eliotfellow @ 3/24/2011 14:15 commented on Big Bird

 Sorry I gotta interrupt Chatterbox chatter to say GUESS WHO JUST LEVELED UP!!!!

. . . Okay I'm done. :)

eliotfellow @ 3/8/2011 15:07 commented on Tom Scholz

 Aww man, I wish I had time to submit to this! But I have this big gallery reception to prepare for. Not that you asked. But I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's entries!

@SpaceSalmon: not cool, man. . .

eliotfellow @ 2/27/2011 19:10 commented on Big Bird

 Happy Birthday old farts. Keep up with the excellent pixelling.


eliotfellow @ 2/23/2011 08:13 commented on Palladio

 Well. . . there's definitely a learning curve. I've been doing iso for a while and I still think I could improve a lot. You've got to start really, really basic--like any other medium, really--and build your way up.

eliotfellow @ 2/21/2011 18:21 commented on 1000 Faces

 Can't. . . stop. . . watching. . .

eliotfellow @ 2/21/2011 18:18 commented on Big Bird

 You guys are antsy.

eliotfellow @ 2/21/2011 13:12 commented on Aki is thinking pink?

 Cool, you've got my vote ^^

eliotfellow @ 2/10/2011 18:33 commented on flying-man

 That's a little creepy. . .

eliotfellow @ 2/10/2011 09:13 commented on Marine - The Last Stand

 I like this a lot except for one thing: the neon green on black is really intense and a little distracting from the rest of the piece. I think you should tone down the saturation and add some AA to soften it up.

But other than that, excellent piece! 5/7.

eliotfellow @ 2/5/2011 15:26 commented on Big Bird

 I forget my votes. Guilty.

eliotfellow @ 2/5/2011 13:00 commented on Big Bird

 "People need to enjoy their youth more"? You're like, what, 13?


eliotfellow @ 1/25/2011 20:48 commented on Big Bird

 Happy Birthday lucas! (I didn't realize you were 4 years younger than me until now. . . I thought I was the baby around here!)

eliotfellow @ 1/23/2011 20:51 commented on Big Bird

Haven't seen Evony ads in a while now, but the IMVU ads are getting really obnoxious. I think hell is something like that.

XD Evony parody (The "discreetly" part was always my favorite, hee hee)

eliotfellow @ 1/23/2011 19:42 commented on Broseidon god of the Brocean

 Cute, but it's a bit hard to read. Head looks little too big, or the torso/arms too small, and I think the "muscles" showing through the shirt are a bit too intense.

eliotfellow @ 1/20/2011 09:21 commented on Big Bird

 Wow, those are sort of adorable. That narrator is a little distressing though.

eliotfellow @ 1/20/2011 09:16 commented on 7ins

 Ha ha, i really like "Sloth."

eliotfellow @ 1/19/2011 08:13 commented on Big Bird

Butting in chatterbox conversation to offer a tidbit: After the "unportraitable" challenge and watching a good documentary on Chuck Close, I thought, wouldn't doing a portrait in that cell style with a limited palette make a (potentially) awesome pixel piece?

eliotfellow @ 1/18/2011 22:08 commented on Big Bird


eliotfellow @ 1/18/2011 22:07 commented on Big Bird

 It's true, I'm not a regular. As evidenced by my always being really amused/shocked/disgusted by what I read. Someone's gotta be a girl in the room who blushes when the men start talking about vile topics.

eliotfellow @ 1/18/2011 21:55 commented on Big Bird

 So I make a post about gender on PJ and somehow we get to talking about Dumbo in a dress. Well, for a minute there.

Carry on, boys. . .

eliotfellow @ 1/18/2011 19:36 commented on Spa (Cleaning out my hard drive)

 Ew, I did not notice that banding! Yikes!

The library provided a good bit of practice for me but I never brought it to a completion stage. It may end up in a pixel dump someday.

eliotfellow @ 1/17/2011 19:28 commented on Raven Avatar - Preanimation Version

 I like the raven, but I'm not so sure about the L-shaped border? I think it could be borderless and still be good.

eliotfellow @ 1/17/2011 19:19 commented on Big Bird

For the sake of conversation, what percentage of (relatively active) PJ members are women, do you think? I know PJ is mostly a boy's club, but I know there are some fellow girls here. You think it's about 10%? More? Less?

eliotfellow @ 1/17/2011 19:12 commented on 320 x 200 HIRES

 Wow, I can't believe this is still in the queue. I thought pieces just went away after they sat on the queue too long.

eliotfellow @ 1/17/2011 19:03 commented on Avatar

 I was about to say, Hey, those eyes remind me of Johnny Depp!

Think about color conservation, that's a big part of pixel art. You have 24 colors here and this piece could be done with 6 or even 4.

Welcome to PJ!