gennoveus @ 8/20/2017 15:28 commented on Sci-fi Door

As soon as I saw the thumbnail I knew this was the starmancer dev. Looks great!

gennoveus @ 8/20/2017 15:26 commented on Heavy Duty Truck

Thanks a lot!

gennoveus @ 8/20/2017 15:25 commented on Heavy Duty Truck

Thank you. I was a bit worried about the gradient at the back making it look a bit round; hopefully it didn't destroy the chunky look of the truck.

gennoveus @ 8/20/2017 15:24 commented on Heavy Duty Truck

Thanks a lot! Sorry for the late reply; I was incredibly sick and hospitalised for a week

gennoveus @ 8/20/2017 15:23 commented on Heavy Duty Truck

Thank you! I did originally plan to animate it but unfortunately ran out of energy.

gennoveus @ 8/7/2017 05:30 commented on scarecrow

[Disclaimer: I am only an intermediate pixel artist. It is my intention to provide some helpful advice if possible but remember to seek the advice of some of the amazing pixel art veterans on this site and also think for yourself!]

IMO Your new version is much better! Although it's very similar to mine so I guess I would say that.

Your concept illustration is very good; I can only draw pixel art and couldn't draw anything like that! As I said with the house drawing you are clearly already a skilled artist so all that's left for you is to learn some pixel art specific technical stuff.

For example, with pixel art you have limited pixels so sometimes you have to cut or simplify details to avoid a noisy image. One example might be the coloured patches of cloth that work very well in the illustration / concept art but don't translate well into pixel art at such low resolutions.

Another is limiting colours; obviously with modern hardware this isn't neccesary but a limited pallette is what gives pixel art it's authentic pixel art look and also unifies the image. A bonus is that keeping a set pallette across an entire game will give it a very consistent look with each asset looking like it belongs in that world. I did it in my game and it worked really well.

I hope I'm being helpful!

gennoveus @ 8/6/2017 23:37 commented on Castle Fade- 2014 incomplete GBjam entry

I'd love to play this or any of the other demake mockups you've made. I'm sure you could make a lot of money if you put a playable one of these together. That tree is just incredible!

gennoveus @ 8/6/2017 23:29 commented on Heavy Duty Truck

Added the changes suggested by Mandrill. Sorry for turning this into a WIP!

gennoveus @ 8/6/2017 23:17 commented on Robo chan

As you said the colour count is a bit high but I like the character design and the guns and the large flat areas of colour. Cool style! I could image a fun 3rd person action game made like this.

gennoveus @ 8/6/2017 23:01 commented on scarecrow

Hello again. Are you making an RPG or is it something more like Stardew Valley?

You've got quite a few colours that are only being used for a few or even 1 pixel. With a very slight rework I bet you could get the colour count down from the current 118 to 15 or less without hurting the look of the image. In fact, you'll probably improve it (as mentioned in that article I linked you yesterday).

For example, just in the head you've used 19 colours. Click here to see how I redrew the head with only 9 (+1 new) colours that were mostly already there, taken from other parts of the image. 

I actually found 2 more great articles that were linked by another user here (sorry I don't remember who!) and I've been working through them myself. Here they are if you're interested:

EDIT: Messed up the colour ramps when I made some last minute edits to the gif, sorry!

gennoveus @ 8/6/2017 22:10 commented on Wrath

Hello again,

Interesting character, but I feel the lines in the hair could use a bit more work. The image is mostly hair, and they style you've used to draw the hair uses a lot of lines so line quality is especially important here.You have a lot of jaggies and line thickness / cleanliness problems. Please read this excellent article for more info; if you apply some of these tips I think you'll find the quality will jump up a lot.

gennoveus @ 8/6/2017 21:59 commented on Ink Spill

Excellent work; the hair is brilliant. Very interesting concept! I like how you took a traditionally dark theme and made it colourful. Perhaps his shoulders are a touch narrow?

gennoveus @ 8/6/2017 21:53 commented on blue path

Very nice! I like the path and the rocks and plants around it. You've done a very good job of suggesting all the shapes with just 2 shades of blue.

gennoveus @ 8/6/2017 21:49 commented on Sigmund Freud

Absolutely amazing, as always. That metal chain is god-like. The smoke, the blue vest, and the folds in his clothes are also just spectacular.

gennoveus @ 8/6/2017 21:38 commented on Zhrek

Oh you work on Nidhogg 2? I've seen it in the news a lot; it looks amazing. That explains the incredible skill, then! Looking forward to see what you make next.

gennoveus @ 8/6/2017 21:15 commented on Heavy Duty Truck

Thanks upper0! I was worrying that I'd overdone it a bit.

gennoveus @ 8/6/2017 21:14 commented on Heavy Duty Truck

Thank you, Mandril! Though I feel I have a long way until I real metal slug levels!   I experimented with different tyres; are either of these an improvement? I think I'm not doing a very good job communicating the roundness of the tyre.

P.S. How do I show an image in a comment? I've seen some people do it in older posts but not sure how it's done. Is it still possible or has it been disabled?

gennoveus @ 8/6/2017 06:22 commented on small house

You are clearly an experienced graphic artist so I doubt you'll have any trouble with those pixel-art specific technicalities. I hope I didn't scare you away from this site with all that stuff!

gennoveus @ 8/6/2017 05:18 commented on Eden

I didn't know you uploaded this! (I've been down with the mumps). Great work! You are getting really good, fast!

gennoveus @ 8/6/2017 05:16 commented on Incident

Your level of art and design is where I want to be in a few years. You're an inspiration! Also, let us know when we can buy that game of yours; it'll be a must-buy, even for the graphics alone!

gennoveus @ 8/6/2017 04:55 commented on Soldier-guy

This version is a huge improvement.

gennoveus @ 8/6/2017 04:52 commented on small house

Nice game asset! The wooden parts are excellent. The house is well designed and you've chosen great colours.

Unfortunately you seem to have used some blending or soft brushes in places such as the metal brace over the hole in the roof which is against the rules that display when you submit pixel art (rule 6). You have way too many unique colours (1232 in total), the vast majority of which are used in less than 0.1% of the image. More details here. There is some major banding going on in the roof tiles and in the shadows below the overhanging roof. Also there are jaggies in most of your curved lines.

Please read Cure's excellent article here for pixel-art specific related infomtaion. This website generally has a definition of pixel art that is less loose than other websites.

gennoveus @ 8/6/2017 02:46 commented on Betrayal

Hello. Interesting colours and character but you might might to dial back the dithering.

gennoveus @ 8/5/2017 21:13 commented on Zhrek

What the hell, this is only your second piece but you look like you have many years of pixel art practice! I love this. Do you mind if I ask where you got your pixel art experience?

gennoveus @ 8/3/2017 02:35 commented on Profile

When you click the 'Submit pixel art' button, the rules appear on your screen. Please give them a read next time Looking forward to what you upload next.