Gecimen @ 11/13/2017 04:06 commented on Business Man

Haha funniest entry :)

Gecimen @ 10/23/2017 03:08 commented on Like an olive?

The nail polish is a nice touch!

Gecimen @ 10/20/2017 01:46 commented on Forge

These are some top quality works deelane.

Gecimen @ 10/19/2017 03:57 commented on Big Bird

Guys welcome to the team & thanks for answering to the first ever mod call of PJ :) A total of 5 people answered the call, btw :)

Gecimen @ 10/18/2017 01:52 commented on Tardis

Im possible to not enjoy that rust on the surface.

Gecimen @ 10/18/2017 01:50 commented on Superman

Çok karakteristik :)

Gecimen @ 10/17/2017 03:24 commented on Lonely night

Hoşgeldin. Mümkünse zoom'suz koyarsan seviriniz, sitenin zoom fonksiyonu var zaten :) Editleyerek değiştirebilirsin. Teşekkürler!

Bu arada ben sitenin moderatörüyüm, istediğini sorabilirsin.

Gecimen @ 10/16/2017 08:11 commented on ISObbean collab tiles

Keep em coming! :)

Gecimen @ 10/14/2017 14:34 commented on Big Bird

Finally, welcome to the mod team Hapiel & JerryPie!

Gecimen @ 10/13/2017 08:19 commented on Big Bird

Guys the outages should be over soon. Sedge is taking care of it. I just hope he doesn't forget to promote the new mods by the way.

Gecimen @ 9/29/2017 01:58 commented on Summoner

I counted! 16 characters...

Gecimen @ 9/28/2017 09:35 commented on Big Bird

Hey people, holiday season is over and I want to remind you guys about the ongoing collab.

Gecimen @ 9/22/2017 03:23 commented on Mystik Belle title art

Dat preview ^^

Welcome back DarkfalzX :)

Gecimen @ 9/12/2017 06:36 commented on Self-Portrait 2

A little more careful antialiasing would really do this a lot of good.

Gecimen @ 9/12/2017 03:19 commented on Portrait of Lynn

I like how it's still very much pixel art.

Gecimen @ 9/1/2017 22:24 commented on Big Bird

I only take sides with Jinn in this discussion  Let's be happy.

Gecimen @ 9/1/2017 07:25 commented on Goku running!

Fleja2003; monthly tops are to encourage you guys, not the opposite. If you really want to make it to the top 10; first off make a better preview. Also two characters being the same might have reduced your ratings.

Gecimen @ 8/30/2017 10:23 commented on Big Bird

@greenraven; this is to your post from yesterday, didn't have the time to read the rest yet.

As I said, we don't have a community manager mod currently and we can not create one out of nowhere. For one, I refuse to maintain Jal's relationship with the community; it's just not me. Perhaps I'm old enough but I can't do it. I don't believe any of us current mods can.

But the soul of PJ is not solely Jal. It's all of you guys. All the members... It lives, evolves. It can indeed be harmed by people (member or mod) but it can't be restored by a mod. It can be reformed over time naturally.

Maybe it's just me but step 1 towards that is stopping the insults and try to be friendly again. Otherwise we can't make any new friends and that's not cool since the old ones are gone.

Edit: Note that such negative comments are not made by mods and I'm trying to impose new mods to be kind in their comments and we are. Hapiel, after he becomes a mod will act with the necessary responsibility. BUT if non mod members of the community have a negative-ish attitude towards you, that's within the soul of the community and maybe you should think if you're doing something wrong sometimes. PJ, to me is twice as welcoming as say, pixelation.

Edit 2: I don't know who Loli is but that doesn't sound good. Anyone can conduct features.

Gecimen @ 8/29/2017 08:57 commented on Big Bird


He can continue being an art watcher as long as he wants, but I don't believe he actually watches or appreciates pixel art. If I thought he would be ok with being un-banned with the condition of staying away from insulting anyone, I would un-ban him but I don't think he would. I'm sure he found himself another community to keep being toxic already.

