Psychotron-3000 @ 5/6/2012 08:11 commented on junkbot.

The texture and design is pretty nice, but one thing I would recommend is a little more shading on the arm connection to the body.
Also to give the red more depth, for the darkest shade try using a slightly more purple tone; cool colours recede, warm colours come to the front. It will add to the composition and help define the form of the figure more.

Psychotron-3000 @ 1/24/2012 23:51 commented on skull

Very nice, but I think using a dark shade of brown/purple/indigo would work a lot better than black. Black tends to contrast unpleasantly and you will never find pure black on such an objectin the natural world. You've nailed the anatomy of it though, and all the other colours and textures are really lovely.

Psychotron-3000 @ 11/21/2011 23:18 commented on Ghostfire

This is stunning! The use of colour is wonderful, and you really captured the dynamism and immaterial feel of the fire. I really like this.

Psychotron-3000 @ 11/21/2011 23:14 commented on Roots

I would like this better without the random grey pixels at the top. It detracts from the relatively detailed yet minimalist look and draws the eye away from the church and tree. Other than that, pretty top piece! The pixels communicate the detail really well, and the style is quite lovely.

Psychotron-3000 @ 10/4/2011 06:33 commented on Hunting Demon

Hm, thats actually quite nice! The colours suit it a lot better than the original... Looking back on it its fairly washed out looking.
First time back on Pixeljoint in a fair while hehe... Need to get around to doing some more pixel art.
Watch this space ;)

Psychotron-3000 @ 2/24/2011 23:49 commented on Polluted Sky

This is really lovely, Leroy, the aesthetic is really ascetic and stylish, and using wamer greens against the sterile blues works really well. I really love that reflection.


Psychotron-3000 @ 2/16/2011 22:45 commented on Nursing the egg

Very different to your usual work. Morosely stunning though.

Great to see more from you, sir :D

Psychotron-3000 @ 2/16/2011 22:44 commented on hearty

Really love the clouds and background, its stunning. I must agree with Dusty though, the people are my least favourite part of the piece. I can see that its people, but I'm not loving the amporphous aesthetic sorry...

Psychotron-3000 @ 1/31/2011 06:33 commented on Top 3 Christopher Lee Villains - Weekly Challenge

Sweet jesus you're a machine! So good as always, but what the hell man?! 5 excellent pieces in one week? I'm fortunate to make a decent piece once a month! Keep up the good work though, always a pleasure to look at your pieces..

Psychotron-3000 @ 1/31/2011 06:31 commented on Top 5 Star Wars Characters in 4 Colours

Hehe you do like that palette, dont you Groogokk. Very well done, although Solo's head seems a tad off...

too top heavy perhaps?

Psychotron-3000 @ 1/31/2011 06:29 commented on My 3 favourite game characters.

That Isaac is gorgeous! Colours and detail is luurvely.

Psychotron-3000 @ 1/30/2011 22:42 commented on The_Hovel

This is absolutely amazing. So much detail, so much going on without over crowding it. Its a real treat looking around and discovering new things everywhere. The colouring is rich and the animation is done well. There are a few unpolished animations of characters, but that can be expected witht he amount of movement and detail.

Just small nitpicks that dont detract from the piece significantly, but just an observation. Well done though!

Psychotron-3000 @ 1/29/2011 01:18 commented on Buzz

Oh wow. The colour choice is crazy! Looks so nice! Great job as always, can't wait to see it finished....

Psychotron-3000 @ 1/29/2011 01:14 commented on Noir Scene

The animation looks fine to me.

Interesting style you have there, not sure if I like it or not.. The really skinny limbs arent doing it for me, and you could maybe have a bit of movement in the people? Just a thought. Still nice though, the rain and lightning is cool. Minimalist style is nice..

Psychotron-3000 @ 1/29/2011 01:11 commented on Flesh Sack

Yes! Fetus is awesome! :D

Psychotron-3000 @ 1/25/2011 18:05 commented on Saxophonin'

Odd... its pretty interesting though, i really like the hand/foot idea.. creepy :P

Psychotron-3000 @ 1/23/2011 01:36 commented on That Clumsy Carpenter!

Wow. I'm not religious, in fact I disagree with religion. But this is great, the tone and texture, and the gore is brilliant. Let alone the anatomically correct feet and great colours. You got my vote.

Psychotron-3000 @ 1/14/2011 22:27 commented on Tony Curtis Portrait

I have to agree with Manupix on this one, I get drawn into the corner and its bothering. Too loud..

Psychotron-3000 @ 12/21/2010 05:06 commented on Terror!

Thanks Manupix. Yeah, the eyes! Gah! I don't know how to do emotive eyes all pixelly like, perhaps you could do an edit or give me a few tips?

I totally agree with the light source, I got a tad carried away, will probably fix that but my arm is too sore right now to do it tonight XD

Psychotron-3000 @ 12/21/2010 04:51 commented on Purple Moon

I really like the stars in the background.

Psychotron-3000 @ 12/20/2010 00:44 commented on The Crab-Tank (Color Shifting)


Well, feel free to use any bits and colours and stuff.

Glad I could help

Psychotron-3000 @ 12/19/2010 22:05 commented on iScream

You really should have submitted it. Its so nice, and not too similar to the other angry icecream. It would've gotten my vote too .

Psychotron-3000 @ 12/19/2010 21:42 commented on What the air brings...

I do so enjoy this, Victor. Love the smoothness and all the little details. My kinda stuff.

Psychotron-3000 @ 12/19/2010 21:40 commented on Air No More?

You levelled up. Every couple of levels you're maximum rating increases. Is cool, eh?

Psychotron-3000 @ 12/19/2010 21:36 commented on The Crab-Tank (Color Shifting)

Here you go. Ignore the green one, is amazingly ugly. Just a couple of ideas.