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Statistically you're more likely to die in a car crash. But statistics don't generally affect phobias. I think flying is exciting, but I'm a bumpkin. The power of a jet at takeoff, the human ingenuity that made it possible, the view looking down on mountainous clouds, knowing you're the descendent of tree-dwelling apes who is now hurtling through the atmosphere, an experience 99% of all humans who ever lived couldn't even conceive of... its sad to think the experience is so blasé for many businessfolk.

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Refrain from flooding or posting redundant works, but otherwise no.

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Eggy, don't waste your time reading this shit. 


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Half a year*

cure @ 6/12/2017 07:56 commented on Big Bird


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this is derpy in the best way

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Specific parts of the northern hemisphere. I've been wearing shorts for months.

Didn't mean to criticize Mandrill, he's doing great. I like complaining about any challenge with a garish palette.

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maybe you should get veto power. more interesting themes and less restrictive/gaudy palettes thanks.

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reference photo, same for the 'newt' piece. they're both physical photographs so you'll just have to take my word for it.

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Definitely one of my favorite bakemono. Let's see if anyone can top Panda's classic version!

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I feel like it would just create more gray areas than the present situation.

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this is great, especially the eyes

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On a more agreeable note, the queue is down to 4 pages (from 7-8 at one point), so good job mod(s).

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He had that, and then some. Enough that he tore down his overflowing storehouses to build larger ones. Enough that many more people other than himself could eat rather than worry, and still leave him with his usual harvest. And if he shares his wealth, who is to say the kindness would not be repayed by his community were he to fall on hard times.

I get what you're saying though, and I agree that not giving a thought for the future while you frolick like a flower child is not a winning strategy.

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Thank god for pixelation and PJ. I personally wouldn't visit either if they became more lax.

Pixelation won't remove hybrid work, it has a board for low poly, etc. There is still a focus there on the philosophy of arranging opaque pixels on a grid, but no one is arguing this skill should no longer be the focus. Just that finished artworks could ignore some of the artificial limitations and, say, use a gradient for the sky in the background because it's smoother than some 4 color dithered mess. It's great to know how to work within limitations, and it's equally important to know when to break limitations to achieve a desired effect. There are inherent limitations that breed creativity, and there are imposed limitations that, adhered to religiously, will inhibit creativity.

I totally agreed on [ jalonso's ] purist stance on pixel art.

There's a lot of back room discussion that went into approving work for the gallery. I don't mean to discount your opinion, maybe you did agree with him 100%, but the nuances of moderators' stances on work that did/didn't make it into the gallery is really only known to the other moderators. Anyway, the point was not to criticize his judgement, though we didn't always agree, but rather to point out this is not a democracy.

There's no such thing as a perfect position here where everything would end up 100% satisfied

Just because it isn't perfect doesn't mean it couldn't be better. At any rate, this is less a discussion of reforms that need to happen at PJ and more of a discussion of the form an ideal pixel art site. The site we'll need when the queue here gets to 20 pages.

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It isn't about not planning, it's about not worrying. The point I take from the parable is that the man should indeed have shared with family, friends, and neighbors, rather than hoard his wealth.

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Just don't see why it would, its as much an assumption as assuming there would be an exodus. Maybe you're envisioning less pixelly work than I am, or maybe it's a matter of conservative vs. liberal attitudes toward pixel art.

I think you have a little too much faith in the democracy of PJ. Moderators have a lot of influence over what the gallery consists of, we wrote the rules and separated the wheat from the chaff. Jal, as much as I love him, was particularly conservative and occasionally stubborn on the issue of pixel purity as it relates to the gallery.

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if PJ drops its fundamental submission rules what would stop PixelJoint from turning into a mixed art gallery like Deviantart?
Moderation, both in regards to quality and content. The same thing that keeps the barbarians at bay in the present day. Most of the submission rules are fine.

I wish we had [Uno Moralez] posting actively here
But we don't, we shooed him away with cries of "OEKAKI!"

If people don't want to post works with traditional techniques which pixel art enthusiasts like us find to be the definitive factor of what pixel art is
Not what I had in mind. Pixel-pushing must remain a vital aspect of the work.

This is a pixel art community after all and without that definition what is it?
Whose definition?

And greenraven is 100% right about "traditional pixel art". Whose traditions are we talking about? Hopefully more than just our own, circa 2005 to present. We have driven away traditional pixel artists (i.e. OGs from the 80s/90s) because their work doesn't fit with our artificial, retroactive definitions of "pixel art." I understand why we felt it necessary to define pixel art, the edges blur into related digital artforms. But those blurry edges are a reality we can't ignore, purity is an ideal we can't uphold, and I believe more work in that massive gray area created by our parameters warrants inclusion, at no real cost to this community. I understand why a slippery slope argument seems like a natural response to this position, but that is precisely why I think educated (maybe re-educated)  human moderators are a vital part of the submission process.

