eishiya @ 2/22/2018 07:02 commented on Scientist

You can also hard-refresh or clear your cache to make the new image show up. PJ doesn't mark the changed image as changed for some reason :/

The glasses are much more visible now! However, them being blue looks rather strange to me, since it reads as if the glasses are actually blue, rather than as "cartoon glass is blue". Glasses have transparent glass, and I think you can communicate that easily enough by making just the frames visible, and maybe adding a bit of shadow on the above the eyes from the lens edges. Here's an edit where I tried to do that.

By the way, if you don't add any shadows to the bottoms of the feet, the character will look more like they're planted on the floor. If there are visible shadows, it looks like the character is floating slightly above the floor, or has ball-shaped shoes.

eishiya @ 2/21/2018 06:37 commented on Scientist

The eyes/glasses look very blurry and it's not immediately clear that there are glasses. I think it would be good to stylise/emphasize the glasses more, even if it means making the eyes behind them less visible or adding unrealistic shadows and colours to them.

eishiya @ 2/20/2018 17:00 commented on Lenell Windelmere

Didn't you submit these before?

eishiya @ 2/20/2018 11:39 commented on Big Bird

Determine the key/focal elements (e.g. the prettiest tree, the most interesting castle tower). Block them in on your canvas in locations that both make sense and make for a nice composition (composition is too big a topic to cover here). Block in supporting elements, try to keep them from distracting from your key elements.

You might find it helpful to start with a canvas filled with your desired "main" colour for the piece instead of white or grey, as that can make it easier to choose colours for your focal and supporting elements, especially if you're building your palette from scratch instead of using a pre-made one.

eishiya @ 2/20/2018 05:37 commented on David

I didn't notice you had avatars enabled for this. That's a fair reason to upload them separately :D

eishiya @ 2/19/2018 09:21 commented on David

Since the multiple views of this character are very similar and have the same number of frames, and the sprite is small, I think you should submit them in one image instead of making multiple submissions.

The character feels rather flat because the shading on the body and arms seems to be pillow-shading, shading around the lines instead of corresponding to a light source.

eishiya @ 2/19/2018 09:03 commented on Big Bird

Aww. It wasn't my kind of community.

eishiya @ 2/19/2018 08:11 commented on Turtle

The sand is a neat idea, but it feels rather noisy and overwhelms your careful, lovely pixelling on the turtle. I think using a lower-contrast colour for the sand would look better, still sandy without looking as noisy and without overwhelming the turtle's features. Lower contrast would also make the grains look smaller.

Sand in the shadows should probably also be darker than sand in the lit areas. Having it all the same colour flattens the forms that are otherwise quite 3D thanks to your shading.

Here's a quick edit to show you what I mean.

eishiya @ 2/19/2018 07:55 commented on Big Bird

Is this an official PJ server? I recall you posted a link before but it just seemed like someone's personal server that just happened to have some PJ users on it.

eishiya @ 2/18/2018 07:47 commented on Character Select Varients

The bottom left is very close to an obscene gesture, so it might not be a good idea to include that one xP

I think the top right is the strongest of all of these. It has the most intristing silhouette, the most dynamic pose, and the best anatomy.

eishiya @ 2/17/2018 15:21 commented on Cat2_Avatar

What do you mean? You can set any piece of yours that has a preview image that's 64x64px or smaller as your avatar, it doesn't matter what the detail image's size is.

eishiya @ 2/17/2018 13:35 commented on Mountain scene

The full piece is smalelr than 100x100px, so you don't need a separate preview file. Just upload the full piece as the preview, and leave the detail file blank in cases like this :D

eishiya @ 2/17/2018 09:18 commented on Jigglypuff

Please don't pre-zoom your work for PJ, the site has its own zoom feature that lets people control how big they see your art.

