Theoden @ 5/24/2018 05:32 commented on Big Bird


Unreal Gold Edition is now free on for a limited time.

Hurry and grab a copy!

Theoden @ 5/24/2018 05:01 commented on Tree Root

Very soft and clean rendering!

Theoden @ 5/24/2018 04:49 commented on Leyla

Excellent as always.

Theoden @ 5/23/2018 02:40 commented on Gondor roster

Nice, I am a big fan of LOTR.

Theoden @ 5/22/2018 02:50 commented on Changes.

I checked the color count it is around 90.

That's excessive you should try to remove similar colors and try to go as low as possible.

Welcome to PJ!

Theoden @ 5/21/2018 13:46 commented on Albino Raptor

We need the expertise of Mandrill here :)
Nice rendering!

Theoden @ 5/21/2018 02:17 commented on Changes.

Interesting style.

Theoden @ 5/21/2018 02:16 commented on Tank-tank

Shows your distinct style, awesome.

Theoden @ 5/21/2018 02:15 commented on Jeremy's Crocodile

Neat rendering!

Theoden @ 5/17/2018 01:44 commented on Collab Tiles

Very cool! I love how you rendered the big wave.

By the way my tile is just to the bottom left of your ship tile :)

Theoden @ 5/14/2018 23:33 commented on Big Bird

Happy birthday PBDC!

Theoden @ 5/14/2018 03:59 commented on robot obibok

Man, this is so cool.

Theoden @ 5/14/2018 01:54 commented on insectoid

Excellent rendering.

Theoden @ 5/14/2018 00:23 commented on Rooftop

This is quite nice.

Theoden @ 5/11/2018 15:38 commented on Big Bird

Happy birthday Sedge!

Theoden @ 5/11/2018 14:05 commented on Hinata Hyuga

Solid pixelling.

Theoden @ 5/9/2018 01:49 commented on The AAP-Splendor128 Color Palette

Awesome work, I am sure people will put this to good use.

Theoden @ 5/9/2018 01:45 commented on Old Barn

This shows in the "I am a machine" challenge.

Theoden @ 5/8/2018 00:47 commented on Robots, Droids, Mechs..

Excellent renders.

Theoden @ 5/7/2018 13:35 commented on Mountain View

Never saw this before. The water looks magical :)

Theoden @ 5/7/2018 13:34 commented on Miss Abomination

Yeah I agree with ParkerBabyDiaperCompany, it reminds me the stick figure ninja animations as well.
Very cool work!

Theoden @ 5/7/2018 13:29 commented on PrayStation

Very interesting style!

Theoden @ 5/7/2018 13:26 commented on Big Bird

1. Everyday with few exceptions like when I am away from computer or on a trip for the weekend.

2. Browsing through the newest and weekly galleries and add my faves to my pixel art folder. I just like collecting pixel art.
And I really like the community.  In my early years of joining the PJ (about 8 years ago) I rarely engaged with people here but as years passed I realised that it is the community that makes me love PJ this much.

3. I learned how versatile pixel art can be. I have seen mind blowing works on this site and pixel art never ceases to amaze me. I have also learned a great deal about art in general through the discussions and just studying the masterpieces here.

Theoden @ 5/7/2018 00:36 commented on Shantae

Very cool rendition.

Theoden @ 5/7/2018 00:35 commented on Tilemaps

Excellent patterns, colors and style.

Very impressive.