ultimaodin @ 6/18/2019 23:46 commented on Planet Thief Assets

Sadly not much more was made in regards to pixelart for this as it was a Game Jam project done over a weekend. I did plan to do an earth-like planet for it but didn't have time.

ultimaodin @ 6/11/2019 12:10 commented on Dryad Flautist

I really dig your entry into it mate. :)

Great colour choices and clusters.

ultimaodin @ 5/11/2019 23:02 commented on Terrence and Phillip

We Aussies are living in the past.

ultimaodin @ 5/9/2019 21:12 commented on Aleksandra Jarosz

Love the way she pops out the picture. Really love the background.

ultimaodin @ 4/19/2019 03:22 commented on Sensory Deprivation framed pixel

@Gecimen - will do, I have an awful memory especially when I have to update paswords monthly for work etc..

ultimaodin @ 4/1/2019 11:24 commented on Sensory Deprivation framed pixel

@DawnBringer - reuploading, having major issues with my pixel program where filesizes are beyond absurd. I have to save, copy to new image then save again to minimize the file size :(

ultimaodin @ 3/13/2015 21:15 commented on Hero Academia

YES. Love this Manga!!!!

ultimaodin @ 2/26/2015 20:15 commented on Skeleton Dance NES

Damn this is nicely done.

ultimaodin @ 2/26/2015 20:05 commented on Peculiar Penguins NES

@jal - I did mess around with that blue a little but because the grey was already locked in place for a colour along with the water blue I only really had towo colours to choose from and I wasn't sure if the NES could handle the colour change of the sprites so I went with the two colours I had already previously used for water shadow and waterlines. :)

Was going to have the first one have the darker snow blue to fade in but yeah, not really sure on the NES handling of sprite sheets.

@ero - thanks mate

ultimaodin @ 2/23/2015 10:43 commented on Fancy Egg

Oh NTSC pallet. No wonder it looks so off.

Also, already started working on an entry. Also not entirely familiar with how the Snes handles things. especially with the scanline thing. (since I know some consoles allowed for scanline flicker to make it seem like there were more sprites on screen for stuff like busy cities). So, going to keep it simple.

ultimaodin @ 2/3/2015 08:57 commented on Undergorund

I must ask, but what is with you choosingprojects that seem to collapse. Your art is so magnificent and it sucks that the projects always end up abandoned.

ultimaodin @ 1/9/2015 03:14 commented on Funky knight (gs)

I can tell the oranges apart but the teals I can't see no difference

ultimaodin @ 12/19/2014 21:51 commented on Naga Magi

Naga!!!! The question be, is she casting dead drop?

The scales and 'body' are very well done however the face is a little difficult to read. An additional pixel to the top fangs should make them more readable as well.

ultimaodin @ 12/19/2014 21:47 commented on Space Ship First Attempt

Good work for a first upload -really good.

You should check out some tutorials about Anti Aliasing, this will help your pieces look that much cleaner :)

ultimaodin @ 12/18/2014 20:42 commented on Sorceress

Looks good. The things on his head, are those bits of hair or horns. I really like the staff.

ultimaodin @ 12/18/2014 20:39 commented on click bawk caw

Damn these are gorgeous.

ultimaodin @ 12/18/2014 10:53 commented on Dragon Hibernation

Also thank you very much for the feedback :3

If I do ever come back to this pieceI'll keepit in mind

ultimaodin @ 12/18/2014 10:52 commented on Dragon Hibernation

@Bath - Sadly I haven't been able to track the challenge down to do just that as I'd lovetolink to the origional pallet. in its entirety and give credit to the person who made it. :(

@king - Honestly more stuff would probably be the best solution,I just had this weird thing in my mind that I wanted the carpet and fireplace to kind of feel unnatural and this was just someunnaturally smart Dragon-ling.

ultimaodin @ 12/17/2014 22:24 commented on Dragon Hibernation

@skam - I know right :D

I can't believe it took me a year and a half to effectively decide to add in a carpet rug XD

ultimaodin @ 12/17/2014 11:43 commented on Royal

Very nice! Like the hair especially

ultimaodin @ 1/1/2014 05:45 commented on Big Bird

@king - No mutant powers unfortunately. Regardless off the strange attributes of my flesh and bone I am still just agood blooking human bloke with no form ofmagical powers what-so-ever. A pity that. :(

@jal - can't forget the very prominent clavicals (the bone running between the upper ribcage and shoulder)

@Atska - Happy 2014 to you to.

@googlecrab - It was a pretty brutal period oftime though and as a species it is amazing we all survived that period. Clearly the Mayan's underestimated our ability to survive all those traumatic events. When the sky started cracking wasprobably the most terrifying thing I've ever seen.

ultimaodin @ 12/31/2013 19:53 commented on Big Bird

To kick of the new year I have my computer working again ^_^

It seems I cannot instal one of window's updates without it causing my computer to throw me onto a default profile with access to nothing and forcing me to do a system restore to before updating. Now that I've worked out what keeps breaking my computer I can get back to pixelling.

So, Happy New Year. :)

Also in regards to the mouse and tablet discussion. I use my Cintiq to block stuff out then go in with the mouse todo all the finer pixelling. I have to use the mouse because my wrist and arm has a constant sway/subtle shake to it since I was young. No idea why my arms do this as doctors generally associate to be similar to a 'withdrawal' effect without the withdrawal. Then again I have dent in my chest, a lump on my neck, an extra half a rib and atonne of other strange things so an arm that likes to shake or sway isn't all that surprising. All I know is AAing with a tabletpen doesn't work to well when your arm was to go off to the side randomly. Also, I love ctrl-z, when I stuffed up with actual paint I used to just get angry. On a PC I can just go back and it's all good. Ctrl-z, the best function to ever exist.

ultimaodin @ 12/23/2013 18:52 commented on The floating Papillon

Wile I can't say Iknow what your dream looked like I feel as though is eyebrows and beard would be better brighter and more flouro like that blue. Sounds like a crazy dream though.

ultimaodin @ 12/23/2013 18:49 commented on Duck in the Dark

I see other's immediately thought of Mr Popo as well.


"Sup maggots!" - Mr Popo DBZ: Abridged

ultimaodin @ 12/23/2013 18:42 commented on Big Bird

Yeah 2 years is long enough, let's face it, I only don't clear my messages because I'm lazy.