eishiya @ 12/4/2018 15:04 commented on Soldier! STRIKE!

I can't even imagine how much work it must've been to animate something this high-detail at that framerate! I also feel bad that my favourite part is the ground rather than the animation, the textures are fantastic!

The way the character's feet slide around relative to the ground during the camera shake makes them feel disconnected, and I feel it reduces the intended impact.

eishiya @ 12/3/2018 09:40 commented on Pixel Daylies Portrait

You don't need to pre-zoom your work for PJ, the site has zoom buttons under every submission. For that reason, the site rules even discourage pre-zooming.

eishiya @ 12/3/2018 09:38 commented on Big Bird

I keep not entering the Pixelation SS because there are too many people, so maybe in a couple more years, it'll get to a nice size |D For me personally, it's not fun creating art for someone I don't give a crap about, and it's not fun getting art that's likely had no love put into it either, and when most of the participants are people who don't participate in the community at other times, the chance of such match-ups is very high ):

eishiya @ 12/2/2018 11:59 commented on Fiery

You could've updated the previous one, then you wouldn't have had to wait on the queue again xP

eishiya @ 12/2/2018 09:34 commented on in the clouds

Could you please not pre-zoom the main image? It's unnecessary and against the rules to pre-zoom, because the site has its own zoom feature.

eishiya @ 12/1/2018 11:48 commented on Sun Flower

The text at the bottom is not pixel art. You may want to redo it using pixel art techniques. That would probably help it look better too, as right now it's rather blurry.

eishiya @ 12/1/2018 05:16 commented on Photo of Soldat

Since these "Photos" are all apparently related, it would probably be best to upload them all together in a single file. This would keep the gallery clean, give the viewer more to look at, give each piece context, and help your work get through the queue faster (only a few pieces from an artist get approved at once).

eishiya @ 11/26/2018 20:05 commented on lilmonk

Can there be more than one sprite of the same character in an entry, or would I need to animate it if I want to include multiple poses?

eishiya @ 11/25/2018 06:46 commented on Old man portrait

Could you please post it at 1x, without pre-zooming? The site has its own zoom feature, so pre-zooming's unnecessary and is against the rules in most cases.

eishiya @ 11/21/2018 13:24 commented on Blood world

I didn't realise how small it was during the stream!

eishiya @ 11/19/2018 15:21 commented on The Curse of La Llorona (Game Boy Edition)

The two dark figures feel very rough compared to the rest of it, and could use a little more polish, I think. The central figure and environment look great though!

eishiya @ 11/16/2018 06:23 commented on Little devil girl

Please don't pre-zoom your work, it's against the rules and it's unnecessary because PJ has zoom buttons for every submission. Please upload your stuff at 1x.

This is very cute, and I particularly like the cold and warm colours in the hair.

eishiya @ 11/15/2018 06:31 commented on Frostgrave Warband

Lego minifigs have "necks", a gap between the torso and the head. Perhaps adding something like that here could help!

You can also have the torso stick out further than the head, which would be good for buff characters.

eishiya @ 11/15/2018 05:59 commented on Family Photo

The colours and style in this look really nice, but it looks unfinished with all the stray pixels and having AA in some areas but not others.

eishiya @ 11/15/2018 05:37 commented on Frostgrave Warband

You seem to have a few stray pixels around the head of the 3rd sprite in the top row.

This is an interesting style o: I think the top three characters would've looked better with heads that aren't flush with their torsos, like the bottom one; it would make for a more interesting silhouette.

You have some external grey AA on the characters, but with these angles and at this size, I don't think you need it. 45 degree angles don't need AA at all, and your other AAed areas should be just fine with only internal AA.

eishiya @ 11/13/2018 17:24 commented on Tainara and Votu

Great work! The game concept also sounds pretty fun! If you make the game and it uses pixel art, you should submit it as a news item to PJ so everyone can check it out.

eishiya @ 11/13/2018 17:21 commented on K/DA Ahri

If you're looking for feedback on your WIPs, you should post in the WIP forum instead of the main gallery.

eishiya @ 11/13/2018 05:57 commented on K/DA Ahri

Please don't pre-zoom your stuff, it's unnecessary since PJ has zoom buttons and it's against the rules. If your entire piece fits as the preview image, you don't need to upload a detail/big file at all :D

Since all the LoL girls go together, I think they'd work better being a single submission, so people can see them all more easily, and in the context of one another. It would also prevent gallery clutter, and help your work be accepted faster.

I already commented on these on Pixelation, and that's actually a bit weird - posting in Pixelation's WIP forums implies these are WIPs. Posting here implies these are done and you're not taking specific suggestions for fixes anymore. Which is it? You should wait until you're all done before you submit to the PJ gallery.

eishiya @ 11/12/2018 08:15 commented on TheRetroDragon

This piece seems to have some automatic gradients in it, it uses a lot of colours, even though a much smaller number would look the same. You may want to clean that up. In this case, automatically reducing it to a palette of hand-picked colours would probably give you perfect results.

eishiya @ 11/11/2018 16:22 commented on TheBowies

There are a few issues with this submission that might delay its acceptance or perhaps even result in it not being accepted:
1. It's pre-zoomed. Please post your work at 1x; PJ has its own zoom feature and pre-zooming limits its usefulness.
2. The blue areas around the road aren't pixel art, they're blurry and made of a huge number of colours. The main part of the road also seems to have a lot of redundant colours and could use some clean-up.
3. The preview image appears to be automatically shrunk from the main piece. Previews should be hand-made pixel art just like the main piece. The easiest way to achieve that is to use a cropped section of the full piece.

eishiya @ 11/10/2018 15:08 commented on Big Bird

There are a couple of unsuitable (accidental?) entries to this week's challenge, and only one real entry so far D: Hopefully there'll be more entries within the coming day but I'm worried these other entries might prevent the challenge from staying open even though it should. Looks like the mods took care of the extra entries. Thanks!

eishiya @ 11/9/2018 06:24 commented on Dan's Evil Monk

Did you mean to submit your two pieces to the Weekly Challenge? They don't seem to fit the theme in any way.

Also, although you wrote that this has 12 colours, it actually has 185. Did something go wrong in saving the image?

eishiya @ 11/8/2018 12:17 commented on Rijsnajtal

@Knightsunder: Ohoho~? I planned for just two small, simple water areas, but in the process of trying to make them make sense, they ended up growing. This map also glosses over the forests, which will probably be larger than they look, so the water areas won't take up as much of the game as they seem to on this map. ...Perhaps there's also a bit of bitterness in there that in a Metroidvania I played not too long ago, the diving ability was only useful on two tiny maps and didn't lead anywhere interesting.

eishiya @ 11/8/2018 10:02 commented on Rijsnajtal

@Gecimen: I'm a solo dev, and a lazy one at that ;D

eishiya @ 11/8/2018 05:04 commented on Abandoned Hope

I think you've managed to tell an entire story there :] Good job!