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Well, I guess we just have different visions for this site. For you, it is a matter of a more open vs a more strict monthly top. For me, it is a question of whether the monthly top trophy system is worthwhile in itself, given that it creates stricter rules. You seem to want clearer rules, whereas I'm saying fuck the rules*. This isn't something I think an equation can do better than human judgement, rules are useful only as guidelines, following the letter rather the spirit of the law is for Pharisees. 

*mostly #6 and its multiplicitous interpretations

cure @ 5/9/2017 13:05 commented on Big Bird

if someone inflates them to be more than that, it would be the problem of the individual imo

My point is that it is much more than that. When you add this "Top 10" aspect, you get stricter about what qualifies as pixel art and what is allowed in the gallery, otherwise it is unfair to other members if pieces made by "cheating" steal the trophies.

there's already great demoscene communities and galleries for [demoscene artists]

Cross-polination never hurt. Why limit the talent that can be shared here?

I don't see the problem with a community excluding certain types of works in favor of others

Less cool art to look at, less cool artists to interact with.

Iirc people who left after their work got rejected mostly have problems because they say it fits PJ's criteria while PJ (whoever decided) disagrees.

I'm talking about artists whose work is considered pixel art by themselves and the world at large, and often many members here, but fails to meet PJ's litmus test. Often work that has been approved then sent back, PJ has always been wishy-washy due precisely to the fact that these lines delineating pixel art from "NPA" are artificial. These cases are often a matter of artists disagreeing with the strict rules PJ applies retroactively to artwork and artists so pivotal in the scene that they may have inspired members here to start pixelling.

@PBDC: Likes, favorites, and internet fame. More substantial food for the ego.

cure @ 5/9/2017 07:56 commented on Big Bird

I think you're confusing digitrophy ego-boosts with challenges/collaborations, the latter I obviously don't have a problem with.

I think this community would still have coalesced without such strict definitions of pixel art, and our reputation for being strict has only disuaded pixel artists from joining, or pushed them away after their work is rejected. I seem to remember this happening to Uno Moralez, but I could be misremembering, I definitely recall it driving away several demosceners and OG pixel artists who have played significant roles in the history of pixel art, all because they didn't use the artificial definition of pixel art that we created for this site. I fail to see how being more open to "non-kosher" pixel art creates an environment where people think "everything is great and never dare to critique."

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Well, I started to write a treatise (because I'm that kinda guy), but it morphed into a history of pixel art (link to the pixelation thread in my profile). As I began to elucidate what I thought pixel art should include and why, it became apparent to me that understanding the history of both the medium and the technique (the latter predating the former) was key to understanding the motivations and manifestations of pixel art.


Basically I'm cool with all the Superbrothers shit: lens flares, gradients, etc.The medium is evolving, artists are experimenting with new techniques, and we should embrace that so long as pixel placement is still a major element of the work.

I'm ok with pixel art that's a bit "looser" than you generally find on this site (and have argued for the inclusion of this more "impressionistic" style in the past). I think labeling anything remotely loose as "oekaki" or "NPA" limits the artist from using a more expressive approach and working in styles that are perfectly fine in other media. (also see: Uno Moralez)

All the demoscene stuff that causes a ruckus here at PJ? Bring it on over. No rules just tools.

I'd hope to avoid the slippery slope argument by A) not giving a shit about prizes and backpats, so the competitive digitrophy aspect is removed and "why is X allowed?" becomes less of an issue, and B) relying less on inflexible rules and relying more on moderator/user judgement. Does it feel like pixel art? Was the careful placement of individual pixels vital to the creation of the work? Hopefully you can avoid the situation we've seen here in the past, where a large portion of the user base is upset that this or that piece didn't get in because it technically broke rule #48 even though everyone loved it or it was made by a pixel art legend 20 years ago.

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I'd contribute* to a rebel organization set on building a new pixel site that's capable of being updated every 5 years or so. But only if the hypothetical New Jerusalem took a broader view on pixel art. If it weren't for migrations we'd all still live in the ocean.

*time and art, you'll get no gold from me

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I agree, but I think it's up to the artist to decide whether 1x, 2x, etc is the "smallest scale" that they want the work viewed at. I blew up a 16x16 sprite in my gallery to 32x32 because the former is just too tiny on modern screens, no one is meant to view it at native resolution.