Hiuru @ 5/11/2016 19:09 commented on Malevolence

Looks great! I'd change the angle of the eyes a bit tho, like theyre currently at like a 45 degree angle so it makes it look a bit funny in my opinion

Hiuru @ 6/14/2015 18:51 commented on Mika

Ah thank you! Yes, this week's challenge sure has a lot of great entries, but hey! It's all for the fun :D I entered this challenge not with winning in mind, but because I was bored and thought the challenge was interesting enough to give it a shot. You should definitely give a last minute attempt if you so desire, because again its for fun!

Hiuru @ 6/14/2015 09:45 commented on Cards

I love their branch horns! So stylish!

Hiuru @ 6/12/2015 17:15 commented on Ambivalent


Hiuru @ 6/9/2015 09:08 commented on A Giant Heart

"He's protecting her from water drops and stuff," I SEE NO RAIN, NOR WATER. LIES

Hiuru @ 6/6/2015 10:51 commented on Winter Bird


Hiuru @ 5/21/2015 21:23 commented on Castle Scene

I came

Hiuru @ 5/3/2015 09:27 commented on Autumn background

I have to agree with Pheno. Those sharp leafed trees on the foreground look weird/awkward with the pretty organic background. Other than that, awesomeee.

Hiuru @ 12/4/2014 07:36 commented on Pacific Grove, CA

I think some leave shapes at the outlines of the tree bushes would help the piece a lot. The trees look really blobby and solid at the moment imo. Awesome nontheless!

Hiuru @ 10/4/2014 14:48 commented on Adjusted Steamfantry

Looks very Fool-ish in some areas, which is great. Nice!

Hiuru @ 9/22/2014 08:18 commented on Chocolate Impact

Lold. Nice

Hiuru @ 9/1/2014 15:05 commented on Miss Creya Vanderbuehl

I must agree with Rayovatron, the older sprite is much more interesting and "better" imo. The new one is nice too, but that face does make her look like an older woman with too much make up

Hiuru @ 8/3/2014 02:00 commented on Crafty's Dragon


Hiuru @ 7/23/2014 19:09 commented on maria

Is that a horn on her forehead o.o? Lovely colors, but yeah far too many than needed.

Hiuru @ 7/23/2014 11:11 commented on Make it STOP!!!

Awesome animation. I think it'd work better if you sped it up so that it matches the beat and speed of the song!

Hiuru @ 7/8/2014 12:57 commented on Shadow Panther

Ohhh i see. Alright! Thanks again

Hiuru @ 7/8/2014 10:02 commented on Shadow Panther

Alright, thanks

Hiuru @ 7/7/2014 20:56 commented on Shadow Panther

Are we allowed to make fanarts of or use an already existing robot as a refenrece?

Hiuru @ 7/7/2014 20:45 commented on Shadow Panther

Interesting! Might participate

Hiuru @ 7/2/2014 18:14 commented on Forest monsters

Awesome Style!

Hiuru @ 7/1/2014 22:24 commented on Ride Home

Cute! But I agree with Riley. Update the preview please!!!

Hiuru @ 6/30/2014 09:28 commented on Where's Mario?
Well, it is using a rubix cube template, so if I were to print it I could fold everything up into a cube so yeah I suppose it is a cube texture. However, I didn't pixel the image with that in mind so the image wouldn't exactly match end to end, if you know what I mean.

I could easily edit and change it so the left side can continue on to the right side when put together, same with the top and button sides, but yeah 

Hiuru @ 6/28/2014 20:54 commented on Where's Mario?

Thanks guys :P 

Hiuru @ 6/27/2014 13:40 commented on Where's Mario?

Updated it a bit. Made some Stone Pillars for the background, took out the half-assed clouds.

Hiuru @ 6/27/2014 13:39 commented on Where's Mario?

Thanks man!