miscdude @ 7/31/2009 22:36 commented on Say no to booze

how is it that whatever you produce, you never cease to amaze me? :P 

miscdude @ 7/15/2009 18:28 commented on toof fairy

Really lovin the colors, the wings, expression...its all awesome. 

Also, I find it funny that this received top pixel yet the winning piece for the tooth fairy weekly contest didnt.  lol

miscdude @ 6/14/2009 13:59 commented on Corbin

 Oh man, I remember this from pixelation from...a year ago? maybe more. Still looks awesome.

miscdude @ 5/31/2009 18:12 commented on dracula

thanks :]

miscdude @ 10/16/2008 15:48 commented on piņera
it reminds me of jack nicholson for some reason.

miscdude @ 9/3/2008 15:57 commented on Electric Peach
Woah. thats one awesome peach : D

these arent your dad's puns, these are energy puns! TURBO PUNS!
Haha. references are epic.

miscdude @ 6/7/2008 15:47 commented on Alucard
I second 1up. :D

miscdude @ 6/3/2008 20:35 commented on Untitled
This is really awesome : D The style of the head clashes with the style of the body, though, but in a good way.

miscdude @ 6/2/2008 23:08 commented on SHAME!
This is really, really awesome.
Oh and by the way, I laughed at that reference stitchy. : D

miscdude @ 6/1/2008 06:47 commented on Big Bird
pixelation has been down since yesterday, for me at least.

miscdude @ 6/1/2008 00:13 commented on Big Bird
Both of their pants...Jumbo and Bob. Lol.

miscdude @ 4/8/2008 22:04 commented on Sprites
is that a gears of war chainsaw shotgun? xD awesome dude.

miscdude @ 4/8/2008 20:38 commented on Big Bird
You know, '-'s needn't be used in one paragraph so many times. I was beginning to write up a nice paragraph or so in response to you but then I realized that I don't care. Well I'm off for now. Cya guys.

miscdude @ 4/8/2008 20:31 commented on Big Bird
Why even ask? Seems pointless to even offer any attention to him, much less wonder about the pathetic things he's doing.

miscdude @ 4/2/2008 19:13 commented on protecteur
this is hands down the smoothest pixel animation ive ever seen...great job.

miscdude @ 2/17/2008 17:52 commented on Bow Down Before the One You Serve
i like the shinyness on this and the way you kept it close to the original but made it look good..
and lol NIN references are always awesome.

miscdude @ 2/16/2008 14:01 commented on Cuddly Sting-o-bite-thing?
lol, nice job. I think the colors are well ramped, and I like the fur.

miscdude @ 2/14/2008 20:04 commented on Pixel - Roliana Map 1 + 2
i like the style and simplicity of this, great job ^^

miscdude @ 2/9/2008 01:12 commented on minotaur
xD ill remember that if i ever do a mino-something again, thanks ^^

miscdude @ 1/28/2008 19:52 commented on In a middle of nowhere
This is amazing.
The level of detail and style is

miscdude @ 1/27/2008 22:54 commented on Alien - An Alien Spacecraft
love the sky, and Alien is awesome xD

miscdude @ 1/27/2008 22:52 commented on The Thing - Weekly Submission 2
props for the movie choice ;] they don't make horror movies like they used to, and The Thing is one of the better old ones.
the dither style in this is amazing, it gives it an almost...cloth like feel, which is really cool. ^^

miscdude @ 1/11/2008 23:53 commented on Captain Exocet at Flaber Cove
lol, reminds me of the Treasure Island Hotel shows.great job man, so much detail is squeezed into this small pic.

miscdude @ 1/9/2008 21:42 commented on Ring Wraith [Major robe update]
this is really great. i fav'd it a while ago but i feel like commenting now, lol.
I think that the palette is just awesome, blends well, and looks good on the eyes.
i don't really see it as a ring-wraith, more of a hidden cloaked figure in some strange forest, but its still great, and your style has always been rather fun to look at and study. ^^

miscdude @ 1/9/2008 21:00 commented on Pixelation Portrait-Redone
looks better, and the blinking looks good, makes it feel more....'alive'? ^^