are a lot of parallels in the demoscene as well, but the closest parallel might be dogmeat's experiments from back in the day (which never made it in the gallery, obviously).

Moondrome: 11 (000000)

cure @ 6/30/2017 13:11 commented on Big Bird

Primitive pixel artist, c. 1984 A.D.

Bonus: Stryker's Run for BBC Micro, DeluxePaintVideo for Amiga

cure @ 6/30/2017 08:20 commented on Wild West Saloon OCB

Looks fine to me. Love the mood you've set for this game, the palette and the slightly messy style both add to the atmosphere.

cure @ 6/29/2017 14:17 commented on Big Bird

I'll think of him every time I see a surreal ramble in the forum scattered with links to Air Jordan 貳拾 Prime 5 sneakers.