eishiya @ 8/15/2018 21:13 commented on Friend's Sprite

Please don't pre-zoom your art, it doesn't play well with the site's built-in zoom feature and is against the rules as a result.

eishiya @ 8/14/2018 19:24 commented on My Very Own Pixeljoint Avatar

You don't need to upload the same work twice to use it as an avatar, you could just set the avatar version as the preview image for the full version.

eishiya @ 8/14/2018 11:53 commented on don't ask

You should include "NSFW" in the preview so folks browsing in public places know not to click :]

eishiya @ 8/14/2018 06:56 commented on Big Bird

@FoxTurtle: If there haven't been enough entries to the Dream Sequence one, it's probably been extended.

eishiya @ 8/14/2018 06:39 commented on Big Bird

@Cyangmou: I feel like the community was fractured before Helm ever pulled his stunt. The Slack and Discord communities, at least from my point of view as someone who stuck to the forum and who only endured the Discord (not sure it's the same one tbh, it was linked on PJ) for a few days ages ago, have been effectively separate since almost the beginning, with their own set of regulars, their own focus, their own styles of discussion (even on the same topics) - their own communities. An overlap in users (including regulars) does not make them the same community.

I like Helm's direction for the forum, but the whole threat situation was ridiculous and unnecessary.

There's been too much drama and not enough art talk both on Pixelation and here, really. I understand why most of it is necessary, but I don't need that in my life right now. I'd been having a good time with pixel art for the first time in years, then I come to these places to share, and have that enjoyment ruined. That's not what I want out of pixel art communities :/ Until the dust settles, I think I should go back to my cave.

Also, re: the speed of forums: I agree that it's hard to get quick feedback on forums, but I found it only marginally easier to get on Discord (people were usually too busy talking about something else, or it was dead), and even when it was quicker, it was also a lot less useful and harder to parse because of the format, at least for me. This isn't to say that people shouldn't use it, just that I don't think we need to pick one or the other, we need to have multiple formats for users with different preferences, and they can be separate communities with their own policies, their own moderation, etc, just with overlap in users. Trying to brand them as the same community just leads to people feeling left out for no reason, and it leads to strife like what Pixelation's been having.

eishiya @ 8/12/2018 15:32 commented on Big Bird

Agreed, there has been a lot of that in recent years, though I do think it's still a net positive overall, since it leads to faster improvement than being on one's own, even if it's not as fast as getting better instruction from people who know what they're talking about.

Helm's apparently making a point of posting more critique now. Several other skilled artists also still regularly post comments and edits. The overall quality of art on Pixelation is reduced because it seems like most of the good artists don't post their art there anymore, probably due to deadlines and NDAs.

Personally, I feel like there's been more post-and-running in recent years, people posting their stuff up for critique, getting comments, and never responding. It's really discouraging to keep posting when that happens so much. It happens on PJ too :/ I've been posting less critique on both sites because of that.

eishiya @ 8/12/2018 09:10 commented on Big Bird

I'm on Pixelation a lot, and I see a few others from PJ there too, so it's definitely not just you xP

eishiya @ 8/12/2018 09:00 commented on Terry Turnip [avatar cropped]

Instead of submitting the same image twice, make the avatar be the preview image of the full piece. That way, you can have both as one submission, and you can still use the smaller version as your avatar.

eishiya @ 8/12/2018 08:59 commented on city

WIPs aren't allowed in the gallery, so you should finish your work before you post it xP

eishiya @ 8/11/2018 13:34 commented on city

Seconding FoxTurtle, this could really use some clean-up for the jaggies and stray pixels, but it looks very promising!

eishiya @ 8/10/2018 13:23 commented on Wrench the maned Wolf

You can get your points to post on the forum by commenting and rating, you don't have to submit art. Not that you shouldn't submit art, just that commenting and rating is usually much faster, since you get your points instantly and don't have to wait until your art is approved.

eishiya @ 8/9/2018 16:54 commented on Boss#1 warning screen

I think this is much better! Depending on the colours available to you, you could probably go another shade darker, if that's not too dark.

eishiya @ 8/9/2018 05:39 commented on Boss#1 warning screen

It feels a bit visually overwhelming as-is, it's hard to even read the shape of the ship. I think it'd become clearer if you used a darker red for the grid, and kept the brighter red for the ship and labels.

eishiya @ 8/6/2018 19:53 commented on Very Important Provision

The longer frames work very well :D

eishiya @ 8/6/2018 18:35 commented on Fredbear

Please don't pre-zoom your art, PJ has its own zoom feature. Since this piece fits as the preview/small file, you don't need a detail file at all, you can leave that empty.

eishiya @ 8/6/2018 09:13 commented on Very Important Provision

I wish it would linger a little longer on each truck, it's very difficult to get a good look at them without using 3rd party tools ):

eishiya @ 8/6/2018 06:48 commented on drive

Did you use reference for the car? If so, you should include credit.

The buildings and trees are drawn much more weakly than the car, and look out of place. I think they could really benefit from another pass to bring them up to par.

You have some awkward automated-looking dithering in the lights and reflections. You may want to go over those by hand to tidy them up.

eishiya @ 8/6/2018 06:38 commented on Big Bird

It's still on the queue. Odd, usually the mods make sure to deal with any entries still on the queue before starting voting, perhaps you submitted just a little bit too late?

eishiya @ 8/6/2018 06:20 commented on Bogu Parts - Men

Is 300x300 the upper limit, or must be it be exactly 300x300?

I had a dream last night that's so perfect for this that I'm afraid it'll not be accepted to the challenge ¦D

eishiya @ 8/5/2018 15:42 commented on SYNONYM - Title Text

I think a slightly darker colour would work better for the anti-aliasing. Such a light colour doesn't really help transition between the black and white, so the letters still look rough/aliased.

eishiya @ 8/4/2018 11:44 commented on Something Strange

The greys seem under-affected by the strong red light of the sunset, which makes them look a bit out of place, like they don't exist in the same space as the rest of the environment. More purple in the shadows and more orange in the lights would help, I think.

This is probably just a personal taste thing, but I think this piece could use some anti-aliasing, at least along the starker dark/light edges. Most of the colours within each object are low-contrast enough that things look smooth, which makes the aliased boundaries between different objects stand out more and feel a little harsh.

eishiya @ 8/4/2018 07:34 commented on Turf house interior

At a high enough framerate, even not knowing what you're doing looks smooth af ;D

eishiya @ 8/3/2018 18:45 commented on Game Cube

I don't remember the GameCube being so large relative to the controller xP Pretty sure the controller was nearly as wide as the console.

eishiya @ 8/3/2018 18:41 commented on Growing Up

You can make as many edits as you want before the challenge closes, and after the voting is done. During the week-long voting period, it's probably best not to make any changes.

eishiya @ 8/3/2018 13:23 commented on Growing Up

You don't need to worry about a 17th colour, as you apparently have 15 colours in this, not 16 xP

The top of the grass looks rather scribbly and noisy, with lots of isolated pixels. It could use some clean-up.