zAk @ 9/23/2009 10:21 commented on Bimbo

the dithering on the censored square is especially amazing!

zAk @ 9/17/2009 15:03 commented on Super Kanye World 3

no problem!

zAk @ 9/16/2009 10:33 commented on Thus Have I Heard (MSX palette attempt)

I have seen this at good stuff =)

zAk @ 4/3/2009 18:39 commented on Blizzard BZ A920

It would be nice to sort of split the 'social networking' aspect and the 'website about pixel art' with one containing people's art, awards, forums and such and the other featuring actual articles, tutorials and news.

edit: is this an april fools joke? not very funny if so

zAk @ 3/23/2009 16:03 commented on Assorted GB-style iPhone iCons

can you really do this sort of thing on the iPhone???

zAk @ 3/12/2009 01:39 commented on Rorschach Two Faced - Weekly Challenge

There we go - this will accumulate into an avalanche of Rorschachs =D who will make the best animation on his face?

Great one, so where are the beans he should be eating here? =D

zAk @ 2/27/2009 17:28 commented on Buildings for City Tiiiicooooon

yeah I urge you to check out Sim City tiles and stuff. You know paste these buildings and see how they work in Sim City 2000

zAk @ 2/27/2009 09:55 commented on Buildings for City Tiiiicooooon

Some of these i recognize from Sim City games. I have a soft spot for buildings.

Did you use SKURK perhaps for this? The size of their bases seems to match the sizes of buildings in Sim City 2000...

zAk @ 2/20/2009 20:26 commented on HI I'D LIKE A KISS GIVE ME A KISS
What I like about it is that its only 5 frames

zAk @ 1/4/2009 21:35 commented on red eyes
there could be some dithering between the darkest red colour and black. I love the inter-lacing though!

zAk @ 12/24/2008 15:36 commented on Buttons animation
you should make this into a mosaic - imagine a website backround moving like that!

zAk @ 12/13/2008 18:55 commented on Black Guy icon
yeah those exploded in popularity suddenly online, i saw this in ffffound and delicious.

zAk @ 12/13/2008 18:54 commented on The Pixel Wave
definately has my vote - though there is land in it!

zAk @ 11/15/2008 18:21 commented on dxm bast pensee
influence of what? i like it it has a wonderful quality to it

zAk @ 8/24/2008 14:08 commented on Chao+ic
wtf? dont apologize for your art. i love it fav'd

zAk @ 7/19/2008 03:17 commented on Oculus Redux
i love the patterns hidden within the dithering!

zAk @ 7/19/2008 02:30 commented on Starry Night
but it wasn't a photo...

zAk @ 7/8/2008 07:47 commented on 9-bit Chrome Font
Ah! what a surprise - i didnt end up submitting in time but i also made a chromed pixel font =) its a neat idea 5/5

zAk @ 7/1/2008 08:07 commented on One More Time
Awesome - i remember i once pshopped a photo of San Francisco together with a photo of an orange Jellyfish from an aquarium. 5/5 fav'd

zAk @ 6/29/2008 23:58 commented on Fission Mailed
Right - it looks so much better on 2xzoom - the dithering looks bad on normal settings, and i worked on it in this size.

zAk @ 6/29/2008 01:54 commented on Daft punk iso helmet
Oh i love daft punk - the only suggestion i have is that you make a stronger contrast on the glass- it could be more shiny. Its awesome that you did it in 3 different scales 5/5

zAk @ 6/28/2008 09:18 commented on Loose Cannon
" Dr. Freud would have a field day with this piece." ha! 5/5

zAk @ 6/27/2008 16:05 commented on Fission Mailed
Vertigo-Zero:hahaha should work now - it seems to me that image ready never saves gif files properly

zAk @ 6/27/2008 10:47 commented on Controller 1 album cover
The pallete and surrealism reminds me of a polish poster artist walkuski ( Im just not sure about that chin... favd

zAk @ 6/26/2008 08:02 commented on SunkenMaiden
Really great and original - but as Mirre: i would add some sort of AA or just adjust down the brightness of the creature. 5/5