cure @ 9/13/2017 12:27 commented on Nightmare

Hell yes.

cure @ 9/9/2017 09:55 commented on 10

a successful experiment

cure @ 9/7/2017 07:16 commented on Zombie Biker

What if? Neither of those situations prevent one from participating.

cure @ 9/6/2017 08:10 commented on Zombie Biker


cure @ 9/5/2017 13:45 commented on Big Bird

All that talk about letting go is basically buddha-talk about attachment, not death. Although those contemplative religious types due tend to think that ultimate liberation is found at/after death.

cure @ 9/3/2017 09:21 commented on Big Bird

the big bird comment box?

Big Bird Icon :: Pixel Art from <i>Sesame Street</i>

cure @ 9/2/2017 15:41 commented on Big Bird

Oh shit it is "cue." My bad. I said it kway the first twenty years of my life that I read the word, so I slip back into that mispronunciation now and again. I blame the Spanish "que" in part.

New rhymes: few, hue, and slough depending on your dialect

cure @ 9/2/2017 14:22 commented on Big Bird

not sure if I understand the question but queue=kway. rhymes with ray, prey, lei, etc.

cure @ 9/2/2017 05:01 commented on Big Bird

Interestingly, "bicker" may be Dutch in origin (from Middle Dutch "bicken": to stab).

cure @ 9/1/2017 20:18 commented on Big Bird

I just realized there was a script for these. I should spend more time in the chatterbox (not rly tho)


cure @ 9/1/2017 16:16 commented on Big Bird

inb4 shots fired, shut it down, kumbaya

cure @ 9/1/2017 16:13 commented on Big Bird

I think he was referring to "acquiesced." Remember, I'm the giant asshole. You're just a normal-sized butthole.

cure @ 9/1/2017 15:29 commented on Big Bird

Green isn't part of the conversation at this point, it was just Green's weak argument against Hap being a mod that was picked back up by phillipe. He seems to have acquiesced though, so there's really not any bickering that I see going on right now. We can await the coronation in peace.

cure @ 9/1/2017 09:21 commented on Big Bird

This is surely his "grab 'em by the pussy" moment. Good luck in the private sector!

cure @ 9/1/2017 05:25 commented on Big Bird

I don't find that comment half as offensive as posting someone's private remarks in public years later with no context. 

And anyway, I was a mod, and I'm twice the asshole Hapiel could ever dream of being.

P.S. clean out your inbox dude wtf

cure @ 8/31/2017 08:03 commented on Goku running!

There have been plenty of months when it would have easily taken the top spot. I think a more interesting preview might have made the difference in this case, gotta get the clicks to get the ratings.

cure @ 8/31/2017 06:44 commented on Big Bird

Sending you a mouse and a metal file baked into a cake. What's your favorite flavor?

cure @ 8/31/2017 05:11 commented on Big Bird

Allowing anti-social behavior to go unchecked is tacit acceptance of that behavior. The behavior is destructive, and should be checked by the community. The goal is not to extract an apology from greenraven, only to show him (and the rest of the community) that unprovoked personal attacks against other members are neither tolerated nor approved of.

cure @ 8/30/2017 11:58 commented on Big Bird

I don't think anyting good comes out of conflict avoidance, so I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

cure @ 8/30/2017 05:22 commented on Big Bird

I normally would, and have no intention of engaging in a "fight." But when a contributing member and potential mod is slandered based on a decade-old grudge, I think it's important that someone else in the community voices their support, even though Hap's own reply was completely competent. The excuses don't fly for me, the community's accommodation of this behavior should have a limit.

cure @ 8/29/2017 20:14 commented on Big Bird

Green: Hap is one of the more responsible and engaged members of this community and has contributed much more than your constant negativity ever has. It's weird that you treat this place purely as a social club because your social interactions here are often incredibly toxic.

cure @ 8/28/2017 15:14 commented on Big Bird

"Sensitive little butterflies/ someone who came in halfway [through] the movie/ you're part of the problem" seemed like the beginning of the personal attacks to me, you shouldn't be surprised that the situation only deteriorated from there. This isn't a victim/bully situation, it's a matter of escalating hostility on many sides. On many sides.

cure @ 8/28/2017 12:18 commented on Big Bird

I disagree that RAV was treated like a "second class citizen" because he was here to look at art. I always tried to read his posts (about pixel art) with an open mind, because it wasn't uncommon for him to have something insightful to say. But these insights were usually sandwiched between a lot of very confusing or tangental thoughts. It was this tendency to post long, rambling replies that caused people to more easily disregard what he said, not because he's in the wrong caste. It may be true that we are more forgiving of this behavior if someone has a nice gallery, but there is a limit for everyone.

Of course it's true that "more pixels don't make you a better person," but more experience with pixel art will mean your opinions on the topic are better informed. The idea that all opinions are created equal and we should give no weight to background/experience is a faulty one.

As for any mental health concerns, we should certainly do our best to accomodate people who struggle with mental illness, but if a user's behavior becomes aggressive, erratic, or distracting enough to cause conflict within the community, then the moderators have a right and a responsibility to intervene.

I also tend to agree with Asmodeusss, this community should be focused on pixel art. I think it's fine if active members don't create art themselves, though it would be ideal. It's sufficient if they are connoisseurs and critics, and RAV at least shows a disposition for the philosophical and theoretical side of pixel art, even if his theses are esoteric and discussion of pixel art soon evaporates into something formless and intangible. But there are plenty of other places for aimless socializing, the gallery and the community are NOT two separate things, they are very much interconnected.

cure @ 8/28/2017 06:49 commented on Plague Rat

I remember this rat. Looks great. Welcome back.

cure @ 8/24/2017 06:38 commented on Hello, Pixel Joint.

Cool piece, bit odd that the fire (being a light source) lacks the brightest color in the palette though.