Theoden @ 2/20/2018 05:01 commented on Sunken

I love the simplicity of this.

Theoden @ 2/19/2018 13:20 commented on robot 2

Very dramatic scene!

Theoden @ 2/19/2018 06:27 commented on Thread

Really nice work!

Theoden @ 2/19/2018 06:17 commented on Big Bird

Cool! Joined.

Theoden @ 2/19/2018 06:10 commented on Cave Mockup

Neat clusters and colors.

Theoden @ 2/18/2018 23:47 commented on Big Bird

I found about discord after I was invited to a Hexen/Heretic modders and mappers group on discord. Liking it so far, seems like a nice and easy way to keep in touch with a community. It also has notifications if someone mentions your name in the chat.

Theoden @ 2/18/2018 10:46 commented on Big Bird

Does PJ have a discord server guys?

Theoden @ 2/17/2018 01:25 commented on Mysterious Labyrinth

Slick pixels!

Theoden @ 2/17/2018 01:25 commented on Deadly Vision

Wow impressive pixels and composition.

Theoden @ 2/17/2018 01:21 commented on heart breaker

Super smooth pixels and animation.

Theoden @ 2/17/2018 01:17 commented on Wizthings

Very cool scene.
Especially the fish and the utensils must be very magical ;)

Theoden @ 2/17/2018 01:09 commented on Petrified Peridot

Very nice!

Theoden @ 2/17/2018 01:03 commented on Dai Jin's Returning Late from a Spring Outing

The style is very unqiue. Excellent work.

Theoden @ 2/16/2018 00:02 commented on Rodney

Wow, supreb animation.

Theoden @ 2/16/2018 00:01 commented on Fighting game style 2

Very good stuff.

Theoden @ 2/15/2018 13:32 commented on Naval Battle

I remember watching the making of this. Very impressive scene!
The colors are great.

Theoden @ 2/15/2018 00:36 commented on Hotel Langopetrica

Very nice scene.

Theoden @ 2/14/2018 03:46 commented on Big Bird

LOL missed the sarcasm :)

Theoden @ 2/14/2018 03:43 commented on SP4RKL3

Very good.

Theoden @ 2/13/2018 23:39 commented on Big Bird

I think the original pixel art grapihcs of GODS look far better than the HD remaster.

Theoden @ 2/13/2018 04:47 commented on A Steven Warrior

Awesome interview! Best thing I came across today :)

Theoden @ 2/12/2018 23:28 commented on Third remake


Theoden @ 2/12/2018 23:22 commented on Devil Lady Dakiniten - Adventure Kid

Looks really nice. I agree that her face is very similar to the ones seen in 80s-90s anime.

Theoden @ 2/12/2018 23:20 commented on Style test - Characters

Cute chars and awesome colors!

Theoden @ 2/12/2018 23:13 commented on Dracula Man Alpha X2 Turbo Atari 7800 Edition

Cool little scene. The moon and the sky adds a lot of mood.