cure @ 4/25/2017 09:42 commented on Big Bird

The moderator queue is limited to the first two pages of newly submitted art. Age decides the list, not votes, which is why older submissions are pushed further down the stack. The only way to bring those works closer to freedom is for moderators to approve or reject more recently-submitted work (faster than new submissions can pile up).

cure @ 4/24/2017 16:58 commented on Big Bird

Ultimately it's up to moderators to push work through. User votes can only inform their decisions.

cure @ 4/24/2017 06:21 commented on Insane Intestines

The cat doesn't look like it's done enough drugs yet, otherwise pretty spot-on

cure @ 4/14/2017 13:04 commented on Nice Lolita

And be ready for some really cringey pseudo-pixel art that goes for cheap nostalgia points to win the thing.

cure @ 4/14/2017 09:22 commented on liondog

Thanks, updated the link

cure @ 4/13/2017 09:25 commented on Big Bird

Let's hope the project makes it into a time capsule so we can tell our great-grandchildren "This is what 2017 was like."

cure @ 4/11/2017 10:15 commented on iDracula Title

dope af         

cure @ 4/11/2017 07:47 commented on waterfalls battlefield

Me: It isn't nice to steal designs by other artists. you're selling something that belongs to them. 

Her: can you can me which one you are talking about? I take such requests seriously, and use images only with permission or create my own. If I have your painting, I'm not aware of it. Let me know and provide a proof and I will take action.
Me: I'm sure you do. not really my job to go through your gallery and sort out what was stolen from where. You know well enough. Here's a start: [links to stolen work and this news post]

cure @ 4/11/2017 06:46 commented on waterfalls battlefield

Etsy is shit and has no respect for artists anyways.

cure @ 3/28/2017 00:24 commented on good appetite

This is where it's useful to just vote for one or two entries

cure @ 3/28/2017 00:21 commented on Copper Death

This is excellent.

cure @ 3/25/2017 23:35 commented on Big Bird

No one knows how to reach him. I've called several possible phone numbers for jal or close family, none were useful. I guarantee the address someone came across will also lead to a dead-end. 

No pun intended :S

cure @ 3/25/2017 06:46 commented on Big Bird

And how would you reach out?

cure @ 3/24/2017 21:17 commented on Big Bird

Three months of radio silence.

cure @ 3/20/2017 19:06 commented on Floaters and Salty Dog

Now I've got leadbelly stuck in my head. Nice pixellin'

cure @ 3/20/2017 17:16 commented on Big Bird

"v3" was a minor cosmetic update and a long overdue hall of fame adjustment. It did not address systemic problems with design and function. I'd personally like to see the rather pointless buddy system replaced with a real method of following other artists, a complete redesign of the front page with news sidebarred and new art greatly expanded, an integrated forum, and a reliable server.

cure @ 3/18/2017 14:05 commented on Big Bird

It really has more to do with a lack of a dedicated coder(s) than any sort of difficulty associated with the work. No update or redesign is too complex to be completed in a decade.

Short of someone building a new site, this is what we've got.

cure @ 3/15/2017 09:53 commented on Big Bird

PJ has a forum?

cure @ 3/4/2017 14:09 commented on Lion-Bat-Ram-Scorpion

A classic.

cure @ 3/4/2017 11:54 commented on Banjo-faced Pocada

@Wrex: You're right, but I'm not sure what your point is.

@Mnots: Being from the Tennessee Valley, I enjoyed writing it! I like to imagine he's a creature from an RPG set in a post-apocalyptic Deep South.

@rest: Thaaaanks

cure @ 3/3/2017 05:55 commented on Big Bird

Mods can do a name change, but (theoretically) you only get one. Otherwise every 13 year old who joins the site wants a name change twice a year.

cure @ 3/2/2017 15:13 commented on Squirrel Cobra

Good idea and nice clean pixelling.

cure @ 2/28/2017 10:16 commented on Big Bird

Because there are 6 pages of public queue, and mods try to give each piece a little while on the front page under "newest pixel art" before pushing more through the queue. PJ's site design shows very little new art on the front page, which creates a bottleneck, as does having a smaller team of moderators.

They usually make a special effort to push all challenge pieces through before the deadline, maybe yours was just overlooked.

cure @ 2/28/2017 06:22 commented on Big Bird

If that idea is for the challenge, bear in mind mushrooms are fungi and not animals.

cure @ 2/27/2017 22:06 commented on Bunny Suit Kid

Are extinct animals allowed? And to be clear, any mixture of 2+ animals, or ONLY 2 animals?