Caineghis @ 6/18/2012 00:34 commented on FMA - Pride

 thank you for the support

Caineghis @ 6/15/2012 14:56 commented on 9 staves

 those are some sexy looking staves

Caineghis @ 4/15/2012 18:17 commented on Easter Snake

 The overall idea of piece looks nice.

Although, it lacks anti-aliasing, it looks so jagged. There's also something lacking in the piece, the background perhaps?

Caineghis @ 3/10/2012 23:00 commented on M I L E S *

if you look closely, the description has the " [it's a pixel-over] " and "[used as reference/base/whatever]" on it.

What's so wrong about a pixel-over?
Is it not pixel art?
I suggest finding a clean one over the internet, then I'll rest my case.

Caineghis @ 3/10/2012 15:58 commented on The Fray Bat

 Animation is so smooth :3
I also like how it goes *poof poof poof*, so cute

Caineghis @ 12/19/2011 20:01 commented on M U S C L E

 That's what muscular men look like when they do that   

Caineghis @ 12/18/2011 18:18 commented on M U S C L E

 *fixed something

Caineghis @ 4/25/2010 23:31 commented on Day and Night

 are you pinpointing at the sky in the day scene? cause the colors in between the darker and the lighter sky blue is dithering

Caineghis @ 4/20/2010 08:36 commented on Bakemono

I guess I just couldn't think of any other way to add more shadows on the flooring

Caineghis @ 4/10/2010 01:05 commented on Pokemon omg!

 oooohhh! they look so suave, though the 2 circle shines (o and .) on their heads make them look like plastic :P

Caineghis @ 4/6/2010 04:59 commented on Peeeeeekaaaaahhh Peeeeeeeekaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh

 . . . that's one way to say that Pikachu really is a "Mouse Pokemon" :D

err. . . what's that black thing near it's tail btw?

Caineghis @ 4/6/2010 01:59 commented on Mewtwo

 the colors are really great, the only thing that bothers me is the anatomy and it's stiffness. . .

the body and legs are too thin, also, try to add an elbow on the left(right) arm

Caineghis @ 3/31/2010 16:22 commented on Doggy

 transparency added  :)