eishiya @ 5/15/2018 06:54 commented on The moon

It looks like you downsampled a photo of the moon for the background, rather than drawing it yourself D:

eishiya @ 5/10/2018 23:16 commented on Classic Blaze

The very first rule on the submission page is that edits aren't allowed. This is true even if the majority of the work is your own. There are other sites where edits are accepted, but PJ's thing is original work.

eishiya @ 5/10/2018 06:28 commented on Classic Blaze

When you say you used Sonic Mania sprites as a "basis", do you mean as a general style reference, or did you copy parts of them, or did you edit them to create this?

eishiya @ 5/10/2018 06:26 commented on Enchantment

If you want to avoid "oekaki territory", cleaning up jaggies goes further than AA does. Of course, doing both doesn't hurt.

eishiya @ 4/30/2018 10:55 commented on Barbarian

This could really use more contrast! All your work on the shadows and details is barely visible because the colours blend together.

eishiya @ 4/28/2018 07:53 commented on Mythical wings shmup

The grassy/mossy background layer seems to be blurred. Could you please upload a version without blurring?

eishiya @ 4/28/2018 07:52 commented on Opuntia Cactus

I think you've given it a bit too much volume with the shading; it looks like a bunch of round bits, while the sections of an opuncia are flat, especially where they join up with other sections.

eishiya @ 4/27/2018 15:56 commented on god of war4

It looks rather awkward to have the characters and ground pressing up against the canvas edge. If you give them some breathing room, or make the background transparent to hide the edge, that would solve the problem.

It also seems that something went wrong during making or saving the image, you have 500+ colours, most of which are redundant variants of other colours that occur only for a few pixels each.

eishiya @ 4/27/2018 15:50 commented on NES

Looks nice, very readable! However, this isn't isometric. Isometry means the angles are the same, so the perpendicular diagonals should have the same angle but you have a combination of 26-degree and 45 degree angles. Plus, the controller seems to be in an entirely different projection (or lying on a completely different surface from the NES itself).

eishiya @ 4/26/2018 13:11 commented on Truffles Running

It doesn't feel very much like a run (maybe an almost-jog?), because there's at least one foot on the ground in every frame, the character is never completely off the ground as they would be in a run. The legs also currently snap to the ground. I think if you edit the first frame that each foot is on the ground to make it more of a transition frame, you'd kill both birds with one stone.

eishiya @ 4/26/2018 12:30 commented on [RWBY] Team RWBY

The legs on the three characters on the left look rather jagged and could use a bit more polish.

eishiya @ 4/26/2018 08:57 commented on Thanos

Please don't scale your art for the preview image. If your full piece is small enough to use as the preview, just do that and don't have a separate preview :D

eishiya @ 4/24/2018 16:51 commented on Big Bird

Twitter is a good platform for chatter, and it takes very little effort to share work on there. Many artists came to Twitter to talk, and made the easy jump to sharing their pixel art. Even with having to scale up pixel art, it's still less effort to share stuff there than here or even Pixelation, and tools like Aseprite and Pyxel Edit ease that process. The low effort with which work can be shared without losing attribution is also a big benefit.

I think you might also overestimate the interest most people have in analysing pixel art at the pixel level. They don't particularly care to see it at 1x or at alternate zooms to see how well the small features hold up, to clearly see clever colour reuse, etc, so inaccurate and inflexible reproduction doesn't hurt their experience all that much. Another factor to consider is that much of the audience doesn't even realize it can be better, since outside of PA-specific sites, PA viewing features are usually nearly as bad as those of Twitter.

eishiya @ 4/24/2018 15:49 commented on Big Bird

How does one even achieve clean pixels on Twitter? Best option I've found is upscaling things, but that's not clean by any means.

Twitter does have a very supportive and retweet-happy pixel art community though, I should really participate more.

eishiya @ 4/24/2018 15:07 commented on Top down SpaceGuy animations

That's just a caching issue, fortunately! It updates just fine, but doesn't tell your browser to redownload the image. If you clear your cache for PJ or do a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5 in most browsers), the new image will show up.

eishiya @ 4/24/2018 14:43 commented on Top down SpaceGuy animations

Could you please crop off the big empty area on the right? It seems unnecessary and just makes the file bigger.

eishiya @ 4/21/2018 08:03 commented on Sonya

I think this could really benefit from a bit of tweaking to break yp the perfect symmetry. Organic things are rarely so perfectly symmetrical, there are always imperfections. Hair tufts going different ways, slightly different markings. More noticeably, shadows and highlights should have a consistent direction rather than being mirrored.

eishiya @ 4/21/2018 05:58 commented on Cauliflower Walk

When resubmitting work that was rejected, please edit the old work instead of making a new submission, so that the mods know to look for a fix.

You still have numerous very similar colours and colours that are used for a few lone each. Try adding more contrast between the colours you already have, so that each one makes a difference. Don't forget that changing the hue is also a way to add contrast, so you don't need to have dark colours to have contrast.

The legs feel very noisy, try to clean them up so that there are no 1-2px spots, so that every pixel is part of a larger cluster. In small artwork, detail is often a lot less useful and appealing than you might think.

eishiya @ 4/21/2018 05:33 commented on Sdorica-Tica

You don't need to repost your work, your edit went through fine! You just need to hard+refresh (ctrl+F5) or clear your PJ cache to see it.

eishiya @ 4/20/2018 08:08 commented on Sdorica-Tica

Interesting blocky clusters o: Looks pretty cool with how they contrast from the more organic lineart.

Her skin looks very pink, like she has a sunburn D: I think it would benefit from being less pink/red. If it's meant to be pink-tinted by lighting, then the clothing should have a similar tint towards pink, but it doesn't.

Edit: Also, the rules say that works with solid backgrounds that aren't used for anything (such as for showing external AA) should generally be transparent.

eishiya @ 4/19/2018 18:16 commented on Warlock Character

Oversized heads work when the stylization looks intentional. In this case, because the proportions on each part look fairly realistic aside from the mismatch, it doesn't look intentional.

I think the head could use some clean-up to make it less blurry. Just because downsampling gave you this result, doesn't mean you have to keep it as-is. Give it some love.

eishiya @ 4/19/2018 10:41 commented on sprites

In the top row, Death's side seems to become detached from the rest of the sprite for a frame, separated by a dark brown line.

eishiya @ 4/19/2018 10:39 commented on Warlock Character

The face looks great, but it's in a different style from the rest of it (much softer and more realistic), and it looks oversized for the rest of the sprite.

eishiya @ 4/19/2018 10:38 commented on Teen Gohan SSJ

You used four colours for the skin, but the colours are all so similar that it's hard to even tell without zooming in. Don't be afraid of contrast, more contrast can help the colours and shapes pop.

eishiya @ 4/16/2018 18:59 commented on Samus Prime Subscreen

This piece has 4k+ colours. The light around her feet looks fine, it's probably the glow in the background that's driving your colour count way up. Try reacreating it with some hand-chosen colours. It'll probably look less blurry that way, too.