Ichitoko @ 9/7/2012 02:54 commented on broom people

 I would enjoy ruffling his pompadour IMMENSELY. Wonderful colors and effective shading. C:

Ichitoko @ 8/9/2012 03:01 commented on Dog and City redux

 I really like the colors in this more. * ^* And the city looks so much bigger and... loud? active? alive? than the first version.

Ichitoko @ 7/31/2012 15:29 commented on Game Mockup

 Lovely colors! * ^* That mushroom has Attitude. With a capital "A".

Ichitoko @ 7/27/2012 16:16 commented on Day 3: A Lily for My Love

 Connor: Yes, I agree. One of things I was struggling with was how light would affect the slime. I marked it down as one of the many issues I was having with slime girl. But I don't think I'll get around to fixing this any time soon. 

@MikauKahn: Ah, those aren't teeth, I was trying to make it look like there was slime dripping over the opening in her mouth, but exasperation defeated me. /sigh And my decision to not include hair, ears, etc, was because I only intended to include a human shape but not overly human features. P:

Ichitoko @ 7/26/2012 18:21 commented on Day 3: A Lily for My Love

 It's a 30 day challenge! Here's the whole list if you're curious: here

Ichitoko @ 7/26/2012 18:19 commented on Midnight Snow

 Ah, agreed. I'll mess with it some more once I finish Day 4. C:

Ichitoko @ 7/25/2012 02:05 commented on Harpy

 Oh no. Now I can't unsee it. Thank you for pointing out the oddness of the legs. However, what it seems like to me is that the RIGHT leg is thinner towards the middle than it should be compared to the left leg (and this is probably because of my rushing to finish within a day). And that the orange part of the right leg is fatter + thinner than the left. 

oh no, now I can't unsee any of this. I have to fix this when I get time.

Ichitoko @ 8/27/2011 23:58 commented on Stop It, Steve!

 Made changes. Hopefully for the better. C:

Ichitoko @ 8/24/2011 13:15 commented on Stop It, Steve!

 Could you point out what places in particular have weird outlining? I'm afraid I'm not looking at this with fresh eyes yet even with a night of sleep.

Ichitoko @ 8/22/2011 15:17 commented on Confectioner

 Thank you!

And yes, the darker PG in the fourth panel was on purpose. I think I had plans to add more decorations to make it more obvious, but for some reason chose not to. I don't remember why.

Ichitoko @ 2/23/2011 22:56 commented on A Gray Winter Day

 They look amazing at 2x. (:

Ichitoko @ 2/12/2011 00:35 commented on 都へ(go to the capital)

 Love the design. (:

Ichitoko @ 2/12/2011 00:35 commented on Damned grave

 Ohh creepy. And my favorite shades of greeeen. *Q*

Ichitoko @ 2/10/2011 18:08 commented on Lonesome kobold

 Simple = love. If you squint really hard, the fire looks like a flaming head. 

Ichitoko @ 1/3/2011 19:33 commented on Beat Bubble Blast Mock-Up 1

 I like the little people! :'D

Not a big fan of the trampoline and guns (just the closeup), though. It's not as vibrant as the rest of this piece.

Ichitoko @ 1/1/2011 17:37 commented on Steampunk Mockup

 I love the sky. <3

Ichitoko @ 12/27/2010 01:41 commented on Christmas Tree

 I like the cartoony style! C: I think the forest could have benefited from AA like your moon did to show more subtle details.

Ichitoko @ 12/23/2010 16:13 commented on Perdita

 Thanks, everyone! C:

@KryptToniTe: Nein! Red is new black! I thought the saturated red went with the other saturated colors and I wanted everything to be colorful, so no black. No hard feelings?


@Batmanifestdestiny: Funny thing. I AM left handed! :'D

Ichitoko @ 12/21/2010 00:01 commented on Squid

 Cute! (:

Ichitoko @ 12/17/2010 21:32 commented on RMS Aidoneus

Ah, I love simplicity. <33

Ichitoko @ 12/17/2010 19:51 commented on O(∩_∩)O

 Awesome job. I loove this! (:

Ichitoko @ 12/14/2010 22:54 commented on icefire

 I really, really like this! O: At first I thought it was a dog head but I can sort of make out a fireball now.

Ichitoko @ 12/14/2010 20:33 commented on You Are Not a Ninja

 Thanks, haha!

I don't like preview, either. :C But I'm too lazy to change it. 

And I had to google Rhythm Tengoku. >>;; But I see the resemblence. C:

Ichitoko @ 9/27/2010 19:43 commented on Family Trees

 Swanky. O:

Ichitoko @ 9/18/2010 17:33 commented on Zombie Samurai

 I like the samurai. C:

But the clouds at the top could be cleaned up a little more. And I agree with cure about the moon.