cure @ 2/16/2020 23:18 commented on Big Bird

Works for me  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

cure @ 2/16/2020 10:10 commented on Big Bird

The forum is broken with or without jal, I tried to post a comment the other day and got an error message, and there’s no link to it from the mobile homepage. It’s dead.

cure @ 2/12/2020 17:17 commented on Big Bird

PJ definitely could have been updated much more over the past decade in order to keep up, like skittle's suggestion to expand the new art on the front page, which is an idea that's been floating around for years, and the forum has always been disconnected from the site and this rift has only continued to grow. Add to this a conservative/purist mindset about pixelart that made a niche community even more niche, and has only recently relaxed a bit.

Even so, I find it difficult to imagine PJ (or any other gallery- or forum-based community) competing with the rise of social media, though it's also worth noting that PJ hasn't attempted to expand onto these platforms in any significant way in order to redirect traffic to the site. So I think PJ ossified, but even remaining dynamic might not have saved it from the onslaught of social media platforms. It's difficult to say- had the site been responsive to changing times and user feedback, could it have remained the nexus of pixel art, being that the medium is so niche and so many newbies seek real learning and engagement that social media doesn't provide?

edit: damn that sounded like a eulogy. We’re still here! But I think communities like ours have to focus on both gaining new members through outreach and activating the community through engagement. The weeklies are great and just need more publicity maybe, what I really think defined the golden age of online pixel communities were the super-active WIP forums that built better artists and better relationships between artists.

cure @ 2/10/2020 23:00 commented on Release of the Lords of Civilisation

The golden calf, the breastplate of the high priest, nephilim and rephaim- some of my favorite stuff in the Bible. Very fun fan art.

cure @ 2/10/2020 22:53 commented on Old Stuff13

mucho gusto

cure @ 2/6/2020 17:31 commented on Johto Memories

master of the GBC style

cure @ 1/31/2020 13:29 commented on Hulkster

Henk is a legend and this sounds like an undertaking on par with Owlboy. In fact, can we get Henk and Snake together on the next project?

cure @ 1/18/2020 17:02 commented on Big Bird

Just ordered this book on digital painting from 1989 after Lauretta Jones sent me a few copies of Verbum magazine from '86. Working on building a small library of early "pixel art" references, hmu if y'all find anything interesting!

Condolences to PBDC

cure @ 1/10/2020 12:54 commented on Shmup Mockup

Feels very fun, reminds me of 90s cartoons

cure @ 12/21/2019 10:24 commented on Field trip

Great work, I'm getting heavy "Annihilation" vibes.

cure @ 11/23/2019 11:50 commented on Big Bird

hopefully it isn't dead like the animated hex collab

or the forum-based pixel art community as a whole, which becomes a husk of itself as users move toward social media for sharing and discussing art.


cure @ 11/4/2019 16:49 commented on Meetlet

neat idea

cure @ 9/14/2019 10:44 commented on Big Bird

That's the beauty of being able to edit colors on the fly. You can start with a garish palette and work out form with local color, then adjust as needed with HSL sliders.

cure @ 9/14/2019 09:04 commented on Big Bird

The latter. I add colors as needed and tweak colors throughout the process. Premade palette seems limiting to me.

cure @ 8/31/2019 09:22 commented on The Slopes of the Blessure

This is great work, I love the palette in particular. I feel like the figures get a little lost, I think maybe some brighter rim lighting could help them pop.

cure @ 8/28/2019 06:41 commented on Dying Breed (Part 4)

Precisely! That’s her broken face on the left.

cure @ 8/23/2019 19:12 commented on Dying Breed (Part 4)

We ain’t got no cities in Alabama ;)

The first (and maybe second) scenes are indeed set in Alabama (or thereabouts), somewhere near Mobile. The party has journeyed outside of the state for the third and fourth scenes.

cure @ 8/23/2019 14:32 commented on Dying Breed (Part 4)

Good guess! It’s definitely an American city with an affinity for cowboy boots and out-of-place classical architecture. Some more clues: the white plant in scene 1 is a carnivorous species with a limit range, and the type of statuary found in scene 2 is common to a particular region. Also note the object beneath the posh pig in scene 3 ;)

cure @ 8/19/2019 19:37 commented on Órbita Cambiante

As a (relatively recent) chameleon owner, my only complaint is that it lacks the two-toed “mitten” feet.

cure @ 8/18/2019 16:26 commented on Northstar

That eagle is something else

cure @ 8/18/2019 14:00 commented on Yahweh vs. Leviathan

I left the church as soon as I had the autonomy to do so (when I moved to boarding school at 16), and have been an atheist since about 17 (preferring the pretentious label “ignostic” for a while), though I still found meaningful philosophy/theology in contemplative texts. I’ll often play devil’s advocate if I think criticism against a religion is unfair, and in discussing religion online I find myself arguing against atheist misconceptions about the Bible or theology about as often as I argue against Christian misreadings. I may have even identified as Christian during that time if I felt it suited my argument, but generally I try to discuss Christian beliefs in the third person. I think remaining religiously ambiguous is probably a useful survival skill here in the Deep South. 

Nothing rude about it btw, obviously I’m very much into discussing religion. Looking forward to more work from you!

cure @ 8/18/2019 08:23 commented on Yahweh vs. Leviathan

Learning a little more all the time. These days I'd choose the vocalization "litanu" over "lotan", and wouldn't assume the Japanese (or even Norse) dragon-battle myths are related to those from Greece/Israel/Ugarit (which clearly share a history).

As for my own religion, I'm an atheist (outside of family reunions). Raised Baptist and still fond of contemplative Christianity (Merton, Eckhart, et al), but my interest in religion is purely scholarly. However, the foremost scholar on Israel's polytheistic origins and relation to Ugaritic religion is a Catholic who also writes devotional material, so it's certainly possible to balance scholarship with faith.

I think it's a matter of holding two systems of belief: one in literal, historical truth, and another in theological truth. If you think about it, humans already split their time between the world of experience and the world of thought, where those experiences are analyzed and given meaning and placed in a broader narrative. This is as true of a heathen like me as much as a believer. So it's pretty natural to have two different systems running, even if they seem to conflict at times. It really only becomes problematic when one tries to create a unified system that requires theological beliefs to adhere to historical truth.


re: the flag: Not sure I see the conundrum. I'm not above using racist symbols in art so long as the tone is critical. I think the first version of the piece was two subtle in its criticism, which is why I made the second, but I in no way support or identify with the flag. If you just mean the conundrum of flying both a confederate and a US flag in the yard, as is common 'round these parts, I agree, it's a confused worldview.

cure @ 8/9/2019 16:14 commented on Big Bird


>on twitter

cure @ 8/1/2019 15:30 commented on Apollo 11

Hell yeah Saturn-V! My hometown's nickname "Rocket City" is because the rocket was built here (by ex-Nazis...). There's a full-scale model along the highway as you enter the city.

cure @ 7/15/2019 10:23 commented on Big Bird

In every example you mention, Nazis are the bad guys, so the artists’ motivations are immediately evident. Still, I think this has been handled well, through open discussion with the artist about his intent. “Pitchforks” is pretty dramatic.