H|F @ 10/12/2014 09:41 commented on Just a bunny gal


H|F @ 10/12/2014 09:39 commented on Happy Halloween

Thanks! I tried to keep it casual and happy looking, glad you like it! Yeah I'm not as active here sadly but I have learned so much being a member here, it's an amazing place!

H|F @ 1/22/2014 20:04 commented on WAH-WAH Worm (Adventure Time)

That part was so strange haaaha! You hit it on the nose though this could be improved it's cute

H|F @ 1/20/2014 20:14 commented on Floaty, float

Thank you!

H|F @ 1/17/2014 20:25 commented on A gift for Ruby

Yes actually! Very helpful thanks a bunch! 

H|F @ 1/17/2014 18:41 commented on Female Base

Yeah I should blend those lines more and I do have some issues with the shading I'm not going to lie. I think I rushed it a bit. Thanks!

Oh and the darkness of her scalp and that "hair part" line were a guide..... It's a long story but this was being made for a project I pulled out of so I kinda just wanted it done and out of my hair.

H|F @ 1/17/2014 18:38 commented on Female Base

Yeah you're right but I'm a rebel lol

H|F @ 1/17/2014 18:34 commented on Floaty, float

Thanks a bunch!

H|F @ 1/17/2014 18:32 commented on Floaty, float

Thank you so much dear!

H|F @ 1/17/2014 18:26 commented on Definitely not Bruce Lee

Haaaha it's all good, yeah I'm not too sure :P

H|F @ 1/17/2014 01:11 commented on Definitely not Bruce Lee

Why does his shirt move like that? To me it makes me feel like he should either have breasts or his shirt untucked/jumping aggressively to make that kind of cloth movement on a tank top. Idk maybe I'm wrong.

H|F @ 1/16/2014 17:04 commented on Avatars

I never knew what this was until now 

H|F @ 1/16/2014 00:30 commented on Daenerys Targaryen

I agree with Cure. It's not bad but if you made a few alterations this could be great

H|F @ 1/11/2014 09:23 commented on LotsOfWeaponsAndColorVariants

Lovely designs 

H|F @ 12/29/2013 07:42 commented on fir tree

Very interesting use of colors and the way you shaded the piece. Nicely done!

H|F @ 12/27/2013 09:48 commented on Drunken Boxing Ninja

This doesn't read drunken boxing to me at all :/

It reads more of a generally wobbly fighter who may be about to get knocked out.

Sorry I'm a big fan of the Drunken Master movies and I just had to express how much this actually doesn't look like it!

H|F @ 12/27/2013 09:19 commented on Chase across the tundra

I disagree, 

The humans probably wouldn't even be able to see the magical being and moon watching over them.

The piece looks like it's a folk tale and invites curiosity and has a great whimsical flare that can be hard to balance, which you did well I believe!

Nicely done!

H|F @ 12/15/2013 20:02 commented on Underground crew

 Wow, amazing work!

Loving the fertility goddess/statue



H|F @ 12/12/2013 13:56 commented on Soldier

 Same! I think its the way the neck is shaded it makes it look like its connecting

H|F @ 12/11/2013 01:41 commented on Firetruck

 This is very cool

H|F @ 12/10/2013 21:18 commented on Fruit Avatars

I would say banana

H|F @ 12/9/2013 20:10 commented on Fruit Avatars

 Heeehe I saw the strawberry and knew it was you before I saw your name.

Very cute!


H|F @ 12/9/2013 20:09 commented on Open Pixel Platformer Male Hero

 I've already said how much I like him and the old man! I can't wait to fav him too ;)

H|F @ 12/9/2013 03:46 commented on She's one of a kind

 Thank you so much for your time Charlie! There may be a revised version soon and I will take all of what you said into consideration!


Again thank you very much for your suggestions and critique, very helpful!



H|F @ 12/9/2013 03:43 commented on She's one of a kind

I tend to do this hairstyle a lot -you must not have seen my other work- and I barely know who he is and did it before I knew who he was. Sorry if you believe it's "retarded"

And no, she isn't covering herself, she has her arms crossed/resting.

She is clearly able to grab a leaf if she wanted but she isn't "naked" but natural and not a human. She is wearing the leaf mimicking humans actually from my back story otherwise no leaf either lol