Gecimen @ 4/24/2019 15:42 commented on PrehISOria Collab tiles

These tiles couldn't be more atmospheric. They carry the theme by themselves. Excellent work Night!

Gecimen @ 4/22/2019 02:37 commented on The Death Shadow

Ahh I didn't know that. So I just used it literally.

Gecimen @ 4/21/2019 09:20 commented on PrehISOria tiles

You really left your mark on the collab! Also the pharaoh looks like Willem Dafoe :)

Gecimen @ 4/21/2019 09:18 commented on AdigunPolack's PrehISOria Original Tile Creation Recap

This is some beautiful composition for your beautiful tiles!

Gecimen @ 4/20/2019 17:30 commented on The Death Shadow

Ah sorry for the language. I was actually sad while writing the challenge, but if it sounded like I'm mocking up I apologize. As Adarias mentioned English is not my first language, and I don't know what may have sounded wrong.

Gecimen @ 4/16/2019 04:00 commented on FRUA Dracolich

For the next time you can check the countdown on the main page :) Sorry for the trouble.

Gecimen @ 4/15/2019 15:08 commented on FRUA Dracolich

Hi Adam, excellent piece but the system doesn't accept entries submit after Monday 10:00 CET.

Gecimen @ 4/15/2019 07:31 commented on murazzi torino

Good idea, if I can find the time. 

Gecimen @ 4/14/2019 02:17 commented on Z. Dragon

top class.

Gecimen @ 4/13/2019 16:24 commented on Undead Dragon


Gecimen @ 4/11/2019 04:05 commented on Palette test swords

Great colors tbh.

Gecimen @ 4/11/2019 00:40 commented on Yestermorrow - 2018 compilation

Top class stuff. I really want to play this.

Gecimen @ 4/9/2019 06:17 commented on Journey

Poor preview but awesome piece.

Gecimen @ 4/8/2019 06:20 commented on Foawl

can you please reupload this unscaled?

Gecimen @ 4/7/2019 07:13 commented on Smooth Operators


Gecimen @ 4/5/2019 14:45 commented on Diorama

Love the colors!

Gecimen @ 4/4/2019 13:09 commented on Executioner

198 colors is a lot for such a small sprite, can you check your work?

Gecimen @ 4/4/2019 06:26 commented on Sensory Deprivation framed pixel

Welcome back Ultmaodin, next time you lose your pw, contact us :)

Gecimen @ 3/31/2019 17:30 commented on Goetia 5

Hey Dimdim, you need to submit these separately.

Gecimen @ 3/31/2019 06:03 commented on Caution! Mini monsters ahead! (With animation)

Challenge entries has to be posted within its week. Entries posted afterwards will not be allowed whether or not the challenge is cancelled.

Gecimen @ 3/30/2019 05:16 commented on CHALLENGE 3/18/2019: Achtung!

Beautiful piece but you see, we cancelled this challenge since zero submissions were made in due time. Yours is late anyways :)

I'll accept this piece as a non-submission. Good work anyways.

Gecimen @ 3/29/2019 05:54 commented on Squid Character

Can you please upload an unzoomed version?

Gecimen @ 3/29/2019 04:18 commented on U.F.O Space Scene

Is it just me or is PJ on a rise in terms of master quality works posted each month?

Gecimen @ 3/28/2019 07:44 commented on The Wee Blue Ranger

Ofc, you can do as many as you want.

Gecimen @ 3/27/2019 04:46 commented on The Wee Blue Ranger

If we had even 1 entry it would mean that, but as of last week's result (no entries, no comments, no forum posts - while the rest of the site traffic was quite busy) it felt like we wouldn't get 3 entries even if we waited for a month. You see, it wasn't a popular topic.

So I started a challenge where one can make an entry in under 1 minute and still no entries on wednesday. This time I'll make 3 entries on sunday if we don't get any

Summary: If I create challenges every week, I get stressed and fail.