Gecimen @ 8/17/2018 07:10 commented on Big Bird

Offending =/= insulting.

Gecimen @ 8/17/2018 04:00 commented on Big Bird

PBDC, just to avoid confusion, RAV was not banned because we don't agree on his political views (I can even say I agree on some). He was banned because of insulting other members more and faster than we can count. Insulting others is not within the definition of free speech afaik.

Gecimen @ 8/17/2018 03:44 commented on DREAM

I'm really impressed by this and sorry for the fact that you dream of this.

Gecimen @ 8/17/2018 03:36 commented on Big Bird

I've been always scared to ask this question publicly but can anyone enlighten me why we need 2 separate English speaking pixel art communities?

Are there any fundemantal functional differences of both sites (except that PJ has a gallery function)? Is there anything like Pixelation is for the elites and PJ is for everyone? I don't know if such a thing exists... I mean old (currently renewed) PJ gallery rules may have caused some arguments but Pix doesn't even have a gallery, so...?

The only thing that I can make out is past time mods of both sides not getting along too well with eachother, which is, if true, the source of too many problems to begin with.

And anyways, now that the old PJ staff (aka Jal) isn't here anymore, and we are kinda open to accept decent pixel artists as a mod, why don't we merge them (sooner than later)? I'm not saying Jal's light (or shadow) on PJ ceased to exist but I'm completely sure we can overcome whatever disagreements people has or had.

If I'm being too naive, can anyone shed some light why?

Gecimen @ 8/15/2018 04:15 commented on Pirates of the ISObbean tiles

Thank you Curious, that's one of the best compliments I had about pixel art, ever :)

Gecimen @ 8/14/2018 05:44 commented on Pirates of the ISObbean tiles

Thank you for your kind words Reo, I always get inspired by better artists like you in the collabs.

I try to make a mix of both, filler tiles that relieve the overcrowdedness a bit, and tiles that start something big.

Gecimen @ 8/14/2018 05:42 commented on Pirates of the ISObbean tiles

Indeed, the opening sequence of Monkey Island 1.

Gecimen @ 8/13/2018 07:57 commented on flcl robot (avatar)

Nothing really, it's a RPG map collab that Pyrometal will be the main host and as far as I know he will run it when/if he (or someone else) has the time.

Gecimen @ 8/10/2018 15:56 commented on Big Bird

@Fox, we get a few accidental weekly challenge entries every week. If you just write “for the weekly challenge x” next time you’ll help us avoid confusion.

I apologize on the mod team’s behalf.

Gecimen @ 8/6/2018 23:19 commented on Big Bird

Hello Fox, we just couldn't see how the piece is related to the challenge subject "The Change".

Gecimen @ 6/19/2018 05:16 commented on 2/51 Ball Bouncing across the screen

Hello eniergarcia; this is a cool sketch but not a finished piece that you want to exhibit in your gallery.

Gecimen @ 6/7/2018 03:46 commented on Sheriff Sweets Sprite Sheet

Why not post it as an animation?

Gecimen @ 5/30/2018 07:32 commented on Floating island

Feel free to resubmit if you can fix it :)

Gecimen @ 5/30/2018 02:48 commented on The AAP-Micro12 Color Palette

Yes |||| this is a beautiful piece and we would approve it in an isolated environment. But as in all the rules, what we are afraid of is other people submitting much simpler palette images with no art at all in the future relying on this example.

Btw, Adigun, I love how you present your palettes.

Gecimen @ 5/25/2018 07:41 commented on Floating island

I could imagine this being done with 16 colors, but instead it has 202. Some color control is required in pixel art.

Gecimen @ 5/22/2018 03:19 commented on insectoid

Well then good news for all of us, we will prepare competitions and events more frequently from now on :)

Gecimen @ 5/22/2018 03:15 commented on Teamwork - An Unlikely Couple

@Dexrunner; no I definitely don't know (and couldn't find) the reference you used, but we do have a similar comic couple in Turkey.

@jok; I know what you mean, 1 pinkish highlight on skin would do the trick but I steal colors whenever possible :) (hence same blue same green everywhere).

Gecimen @ 5/20/2018 16:49 commented on insectoid

Why did you say you'll be submitting less works? Anything offended you?

Gecimen @ 5/11/2018 14:04 commented on Big Bird

Happy birthday Sedge :)

Gecimen @ 5/7/2018 01:13 commented on Black Cat Market

Reminds me of a tile in one of our old collabs, good work.

Gecimen @ 5/1/2018 06:42 commented on Red Cloudscape

Thank you for the recommendation. We will definitely be writing up a ruleset. As we are talking about art, there will always be a little bit subjectivity involved. Also we won’t bother with removing very old pieces out of our respect to the judgement of the past moderators.

Also thanks for understanding. Know that there is nothing against you here.

Gecimen @ 5/1/2018 02:52 commented on Red Cloudscape

Oh and the preview slightly surpasses the required 25kb file size to appear on the front page.

Gecimen @ 5/1/2018 02:49 commented on Red Cloudscape

Hey Wolfenoctis, you know you are a revered artist here and on other communities and you have the experience to judge if this piece has the pixel quality (and we all think it does) and if you've used non-pixel art (NPA) methods while making this.

The parts that have been pointed out are:

1- That the front and back clouds are very similar but in different sizes (reminds of rescaling).

2- There is a transparent dither layer in front of the whole thing.

I'm quite sure you are able to make this an undoubtfully pure pixel art piece in 5 minutes but if you don't want to we'll understand. We will approve this piece because of its pixel quality and because your judgement as a pixel artist is at least as valid as ours. If you want to remove the doubts later on by applying a fix later on, that's great. If you're happy with it as it is, that's ok by us but I hope someone else doesn't give it as a "fishy" example as you did other past pieces.

Gecimen @ 4/28/2018 14:05 commented on Chaotica

Hello mentalpop. Sorry you feel unwelcome here but for years we are trying hard to keep a balance between “being welcoming” and “anything goes”. Please understand that it is hard to keep the gallery at a minimal level of cleanness. There is nothing against yourself or new members in general, it is just that we often try to encourage new members to polish their pieces as much as possible before accepting. Please don’t feel offended.

Gecimen @ 4/27/2018 10:03 commented on Running fox

Hello Frazm, can you please post again in the original size?