Ixolite @ 3/15/2011 23:41 commented on Jack and I

Heh, first I thought "football stadium", then I thought that guy reminds me someone, then I read r1k comment and it all made sense :D

I like it :) 

Ixolite @ 2/24/2011 14:40 commented on Two Suns; Four Colours

Interesting - when looking only at the top half it sort of looks like desert landscape :)

I have to agree with Manjaman - the green on suns edges doesn't look good. 

Ixolite @ 2/7/2011 01:19 commented on Rock beats Scissors

Awesome animation. I'm a sucker for such a smooth, little and full of detail animations :D


Ixolite @ 2/7/2011 01:17 commented on Eldar S'cissor Hovertank attacking Imperial Guard rock

I can see the scissors allright but the perspective is awkward. The right blade of the scissor tank lands in front of the rock when it looks like that blade should hide behind the rock or go right through it?

Ixolite @ 2/4/2011 12:52 commented on Greece mam

It feels to me like he is lacking a neck?

Ixolite @ 1/25/2011 14:18 commented on Feet

Description makes this piece awesome :D 

Ixolite @ 9/2/2010 04:38 commented on Dolmen


you could just post a link in the description ;) 

Ixolite @ 8/30/2010 13:10 commented on Dolmen

Nice, any chance we could see it in context? 

Ixolite @ 8/26/2010 06:23 commented on Locutus of Borg

Resistance is futile!

From artistic point of view, it might look nice with the laser/flare being done in colour - just a thought.

Ixolite @ 8/23/2010 06:35 commented on Joint Apartment

Wheee, now not using green makes me feel speshul  

Ixolite @ 8/22/2010 08:05 commented on slimy and handy

Nice idea :) 

Ixolite @ 8/21/2010 03:41 commented on Herr Waldmeister

Great transparency on that Jello :D  

Ixolite @ 8/21/2010 01:38 commented on Ssslimy!

I don't know why but I had a sudden vision of Happy Tree Friends O_o 

Ixolite @ 8/20/2010 17:31 commented on SLIME

Thats cute :) A little more contrast wouldn't hurt tho - I only noticed the face after zooming in. 

Ixolite @ 8/18/2010 11:23 commented on Clash of Nature

Pretty neat  

Ixolite @ 8/18/2010 04:57 commented on BSK items

Nice :D And I think I like the preview even better ;) 

Ixolite @ 8/16/2010 03:40 commented on Volkswagen Golf 2

Too many to choose from :( 

Ixolite @ 8/15/2010 08:01 commented on Shogun before the morning battle

Yeah... thats better now :P 

Ixolite @ 8/14/2010 02:16 commented on Ronin (weekly challenge, Aug-14, '10)

Mmm, very clever use of the palette. 

Ixolite @ 8/13/2010 23:53 commented on Shogun before the morning battle

I knew someone would say that... Let me see what I can do about that later today :P 

Ixolite @ 8/13/2010 05:56 commented on Picture about morning clouds

Great colours! 

Ixolite @ 8/12/2010 06:21 commented on Katsuta Shinzaemon Taketaka

I updated it now - the background was a stupid attempt to do something so it would not be as plain as it is. In the end, plain bg looks best in here I think. Thr outlines were meant to make the folds more prominent but you were right about those - just left one on pants, looked to flat without it.

Thanks for the feedback :) 

Ixolite @ 8/12/2010 01:24 commented on Init

Great sky shading! 

Ixolite @ 8/11/2010 15:47 commented on RGB hooded head

It was painful, yes :D I actually created RGB palette with all colors I could think of (and added some new ones when working on that piece) and turned them into patterns, effectively drawing with those patterns later on. Still, had to go down to pixel level to make some fixes on the "colours" borders, blending etc. and that did make my eyes pop a little.


Ixolite @ 8/11/2010 10:44 commented on Compact Cassette

Very smooth :)