Ruban @ 4/20/2010 16:22 commented on What happens at night...

The Night half looks eirily simillar to you 2009 piece a walk int the woods...

May I remind you that pixel art submited for contests must be NEW pixel started after the contest begins?


Ruban @ 4/10/2010 10:22 commented on Pokemon omg!


The shading of Luxray's mane is blocky looking, and makes it look jagged.

Fav is Pupitar.

Ruban @ 4/6/2010 16:07 commented on Mewtwo

Are you kidding? Mewtwo? I disliked him, he was far too overrated. I prefered scyther.

Love the art though. Good dynamic pose and interesting style.

Ruban @ 4/2/2010 18:44 commented on The game we all love

Good good. I find that the Display and the "game" don't exactly match styles. The display is old school and uses large pixels, but the game looks quite sleek. Also, some indication of the playing area (Where the blocks can land) might help make the piece look less unbalanced.

Still, Its a good pixel.

Ruban @ 4/2/2010 16:08 commented on Hexquisite Corpse Collaboration 2

Nice job. We should really get one of these going over here at PJ.

Ruban @ 3/17/2010 08:59 commented on Best Motherf**ng Controller EVAR

Damn, how many thumbs do you think I have?

Nice, very nice style it has...

Ruban @ 3/12/2010 15:54 commented on ExtremeNinja Avatar

I'll fix up the BG when I get some time.

Also, whats the 7th color? 4 on the guy, 2 on the BG is all I see.

Ruban @ 3/11/2010 21:24 commented on Overzealous Christmas Tree

Clearly the tree is not the only overzealous thing, seeing as your what, 9 months early?

As for the art, its good, some of the animation is a bit jerky, but its not to bad.

Protip: IRL the tree would get skinnier as it goes up, and wider as it goes down.

Ruban @ 3/11/2010 21:14 commented on Top view Heli + Helipad

For the middle heli I would suggest turning the blades 45 degrees, as they're blocking the heli as it is.

I'll agree with Luc on this, dual rotor is best.

Ruban @ 3/10/2010 18:08 commented on Argh

I'll agree. The preview is the best part.

The wide open expanses of single colors on the faces ruins it for me.

Ruban @ 3/10/2010 18:06 commented on Unearthy

Good, Quite good indeed. But it seems a little crowded, and hard to tell what things are.

Textures are very good. And the atmosphere aswell.

Ruban @ 3/9/2010 15:15 commented on Dinah


However there seem to be a few scribley things that could be cleaned up, esp. on the tail.

I could look at this for hours.

Ruban @ 3/9/2010 15:12 commented on Robot Unicorn

More detail plz. Looks a bit... unfinished.

+10 for subject matter.

Ruban @ 3/6/2010 16:56 commented on Trapped

There's some good and some not so good.

The letters are great, and I like the (nebula?) in the background.

Some issues with the galaxy, It looks a bit chunky and lopsided.

Ruban @ 3/5/2010 17:59 commented on Fibonacci Dragon

Love it. Amazing.

One thig though. The neck. Angle looks like it could be better or a thicker neck.

But still, very good.