Gecimen @ 3/2/2021 08:37 commented on Energy Sword

Looks fantastic!

Gecimen @ 3/2/2021 01:56 commented on Swamp dragon

The big dragon is actually the mechsuit of a very small dragon

Gecimen @ 2/20/2021 18:20 commented on Nosferatu

It is settled then, I like that the name of the collab was a collaborative effort 😊

Gecimen @ 2/18/2021 07:31 commented on Nosferatu

Or ISOrd & ISOrcery?

Gecimen @ 2/16/2021 13:33 commented on Nosferatu

I think 24 is possible. Technically.

Gecimen @ 2/13/2021 19:12 commented on Vivi (FF9)

Don't ever hesitate to write down your name suggestions :)

Three names we discussed (from the top of my mind) were ISOrcery, I SO dragons and MedISOval. The first two heavily influences the theme (as if participants shouldn't draw non-fantasy medieval tiles) and the third sounds bad.

Gecimen @ 2/12/2021 15:57 commented on Ghibli - Arrietty

Usually people screw the awesome scenery pictures by the use of a human figure. You on the other hand, nailed it (pun intended).

Gecimen @ 2/4/2021 02:45 commented on Crisp Mountain Air

Amazing work.

Gecimen @ 1/25/2021 01:15 commented on The cursed Knight

Well I put the light green in case someone wants to draw ooze or sewer liquid or a weird lightsource but you apparently made another use of it, gives a mossy / luminous effect to the surroundings which looks awesome!

Gecimen @ 1/23/2021 02:50 commented on Isometric Environments

If what you need is ideas, it's easy. I always thought of a system where you play combats as tactical like old Fallout or Divinity type turn based combat - but with a twist. The turns are not like player - enemy but rather like JRPG with characters get their turn when their initiative bar is filled.

Gecimen @ 1/23/2021 02:40 commented on Sewer Crawler

I really dig the interface.

Gecimen @ 1/22/2021 10:13 commented on Millennium Falcon
noun [ C ]

US  /ˈdʌn·dʒən/

an underground prison

Gecimen @ 1/20/2021 05:43 commented on Dragon of the Clouds

Excellent line work.

Gecimen @ 1/7/2021 02:26 commented on LOL Minions GIF

Why is this animated, the sprites would look better together.

Also the piece has 147 different colors. We emphasize on palette control. I'll let it through this time but please consider working with a palette (your own or one you find) next time!

Gecimen @ 1/7/2021 02:24 commented on Frog Squire

Note: I resized the picture for you, we only allow non-scaled pieces, the site has a zooming function.

Gecimen @ 1/7/2021 02:22 commented on Canti PFP

The piece has 534 different colors, can you please check out what's wrong?

Gecimen @ 1/7/2021 02:20 commented on Isometric dungeon

I'm sure the 394 colors is because of a file saving mistake or a blurry tool. Can you check it out? I can imagine this being done with 16 colors.

Gecimen @ 1/7/2021 02:17 commented on Scrapbook Vol. 5

Really love the owl.

Gecimen @ 1/5/2021 16:09 commented on Isometric Environments

The easiest "thing" you can make out of these would be an adventure or puzzle game. Surely an RPG would be amazing but also many times more resource consuming (system, story, battle mechanics, characters and so on) so you would need a team from a publisher.

Gecimen @ 1/4/2021 06:26 commented on Yue and Rebecca 2021

Lack of color control doesn't help your new style, too many colors very close to eachother.

Gecimen @ 1/3/2021 16:17 commented on Meat Golem

The character design is great, but i'd prefer to see the background moving as he walks.

Gecimen @ 1/3/2021 07:41 commented on Ded Moroz

This guy was your santa fighter, right?

Gecimen @ 1/2/2021 12:56 commented on Hut, animated

So many enchanting little animation details.

Gecimen @ 12/25/2020 02:52 commented on Alexandria al-Lammasu versus the Wicked Sultanotron (Secret Santa 2020)

Haha I knew I recalled that symbol from somewhere.

Gecimen @ 12/24/2020 14:59 commented on Secret Santa 2020

No I don't see where you cut corners. If this is the substitute, I can't imagine what the real art was like...