eishiya @ 10/14/2018 18:38 commented on Big Mech

Since you're doing external AA towards a dark colour, wouldn't it be better to use a dark background?

Aside from the arms tangenting with the legs, this looks kickass! Your style suits mechs very well, and you've gotten a lot better at keeping lighting consistent and using it to show volume.

eishiya @ 10/13/2018 21:08 commented on @Pixel_Dailies Yearbook (Colored ver.)

This works, but you really don't need to pre-zoom your work on PJ, since there are zoom buttons under the image. You should just upload the 1x version (ideally with a transparent background unless you have a purpose for the solid background), and let viewers choose the zoom level.

eishiya @ 10/13/2018 07:31 commented on A dead end

The colours seem to change from frame to frame, is that intentional? It looks more like an automatic colour reduction artefact D:

eishiya @ 10/13/2018 07:16 commented on Lava

The perspective on the ground doesn't match the perspective on the lamp, so the lamp appears to be leaning away from the viewer. Horizontal circles in isometric are 1/2 as tall as they are wide, but the ones making up the lamp the lamp are about 1/3 as tall.

Your Octobit submissions might be on the queue for a while since the mods try to prevent any one artist from flooding the gallery. I recommend submitting them daily as you make them, or grouping them into large submissions of a few pieces each every week or so. Since they're all the same size and are fairly small scenes, grouping them might be better, since each submission will give the viewer plenty to look at.

eishiya @ 10/11/2018 08:02 commented on Big Bird

@Theoden: It's definitely not good to just leave the pieces on the queue, but I'm not sure that a message like that is necessarily "better", because I think it's at least as likely to alienate newcomers as to get them thinking, especially if they're new to art in general. Instead, I think coming up with a few canned responses for different common scenarios would be a good solution, since it would both allow you to get these responses out with minimal effort, and still give people the information they need.

eishiya @ 10/11/2018 07:03 commented on Big Bird

@Theoden, I think your comments on pieces with high colour counts would benefit from explanations regarding why those colour counts may be inappropriate, i.e. how they harm or fail to benefit the piece, why a smaller palette might be beneficial, etc. To a newcomer, a comment like that with no explanation just sounds elitist and doesn't teach them anything useful.

In some cases, it's an issue of poor reuse and/or lack of thought about colours, which leads to a palette with no unity. In some, the extra colours come from noise (intentional or not) and are a symprom rather than a cause. In some, it's due to NPA tools being used, either due to misunderstanding the medium, or simply by mistake. These cases should all be handled differently.

eishiya @ 10/9/2018 14:13 commented on Clash in the woods

The problem's that both have approximately the same value range. The usual solutions are to reduce the overlap by making the backgrounds sit mostly in one section of the range while the characters sit in another (e.g. dark characters vs light backgrounds or vice versa) and/or to increase the value range in the characters and decrease the value range in the background. Most games use a mixture of both.

It's possible to do this without significantly changing the apparent value range, by only making these changes to those parts of the background that will be frequently overlapped by players, and keeping the non-overlappable areas busy and bright. For example, bushes and tree trunks could be consistently dark (or light) and low-contrast, while tree-tops and other framing elements can have a wider value range.

For example, the forest areas of Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight has a fair bit of contrast and detail near the floor, but has mostly solid-ish dark areas immediately above the floor, where the characters will spend most of their time (screenshot). The characters all have prominent light-coloured chunks in their design so that they stand out well from the consistently dark backgrounds near the ground. The backgrounds have a lot of solid areas and are overall fairly low-contrast, compared to the characters. But overall the world doesn't feel dull because the combination of the bright spots in the upper background and the high value range on the floor where contrast with the characters isn't an issue gives the screen a wide range of values. Since your characters seem to employ mostly light colours as well, perhaps a similar solution might work for you.

Edit: Here's one possible solution for darkening the near background. I lightened the two red characters a little to increase their contrast against the background, as well.

eishiya @ 10/9/2018 08:21 commented on Foxer

What do you mean by making the colours "clear instead of blending"? It looks fine to me.
If you mean making the image not get blurry when zoomed in - that's just your web browser, and it looks fine on browsers with proper support for nearest neighbour interpolation (i.e. most browsers).

eishiya @ 10/9/2018 08:18 commented on Clash in the woods

The characters are a bit hard to make out against the background D:

eishiya @ 10/8/2018 12:47 commented on Another One

Perhaps a more schematic, colour-coded version might help? The floor you've drawn is more like the orange floor in the diagram, it doesn't match the perspective of the character.

eishiya @ 10/8/2018 12:36 commented on German longsword guards

Looks a lot more natural with that head movement, great job!

eishiya @ 10/8/2018 08:53 commented on "Masaka is waking."

