Flopsy M @ 8/27/2010 08:51 commented on Reclaim

This is a really nice idea, and is well executed! Clever take on the challenge!

Flopsy M @ 8/26/2010 16:35 commented on Spaceship Sprites

The lightsource is meant to be overhead with a slight emphasis on coming from infront of the ships(i.e the towards the screen and donw slightly). There is a little pillowshading (specifically on the guns of the brown and green ships?), but this is because of the topdown view and lightsource being overhead. How would you suggest I handle the shading on those areas?

I think you may be right about the conflicting shading directions- I assume you mean on the blue ships with the areas that come from underneath the main cresent?

Colour count is not something I was worrying about in this piece, but your point about colour count is noted.

Thanks for the input so far, looking forward to hearing more!

Flopsy M @ 8/16/2010 10:02 commented on Mind the Gap

Well done, you deserved the win!

Flopsy M @ 8/15/2010 09:29 commented on Sunset runner

Thanks very much!

Flopsy M @ 8/15/2010 09:28 commented on Lost Direction

Hmm, so I should really only use dithering when The colours have a fairly low contrast? Thanks for the tips, and I'm glad you like it tormi, thanks!

Flopsy M @ 8/14/2010 16:23 commented on Lost Direction

Ok, maybe I did over use it a little, thanks for the pointers. In regards to the chin dithering I was actually intending for it to look like stubble, what with the ronin being masterless, he's kind of let himself go. But you may be right on that anyway. Do you think there is anywhere else it is overused? Or is it the whole thing? Thanks again!

Flopsy M @ 8/8/2010 16:42 commented on Sunset runner

Thanks! That's the bit I like too! I've been experimenting with blending colours using dithering, because that's not something I'm used to doing.

Flopsy M @ 8/8/2010 14:17 commented on Moon

Really pretty little piece! I don't know any one particular reason I like it, but like it I do!