Gecimen @ 10/16/2018 14:45 commented on geisha

This time is different, necro instead of mage and paladin instead of priest. 

Gecimen @ 10/16/2018 14:41 commented on geisha

Of course! 

Gecimen @ 10/14/2018 11:04 commented on Tower 16A

We’ve really missed you here :) 

Gecimen @ 10/10/2018 07:35 commented on Big Bird

I think you don't like the recently accepted pieces?

Gecimen @ 10/9/2018 13:43 commented on Big Bird

Hello everyone. Please welcome two newest PJ moderators, Adarias and Theoden! 

Gecimen @ 10/8/2018 05:33 commented on Sunset Peer

While a personalized preview is mostly a good thing, in this example it fails to reflect the quality of this amazing piece. I'm sure it will slip from most members' attention because of that.

The piece itself is nothing short of amazing! Good job.

Gecimen @ 10/5/2018 13:24 commented on Super Super Rampage Monster

I was going to make the BG art but they simply stopped working on the game after the beta release.

Gecimen @ 10/5/2018 13:23 commented on Super Super Rampage Monster

They aren't the same size atm but can do that, it's much easier than manually combining 10 animations (btw of course I'm thinking about combining them side by side as playing each of them once won't give any ideas).

Gecimen @ 10/4/2018 05:58 commented on Grizzly Bear

Can you please re-upload the unzoomed image?

Gecimen @ 10/4/2018 03:02 commented on Unconventional D&D Characters


Gecimen @ 10/1/2018 17:27 commented on rpg_char_avatar01

exactly two frames total, only attack animation :) 

Gecimen @ 9/29/2018 03:31 commented on darling

Hey mate! This is an awesome piece but it contains almost 10000 colors, and the weekly challenge limit is 12 :/ Can you please revisit and remove the redundant colors? Thank you!

(I think you have used a filter for the noise and that's why you had those extra colors).

Gecimen @ 9/29/2018 03:26 commented on Super Super Rampage Monster

I'd like that too but it's why I haven't submit this before. It's too much work to join these together in one image (and I don't want to submit 3 separate pieces for this) and honestly I don't have the will for it. So I'd rather post it like this than not at all, because I need it to be on my portfolio :)

Again, thanks for your opinion! Though I'm not sure about the preferences of "people on PJ", I've seen a lot of different preferences in my time here.

Gecimen @ 9/13/2018 05:31 commented on T. Hawk

Is this a good day to go? Mid week so I guess so.

Gecimen @ 9/12/2018 07:20 commented on T. Hawk

A few days of preparation time and we go :)

Gecimen @ 9/12/2018 01:27 commented on Secret Agent

If you need your BG in a spesific color, do it.

Rule 8 is for people who fail to remove the white BG they work on.

Gecimen @ 9/7/2018 03:40 commented on Dungeon Keeper

Masterful tribute to an awesome game.

Gecimen @ 8/17/2018 07:10 commented on Big Bird

Offending =/= insulting.

Gecimen @ 8/17/2018 04:00 commented on Big Bird

PBDC, just to avoid confusion, RAV was not banned because we don't agree on his political views (I can even say I agree on some). He was banned because of insulting other members more and faster than we can count. Insulting others is not within the definition of free speech afaik.

Gecimen @ 8/17/2018 03:44 commented on DREAM

I'm really impressed by this and sorry for the fact that you dream of this.

Gecimen @ 8/17/2018 03:36 commented on Big Bird

I've been always scared to ask this question publicly but can anyone enlighten me why we need 2 separate English speaking pixel art communities?

Are there any fundemantal functional differences of both sites (except that PJ has a gallery function)? Is there anything like Pixelation is for the elites and PJ is for everyone? I don't know if such a thing exists... I mean old (currently renewed) PJ gallery rules may have caused some arguments but Pix doesn't even have a gallery, so...?

The only thing that I can make out is past time mods of both sides not getting along too well with eachother, which is, if true, the source of too many problems to begin with.

And anyways, now that the old PJ staff (aka Jal) isn't here anymore, and we are kinda open to accept decent pixel artists as a mod, why don't we merge them (sooner than later)? I'm not saying Jal's light (or shadow) on PJ ceased to exist but I'm completely sure we can overcome whatever disagreements people has or had.

If I'm being too naive, can anyone shed some light why?

Gecimen @ 8/15/2018 04:15 commented on Pirates of the ISObbean tiles

Thank you Curious, that's one of the best compliments I had about pixel art, ever :)

Gecimen @ 8/14/2018 05:44 commented on Pirates of the ISObbean tiles

Thank you for your kind words Reo, I always get inspired by better artists like you in the collabs.

I try to make a mix of both, filler tiles that relieve the overcrowdedness a bit, and tiles that start something big.

Gecimen @ 8/14/2018 05:42 commented on Pirates of the ISObbean tiles

Indeed, the opening sequence of Monkey Island 1.

Gecimen @ 8/13/2018 07:57 commented on flcl robot (avatar)

Nothing really, it's a RPG map collab that Pyrometal will be the main host and as far as I know he will run it when/if he (or someone else) has the time.