Gecimen @ 2/23/2018 01:19 commented on Jelly Cake

Hello rosannnak,

This piece doesn't look like pixel art, it contains an amazing 1077 colors, while it should contain 10-15 tops. You probably used some non pixel art techniques.

For info about what is pixel art, here's cure's guide.

Gecimen @ 2/23/2018 01:16 commented on I am the law

Hello voxodyssey, I'm sending this piece back because:

- 405 colors in a piece that looks rather like 20 colors, probably contains non-pixel art techniques

- low quality

- looks unfinished.

Gecimen @ 2/22/2018 08:31 commented on Trees trees trees!

Preview size is over 10kb which makes it invisible on the front page :(

Gecimen @ 2/22/2018 07:37 commented on Alex Kidd Remake

Snake <3

The blue luminosity under the rocks are fascinating.

Gecimen @ 2/21/2018 08:22 commented on Carter is (un)ded

I understood this was your piece from the preview. Great work!

Gecimen @ 2/15/2018 03:10 commented on A Steven Warrior

No wonder you're not around on Discord :)

Gecimen @ 2/14/2018 03:20 commented on A Steven Warrior

I have just started reading this but... wtf... you don't have a mobile phone? 

Gecimen @ 2/14/2018 02:58 commented on Birb

That goal is next to impossible for me :)

Gecimen @ 2/3/2018 19:23 commented on Hearthstone Card: Reno Jackson

Hey mate, one of the things that define pixel art is controlled color use and for example in this piece I don't see any reason to use more than 30 colors but you have used 135 different colors, which means you've used slightly different tones of the same colors. For that and for some overall polish, I suggest you to go to our WIP forum and look for some advice.

Gecimen @ 2/1/2018 03:12 commented on Big Bird

Ska, I see it's abandonware but any ideas how to run it?

Also the graphics reminded me of Heimdall. Anyone remember it?

Gecimen @ 2/1/2018 00:32 commented on "Ink" grafiti

Awesome compilation.

Gecimen @ 1/27/2018 04:23 commented on (Nude) Nine Tail monster girl idle Animation

Hello, we need you to put a +18 sign on the preview.

Gecimen @ 1/23/2018 02:00 commented on Chest Opening (anitmation)

Hello Zakman, we normally don't allow pieces that are zoomed in, since the site has built in zooming function. Can you please upload x1?

Gecimen @ 1/16/2018 03:07 commented on 3G01SM

Maybe it's just me but I like the new version better.

Gecimen @ 1/10/2018 02:28 commented on Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hello, currenty as far as I can see there is a gradient on the hill on the background that causes tons of colors.

For info about "what is pixel art" please check out this tutorial.

Gecimen @ 1/10/2018 01:56 commented on Ogre Behemoth

This would have been an epic piece if you worked more on it. Places such as wrinkles on the neck and pants, hands and shield need you to close up and polish.

Gecimen @ 12/18/2017 06:34 commented on Il Cubo icon

I don't know if Blade Runner 2049 isn't worth pixelling about, what is.

Gecimen @ 12/13/2017 02:18 commented on Knights for Red Pixels Collab

The preview is over 10kb and won't show on the front page.

Gecimen @ 12/13/2017 02:08 commented on Open Wide

I'll accept this if you put a 18+ warning on the preview.

It looks traced from this, not sure if this can be considered an original piece.

Gecimen @ 12/11/2017 08:15 commented on Shellshocked Mockup

Love it.

Gecimen @ 12/11/2017 07:55 commented on Black Guard

Actually the challenge was closed 5 days late, not early. It was too buggy so we did everything to close it, and when we eventually did, there was no turning back. :/

Gecimen @ 12/9/2017 13:29 commented on Black Guard

It should be last Monday but an error occured. 

Gecimen @ 12/8/2017 22:50 commented on Falling

I like the floating island with baloons concept.

Gecimen @ 12/4/2017 09:03 commented on light practice 2

Sent Sedge an email a few hours ago, hope he responds in time.

Gecimen @ 12/4/2017 07:48 commented on Pare's Android

A hot dog maybe? :D