Gecimen @ 7/20/2017 10:00 commented on Carrier walk [Blasphemous]

Lovely! Good job.

Gecimen @ 7/20/2017 02:51 commented on Dark Fantasy Collaboration Hex No5 18+!

Seems great, pity it's on a Russian forum :)

Gecimen @ 6/19/2017 05:13 commented on Big Bird

I don't read the stuff here much, but as one of the oldest active mods I want to share my views:

Discussions over political and/or controversial subjects are indeed fine - as long as you guys refrain from insulting eachother.

Oh, insulting eachother is also fine but not here on PJ - cause this is an art web site and our main focus is to be welcoming to all pixel artists, old and new, good and bad, left and right, gay and straight. So:

* If you are a pixel artist, try to understand that you shouldn't cause others to avoid these boards, since they might miss more art oriented discussions because some people didn't keep it civil. Always think this before posting: "By posting this, am I allowing others to discuss as well?" If you aren't, (even if you think they should GTFO) just don't post it.

* If you aren't a pixel artist, don't plan to be one, have no business with pixels and have no intention on learning/discussing something that is the focus of this particular website; you are free to find another board to ventilate.

Important: It seems current active mods don't enjoy reading this chatterbox everyday. If you think someone shouldn't be here, please PM me and I will investigate asap.

Gecimen @ 6/19/2017 04:05 commented on Minotaur

Then you guys haven't seen Cure's tutorial; specifically this piece.

Gecimen @ 5/24/2017 07:41 commented on beast

How can your favorite musician not be Chris Cornell?

Gecimen @ 5/16/2017 07:37 commented on Dylan_Hunt

Awesome job Pyro :)

Gecimen @ 4/29/2017 05:04 commented on Castle Panorama

The scaled preview doesn't do justice to the piece.

Gecimen @ 4/20/2017 12:47 commented on Aegean

Belki asfalttaki kadar minimal bir efekt denizde de kullanılabilir... ne dersin?

Gecimen @ 4/18/2017 00:02 commented on Blacksmith shop

I was hoping this.

Gecimen @ 4/18/2017 00:02 commented on Water Iso

very good,

why not join thr collab? :)

Gecimen @ 4/10/2017 02:46 commented on Into The Rift - Zoe Portrait

It's even better now.

Gecimen @ 4/6/2017 03:16 commented on Into The Rift - Zoe Portrait

It's beautiful but some small details such as the shadow of the small hair and some movement in the bright spots of her eyes would be awesome.

Gecimen @ 3/31/2017 02:59 commented on Shoe guy

Way too late and if Pyrometal didn't join us mods it would be even later :)

Gecimen @ 3/29/2017 03:47 commented on KF map

Thanks to this I played and finished the game. Everything about it was awesome. (but it's hard to find thanks to another knightfall game).

Gecimen @ 3/2/2017 01:23 commented on Banjo-faced Pocada

There are no words to describe how much I love this.

Gecimen @ 3/2/2017 01:21 commented on Aegean

Çok enteresan kafalar. Gayet iyi bir sonuç vermiş, eminim de çok vakit almamıştır.

Gecimen @ 2/15/2017 07:33 commented on 22 colors example

Lovely palette, lovely creatures.

Gecimen @ 2/10/2017 01:20 commented on Greenery dance

Hey didn't see this, welcome back mate!

Gecimen @ 2/3/2017 02:46 commented on Big Bird

Hey guys. We need a lot more entries for the 22 color palette comp for the upcoming collabs.

Please take a look.

Gecimen @ 1/30/2017 00:55 commented on Scarface

Modified; yes.

Gecimen @ 1/11/2017 05:41 commented on Avatar

The large one is one of the best portraits on this site :)

Gecimen @ 1/11/2017 05:39 commented on Nerd Power

Almost forgot the trophy :)

Gecimen @ 1/8/2017 04:25 commented on Pixel Dailies 01

I'm amazed by your palettes Vierbit.

Gecimen @ 12/12/2016 01:18 commented on 32x32px Monsters

Wonderful job though.

Gecimen @ 11/28/2016 01:29 commented on Flag for you !!

No worries btw, we will make a lot more competitions from now on.