Gecimen @ 1/27/2020 14:53 commented on GTar

Tool inspired challenges are always welcome!

Gecimen @ 1/27/2020 13:53 commented on Super Penguin Advance

This was submit 7 hours 22 minutes after the challenge deadline :(

Gecimen @ 1/26/2020 13:05 commented on Temple of Averus Mockup

This is cute! Nice use of colors.

Gecimen @ 1/26/2020 13:04 commented on Relaxing Undead

Awesome piece, but first off; please post this in the original size. PJ has a built in zooming function.

Secondly, your transparency effects produce tons of unnecessary colors. Controlling them might do this piece a lot of good.

Gecimen @ 1/26/2020 13:01 commented on Arctic Outpost

The character and enemy sprites are really cool. The bg, perhaps you can finish it after the challenge voting is over :)

Gecimen @ 1/26/2020 12:58 commented on bloodless gameplay 02

This seems scaled, please post the original size.

Gecimen @ 1/26/2020 12:57 commented on bloodless gameplay

This seems scaled, please post the original size.

Gecimen @ 1/20/2020 13:07 commented on Mercenary_Camp

Thanks skeddles!

Gecimen @ 1/17/2020 03:58 commented on Blue Steam Brain

Really beautiful design.

Gecimen @ 1/16/2020 05:05 commented on Dark One's Cave

Beautiful colors!

Gecimen @ 1/9/2020 02:03 commented on Blasphmous menu screen

Oh btw, I've played the game. Love it. Great job, all of you.

Gecimen @ 1/8/2020 04:00 commented on Blasphmous menu screen

Plain amazing.

Gecimen @ 12/18/2019 06:32 commented on Winter Belle intro scene

insert take my money meme

Gecimen @ 12/12/2019 04:54 commented on Choose YOUR Bard

This looks really awesome Gawrone. Your portrait skills grow really fast.

Gecimen @ 12/10/2019 15:33 commented on Battle Batter

I can imagine your fatality move.

Gecimen @ 12/9/2019 06:33 commented on Big Bird


Gecimen @ 12/9/2019 00:08 commented on Kim

Why would you be sorry? :)

Gecimen @ 12/3/2019 05:25 commented on Dark & Light

If I were you, I'd make the highlights of the horse and rider a bit blue-ish.

Gecimen @ 11/28/2019 06:50 commented on Big Bird

Happy birthday Jeremy, Jinn and Andylittle

Gecimen @ 11/27/2019 05:26 commented on Kim

ok fixed now you have to participate

Gecimen @ 11/26/2019 06:59 commented on Lonely Traveler

Also posting unzoomed would help :)

Gecimen @ 11/23/2019 21:05 commented on village

hey man, probably wrong saving method. please check it out.

Gecimen @ 11/22/2019 12:12 commented on C A L L O F Y O W

Pixeljoint has a built in zooming function. Please post unzoomed.

Gecimen @ 11/22/2019 12:11 commented on Ultima X Big Box

Awesome piece but weak preview :D

Gecimen @ 11/19/2019 17:05 commented on Fighters of Azeroth - Shadowlands

While there is no set color limit, we want to make sure the whole piece is genuine pixel art.