ChrisButton @ 9/6/2012 16:38 commented on New iPhone launch

Like lambs to the slaughter.

ChrisButton @ 8/2/2012 17:51 commented on Rawr

Aww.. this reminds me of Wurmple! Looks good man.

ChrisButton @ 5/1/2012 19:40 commented on Morpheus

The game is awesome. Consider it a testimonial, but it reminds me of Portal in the sense that it's a world that has it's own set of rules that you must learn to abide by. Pretty fun to play. Intellectually stimulating somewhat.

ChrisButton @ 2/20/2012 21:09 commented on Elephant walk cycle

Definitely impressive for your first attempt at animation.

Pretty good. Back legs are basically sliding along the ground. Correlation of back legs to front is good. Spinal
movement basically non existant.. same with the 'see-saw' motion 4 legged walks get.

ChrisButton @ 2/16/2012 23:36 commented on Borrower Arriety

It's a really nice piece! It looks just like her. Colours could be a *tiny* bit better. Banding is evident on the
whole left side of her hair.

ChrisButton @ 2/15/2012 22:02 commented on Cartoonish Ellian

Very nice!

ChrisButton @ 2/13/2012 02:47 commented on the edge

I love the way the colours interact with each other.

ChrisButton @ 1/23/2012 05:41 commented on Christmassy Night Scene

That's beautiful!

ChrisButton @ 1/23/2012 05:39 commented on deer unicorn thing

The two sets of legs do work separately in a way.
They're supposed to transition the weight from the front of the back to the back and vice versa while
manipulating itself in a 3 dimensional environment.

The reason the walk looks weird is the body moves up and down as a whole. That may be the case
for bipedal creatures.. but not for this. When one set of legs reaches it's passing point (the highest
point the body will reach in animals), the other set should be at it's recoil point (taking the weight).

By doing this, you get a sense of see sawing with the animal. If done right you also include the
shoulder blade coming up and down for a really realistic effect!

Nice job though!

ChrisButton @ 1/12/2012 18:38 commented on Yoshimitsu~

All I can say is: Yes!

ChrisButton @ 1/3/2012 03:26 commented on Neo Rustbug

Great animation. It strongly reminds me of Dragoons.

ChrisButton @ 12/13/2011 15:21 commented on Sanguo Mockup

That's pretty damn awesome.

ChrisButton @ 11/23/2011 19:10 commented on Fighting Games Crossover

Oh sweet! I love Scrabs! :-D

ChrisButton @ 11/23/2011 19:09 commented on Gears of War

Absolutely awesome, absolutely.

ChrisButton @ 11/16/2011 23:32 commented on RGCD logo

Freakishly good.

ChrisButton @ 11/10/2011 03:22 commented on Journey To Hammerdale

That's so cute! 
I could imagine walking into one of the house and then I have to turn around again.

ChrisButton @ 10/31/2011 18:19 commented on Ico

That's pretty cool. :)

ChrisButton @ 10/26/2011 18:25 commented on 4bit monotone

Thanks! :-)

ChrisButton @ 10/19/2011 05:03 commented on Lapidero

Reminds me of the heads in Spirited Away! 

The easing is pretty good on the opening but there should be a
least another frame before going back down, it's giving a snap feel.
Not the bite kind of snap, the kind where it's like an animation opening
it's mouth and that's the end of the animation so it opens it's mouth again
after reaching the top.

Anyways, top notch job.

ChrisButton @ 10/17/2011 01:55 commented on butts

The art is great.
Animation is very 'keyframy'.

ChrisButton @ 10/13/2011 06:14 commented on luke


ChrisButton @ 10/13/2011 06:14 commented on snow troll

Odin Sphere is the BOMB, dude!
Such a beautiful game.

ChrisButton @ 10/10/2011 20:27 commented on Chickaaan!

That's pretty cool dude!

ChrisButton @ 10/8/2011 18:46 commented on Pixel Pomegranate

Ahh that's a great outcome dude, good work!

ChrisButton @ 10/6/2011 03:35 commented on Time Card

Yeah, I've played the game too.. but it doesn't work in standard notation is what I meant.
Look at the cleff to the left, it's not a treble cleff. The notes are A, D, F, A, D, F.. apparently. :-)
Can't confirm that right now because I'm not at home.. but your timing is fine.