I don't think you need to "fix" it :D You did a thing, you learned from it, that's what's important.

eishiya @ 10/8/2018 06:14 commented on "Masaka is waking."

Dithering is better-suited for larger pieces; on smaller pieces, it's easy to end up with dither areas that are only a few pixels, and those pixels end up reading like unintended detail rather than as dither. This has happened on the nose, chin, and lower eyelids in this piece ):

eishiya @ 10/8/2018 05:47 commented on Another One

20 colours for the mech, another 157 transluscent for the floor (mostly the AA), I'm pretty sure that's NPA xP

The mech looks great, and cmmrc gets exactly why :D

I feel the floor and drop shadow weaken the presentation though, because they imply a perspective different from the perspective on the mech. Look at the apparent perspectives. The horizon line for the mech is somewhere near the head (and the focal length is very long), while the horizon line for the floor is way higher (and the focal length is shorter). Similarly, the shadow seems to have a much higher horizon line than the mech.
It looks cool that the floor is rotated relative to the mech, but if it's horizontal as the mech's feet positioning would imply, then it should obey the same horizon line as the mech, its lines would just converge on a different point on that same horizon. Same for the shadow, which is essentially a flat projection on that floor.

eishiya @ 10/8/2018 05:30 commented on German longsword guards

The animations look good! Very smooth and snappy. The sword smears in particular are very nice despite their simplicity, I should study them o:

A couple of minor critiques:
- Seconding aiat_gamer that some head motion would be good, even if just when transitioning between guards. Fighters keep their eyes on their opponent, but that doesn't mean they keep their whole head stationary.
- Some short breaks between the different breaks would help each one read better, and give the viewer time to take in what they're seeing and read the labels. A continuous stream like this would be great in a full fight scene, but as something with labels demonstrating different moves, I think it's better to have breaks.

eishiya @ 10/5/2018 14:10 commented on Me

PJ is for artists of all skill levels! Work like this is perfectly fine in the gallery, the quality rules are more about low-effort work and stuff that isn't even pixel art.

If you're worried about the quality of your work, why not post your stuff in the WIP forum for feedback before you call each thing done?

eishiya @ 10/5/2018 05:20 commented on Speakeasy Bar

Please don't pre-zoom your work, PJ has zoom buttons for every submission.

The checkerboard floor tiles seem to have a different perspective from the bar stools.

eishiya @ 10/5/2018 05:18 commented on Woman in autumn

The edges of the hair (where it meets the background) seem under-AAed compared to the rest. Don't be afraid to use more than one pixel of a colour for AA, long AA segments are very useful for angles that are just slightly off vertical/horizontal.

Other than that though, this looks good! Great use of desaturated colours on the face, and I particularly like how you managed to capture the translucency of the eye-whites.

eishiya @ 10/5/2018 04:40 commented on Me

The PJ rules encourage transparent backgrounds whenever appropriate :]

eishiya @ 10/2/2018 21:00 commented on Me

The saturated background clashes with the rest of the piece. Something with low saturation, or perhaps a transparent background, would work better I think.

eishiya @ 10/2/2018 20:58 commented on @Pixel_Dailies Yearbook (Colored ver.)

Instead of submitting it separately, you should make the avatar be the preview image for the full version. That way, you avoid redundant artwork in the gallery, and still get your avatar.

eishiya @ 9/30/2018 06:10 commented on Best Friends

When your work i stuck on the queue for a while, resubmitting will often only make it stay even longer, since you'll lose the votes you had on it D8

eishiya @ 9/29/2018 05:39 commented on Super Super Rampage Monster

If you have all your animations as separate gifs: make sure they're all approximately the same size (Aseprite and probably other decent gif editors allow resizing all the frames at once), and then you can combine them using this tool in your browser. They also have a tool for putting gifs side-by-side, but I'm not sure how well it works with co-prime frame counts like you have here.
The site I linked also has tools for making gifs out of spritesheets, but the sprites all have to be arranged exactly on a grid (if you want to try it, it's under the Split menu). If you can arrange your sheet that way (the death sprites are currently off-grid), it's not hard to make a sequential gif of them all. If your gif ends up with empty frames, you can remove them with tools on that site too.

Still a hassle, but maybe not too much? ;D

eishiya @ 9/28/2018 08:30 commented on Super Super Rampage Monster

Any chance we could get the animations instead of the spritesheet? As I understand, people on PJ seem to prefer spritesheets to be an additional/linked image rather than as the main submission.

eishiya @ 9/28/2018 08:28 commented on Small Sandstone Castle

Please don't pre-zoom your work, it's unnecessary and is against the rules.

The castle's towers butting up against the edge of the canvas makes them harder to read, and makes the composition feel cramped. I recommend expanding the canvas by a few pixels on all sides so that you can have some grass around the castle, giving it room to breathe.