Gecimen @ 7/9/2020 18:18 commented on Flower Knight

Just sick.

Gecimen @ 7/9/2020 18:01 commented on Nephilim

It's great that we inspired your first weekly challenge entry!

Gecimen @ 7/5/2020 16:51 commented on Fish

No idea really. :)

Gecimen @ 7/4/2020 16:36 commented on Caboose

I think this will bring you your well deserved monthly top award, finally.

Gecimen @ 7/2/2020 17:02 commented on Larry Croft

I really imagined a male Lara Croft while writing this challenge but this is way beyond my imagination! Good job :D 

Gecimen @ 6/29/2020 19:28 commented on Big Bird

You open a photograph in a graphic program (such as photoshop), reduce the size to something that could be a pixel art and reduce its color count to whatever (e.g. 16). Such programs create kind of dithering effects to cover the colors in between. There are multiple programs that do this in other ways (and even Photoshop has multiple methods) so it can be hard to judge but color reduced photographs usually have similar looks with weird color and pixel placement choices.

Gecimen @ 6/29/2020 07:18 commented on INN#03

Excellent in so many levels. I really dig the details in the crater.

Gecimen @ 6/29/2020 07:16 commented on Little Clown

This was about 6 hours too late for the challenge deadline.

Gecimen @ 6/28/2020 08:31 commented on Beholder Cave

Thanks Hap!

Gecimen @ 6/28/2020 08:31 commented on Beholder Cave

Not really, why?

Gecimen @ 6/27/2020 16:52 commented on Big Bird

Hi koto_O; I never get into public discussions but since you asked publicly, I'll answer in the same manner. The ones that I rejected, this and this have clear signs of photographic color reduction. I know you probably passed over every pixel manually but still it's a color reduced photograph and it's very much visible.

This was me answering as the mod.

As a person who's been pixelling since the end of 80s, I've gone through the same thing when I came to Pixeljoint 10 years ago. I thought placing a new pixel on a non-pixel art image would make it pixel art. That didn't help me getting any better at pixel art and now that I look at it, they add nothing to my gallery or the site itself.

What do you need to get your pieces accepted here? Make normal pixel art, don't paint over photographs. You may be angry with us now, you may just quit PJ or pixel art all together, but if you keep pixelling, there's a chance you'll thank us one day as I did Jalonso and the other old moderators.

Gecimen @ 6/26/2020 05:11 commented on Marilyn

That's gret Kareniko :)

Gecimen @ 6/25/2020 14:26 commented on Black Dynamite

Can you please post this unzoomed? We have an inbuilt zooming function.

Gecimen @ 6/24/2020 15:32 commented on Big Bird

Still, we watch out for not having 2 pieces from the same artist on the front page at the same time.

Gecimen @ 6/22/2020 06:00 commented on In an alternate dimension...

Your pixel art skills have doubled lately.

Gecimen @ 6/14/2020 23:01 commented on Big Bird

Looks fine on Firefox, for now.

Gecimen @ 6/14/2020 08:30 commented on Big Bird

Awesome activity here guys. I can't add new trophies but I've handed out each of you an old fashioned contest trophy. If you can make Sedge add a PJ nerd trophy, I can use it later on :)

Gecimen @ 6/11/2020 22:18 commented on Enchanted Grovve

It looks really beautiful but how did you end up with 3642 colors in such a small piece? More than 1 color per every 3 pixels, you couldn't do that even if you wanted to :) Did you save as jpeg or use a massive blurring tool at some point?

Gecimen @ 6/8/2020 21:17 commented on Pixelween entry no. 1

Eggy, yes.

Gecimen @ 6/8/2020 21:10 commented on Mars Colony

I'm not trying to imply you're cheating, I'm trying to say you probably failed to post it the first time you tried. Cause both me and Irena double checked entries before running the new challenge.

Gecimen @ 6/8/2020 21:07 commented on Martian daydream.

Well this is exactly in parrallel with what we had in mind when writing this challenge. Well done!

Gecimen @ 6/8/2020 10:22 commented on Martian daydream.

Excellent piece, but 4 hours 51 minutes too late :( Try to check the challenge deadline countdown on the main page.

Gecimen @ 6/8/2020 10:19 commented on Scurry in a Hurry

There were no entries by you. Where did you upload your entry?

Gecimen @ 6/8/2020 10:18 commented on Mars Colony

Where exactly did you try to post your challenge entry? This was submit 9 hours 21 minutes after the deadline which you are well aware.

Gecimen @ 6/6/2020 09:57 commented on Tree studies

13846 colors. It's a new record :D

Anyhow, we expect you to have control over all colors, all pixels you use on pixel art. You can control 16 or 32 colors, but not 13846 colors.