theoreyes @ 5/18/2007 01:03 commented on tool icons
just my opinion speaking here, but i think they are way too big. while they are detailed, you could easily cut those icons in half. also i'm not sure how much i'm feeling the background to them, they've got an "oldschool" feel to them, kind of like imageforge, if you know what i mean. i think they would be great smaller and simplified.

PS: also the arrows would look better without the curves, but remember this is just one dude's opionion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

theoreyes @ 5/18/2007 00:57 commented on Monkey business av
superb work man, you are truly talented.

theoreyes @ 5/18/2007 00:49 commented on Susie Q
i always like to see the pixels that borrow from the early cubistic palletes. awesome.

theoreyes @ 5/18/2007 00:46 commented on Level 1
man ur stuff i've seen reminds me of the days when people were really starting to be creative with game graphics. me like!

theoreyes @ 5/18/2007 00:44 commented on old swamp
no offense, but how the hell are you going to call pixel art oldschoolish? it's kind of bass-awkwards.

it's beatiful man, no buts about it. keep it up!

theoreyes @ 10/31/2006 20:39 commented on Fallout Pixelation Project - Deathclaw
Thats a pretty good deathclaw, I like it. It's been a while, but I think the origional deathclaws were a tad darker, well except goris.