You can get smoother-looking lines if you avoid doubling up the corners. Pixels that only "touch" at their corners still read as a continuous line, you don't need to connect them more than that. Your two outline colours are a bit redundant too, they're so similar that if you were to use just one of them, the piece would look the same unless you zoom in a lot. It's easy to overestimate how useful specific colours and details are when you're working zoomed in, so I recommend keeping a zoomed-out preview window of your work open at all times to glance at, to make sure you're not wasting your time adding unnecessary things.

eishiya @ 2/17/2018 09:13 commented on Lenell and Icarus

You submitted these two separately already, it's generally best not to submit redundant work. if you want them together and separately, submit all three sprites in one.

eishiya @ 2/16/2018 07:16 commented on Cat2_Avatar

Instead of submitting part of an earlier image separately, why not make this be the preview of the earlier submission? That way both images can be in one.

eishiya @ 2/15/2018 19:03 commented on Naval Battle

I see! The full version still has the redundant colours I mentioned, some of your "solid" clusters are made up of multiple nearly-identical variants of the same colour. Even an automatic reduction would work for situations like that.

eishiya @ 2/14/2018 20:04 commented on Cs-Like weapons

You don't need to pre-zoom for PJ, you can and generally should upload a 1x version. The site has zoom buttons for every artwork.

eishiya @ 2/14/2018 12:42 commented on happy valentine's day!

In some spots, your background dither lines up with the outlines, making them look thick and blocky. I think it might look better if you give the characters a small "halo" of a solid colour, to keep the dithering away from the lines.

In addition, it looks like your outlines have some random-looking gaps and jaggies, which I think warrant cleaning up a bit. The blue hair also has a lot of orphan pixels that look like noise rather than like highlights, I think a little clean-up would really help there.

Overall though, this is a really cute and well-drawn piece :D Are they random characters, or OCs of yours, or real people? If they're OCs, I'd love to see more of them :D

Lastly, your signature isn't full-opacity, which is generally a no-no on PJ.

eishiya @ 2/14/2018 12:06 commented on Ugh

That's actually most likely on your side, the image updated, but your browser was showing you a cached version. If you clear your cache or hard-refresh (ctrl+F5), the new image would show up.

The reason it happens in the first place is a PJ problem though - PJ doesn't mark the file as changed, so your browser doesn't know that it needs to redownload it.

eishiya @ 2/14/2018 11:32 commented on Skink

I think you'ce succeeded with making the main shapes appealing, but I find the creature difficult to parse. I think it's because all the shapes are shaded independently of each other. The blue-green back and tan belly are part of a single whole rather than separate objects, so their shadows should be continuous or close to it.

eishiya @ 2/14/2018 11:29 commented on Ugh

Could've sworn I already voted on this one o:! Did you remove it and resubmit? If you want to make edits, please edit the original instead of submitting it anew. It'll get through the public queue faster that way, since resubmitting resets all the "yes" votes you've accumulated.

eishiya @ 2/14/2018 11:27 commented on Naval Battle

This has 83 colours, not 128. However, I feel like even 83 is a bit much, this looks like it should be 40-something colours. It looks like you have a lot of colours that are used for 1-2 pixels each, some for tiny details, some for AA, even though they're essentially invisible there. In addition, you have numerous colours that are almost identical used within your larger clusters, which looks like a the consequence of accidentally using the wrong opacity on your tools or an error during saving.

The high colour count aside, I love your colour choices. It's clearly a bright, sunny day, but the colours are subdued and gentle. The sails feel translucent, the water feels bright and reflective, great job!

eishiya @ 2/12/2018 12:42 commented on Style test - Characters

These look great, and I hope you'll get to use them!

I have one critique: the shirts on the top two sprites in the middle column appear to glow because they change so much between frames. I think it would be best to keep those more stable, perhaps by not having the dark outlines in the frame where there isn't room for them, and instead using that space for colour.
Similarly, the bottom middle one's shirt (or necklace?) moves a lot between frames, I think it would look better moving less.

eishiya @ 2/12/2018 05:24 commented on Traversing the wasteland

You can always tweak it after the voting period if you still feel like it then :D

eishiya @ 2/11/2018 15:22 commented on Pink Bedroom

You've got a thread on Pixelation asking for feedback on these. If you're still working on them, then it's too early to submit them to PJ.