About community and gallery being separate; they sure are but PJ is a pixel art community and this is why people come here. Of course we are all individuals and we are all different, and if we want to discuss something that has nothing to do with pixel art here on the site we visit everyday, that's completely ok. But if somebody that is not interested in pixel art hangs around here; that is absurd in the first place. Think about what would happen if you started insulting Star Trek fans on a Star Trek fan site and you're not even a fan yourself. Yes, you guessed right.

Gecimen @ 8/29/2017 08:56 commented on Big Bird

Hello guys, Pyro's feedback is quite satisfying, here's some more from me:

First off, we're really very few active mods here. Sedge only responds to our calls when there's a serious bug, Jal's gone, Blueberrypie develops the imagespec tool, and Skamocore (while he's not completely gone) is quite burnt out.

What is more, none of us, the remaining ones, namely me, Mandrill, Finlal & Pyrometal is willing to take over the community leadership. I'm not even sure we need a leader, cause you know, you don't become Jalonso when somebody entitles you. You're either one or not. We are not. We can't entitle anyone, but should a long timer here become a mod or a mod becomes a commoner here, that would be great. Otherwise, we can only step in when there's an alerting situation and our calls will not be coming from someone that is part of the discussion.

I haven't talked to Hapiel a lot, but we're very much ok with Hapiel becoming a mod if he says he'll be around and take some daily duties. The last time I asked Jal why Hapiel isn't a mod, he said he gets busy for long periods of time during the year. If this isn't the case anymore, he's very much welcome.

And this is to all of you: If you're a commoner here and want to help us out becoming a mod, please PM me or email me @ gecimen(a) and I'll open it up to the mod team asap. We look for these qualities:

Active, helpful, teamworker, mature in behavior, average or above gallery, fluent in English. Not too much I believe.

Not many people who has been around for some time wants to become a mod so if you want please, please, please contact me. You probably won't have much of a competition.

(Actually I wanted to make an open call for mods years ago but of course it was vetoed by Jal).


About the RAV issue, let me tell you I was on the side that decided to ban him. To put it simply; we didn't even know who RAV was until he started lashing out on everyone (so greenraven you're wrong in your guess, we didn't look for an opportunity to ban him). A few oldies started to leave PJ because of him; and we were left in the situation where we would lose even more members if we turned a blind eye on his insults. Had I checked the chatterbox daily, I would have banned him temporarily in the first insult he made but I don't.

RAV isn't the first person we banned, but he was far more toxic for the community than anyone we banned before. I'll try to justify this decision: First off, what did the community lose with this decision? Was his discussions thought provoking? If this place was fight club, yes. But it's not. He just pissed people off and humiliated their views. This is anti-thought provoking. Not only that, but the discussions he started weren't even based on the views of the PJ community. He treated PJ members as if they are nobodies. As if we're all average people and our views don't matter at all. As a long term PJ member, I can safely say we are not. We are an awesome community and we can discuss things without being beaten with a baseball bat.

He was never ever treated like a second class citizen. Neither does greenraven or anyone else with an empty gallery. But if you ask if the empty gallery eased our decision, yes, as it didn't lead to the delition of artworks.

Why did we perma ban him? Cause we can't watch here on daily basis and we can't keep things under control by taking temporary actions.


Gecimen @ 8/29/2017 07:21 commented on Jack Avatar 64x64

I checked the public queue before I closed the challenge; it's either the checkbox or something else.

Gecimen @ 8/11/2017 06:57 commented on Say no to booze

This surely seems like a scene from a game I played recently, called Primordia. Wonder if this was the early version. This scene (if you know the game, you'll understand the context).

Gecimen @ 8/4/2017 03:49 commented on bullshit shrine thing

Skittle it looks really really good and finished in x1. The left tree looked really bothersome in x2.

Anyways awesome job, really nice oil paint feel.

Gecimen @ 8/2/2017 04:31 commented on Big Bird

Humblebundle has a gamemaker bundle with everything; for a reasonable price.

Gecimen @ 8/1/2017 03:52 commented on Zombie Pirate LeChuck

It's only a small sprite but it show so much mastery in so many places.