Mr. Paco @ 4/9/2010 18:23 commented on Jagger

This is very cool. The shotgun blast would totally rock in gameplay. =]

One little irk is that I wish the waist would move a bit more, like a slight bob maybe? I feel it's a bit stiff.

But the subtleties in the animation are really what pull it together. ;]

Mr. Paco @ 4/9/2010 18:20 commented on Dainty Long-Legs

Absurd! But that's what I love. =]

I think the slight pause at the height of each step, along with the hat bounce, is the perfect touch.

Mr. Paco @ 4/9/2010 10:28 commented on Walk Cycle

I recognized the animation right away when I saw it. haha

I think it's a very good application to the tutorial, granted it's not super fluid, but it's a great attempt at learning those annoying walk cycles.

Nicely done. =]

Mr. Paco @ 4/9/2010 00:08 commented on Snowbrawl running animation

Ouch. Horrible? Least I tried.

"Smooth" is not what I'm looking for, not with a faster paced game. When you have yourself in a one-man team taking on a video game project, you tend to cut corners in order to deal with the workload, otherwise things never get done.

Just something I've learned over the years..

Mr. Paco @ 4/8/2010 23:50 commented on Paco Draw

Mhm, but I wasn't talking about PJ avatars. I said it was one for DeviantArt.

Never was quite proud of the "C" part, but I just tried having various ways of writing the letters..meh, from my early days, perhaps I've improved.

I made this using Multimedia Fusion 2's animation editor.

Mr. Paco @ 4/8/2010 13:08 commented on Twee's Amazing Racing

That little green creature reminds me of something out of Cave Story, especially with the red eyes. =]

Mr. Paco @ 4/8/2010 12:58 commented on Snowbrawl running animation

Understandable, but I felt it just disagreed with everything I was trying to do, in terms of style.

It looks too natural, which isn't what I was trying to achieve. Looking for know?

Mr. Paco @ 4/8/2010 12:20 commented on Evil Dead RPG

Totally awesome. x]

This could be amazing as a game!

Mr. Paco @ 4/8/2010 10:24 commented on Caterpillar Knight

Hahahaha!! That's actually quite funny. x]

Mr. Paco @ 4/7/2010 22:55 commented on Paco and Taco revamped

Useful.. thx

Mr. Paco @ 4/7/2010 15:00 commented on PacoTaco mockup

Yeah true, I was rather "meh" about it. But I cba adding a new color or something. I can always edit it later when I decide to make the game and animations.

Thanks for commenting! ;]