carokann @ 12/20/2010 18:39 commented on Angel

Peace, love and unity is what a lot of religions teach, including mine :)

Anyways, happy holidays and nice challenge.

carokann @ 12/9/2010 21:54 commented on SeaScape

This is enchanting!

carokann @ 12/9/2010 21:45 commented on Raventar

This is great.

I like pencil dranw ravens, oil, water color, pixel and even charcoal, but I don't like the real ones. They are so mean! I have seen them attacking other lonely birds, pretty good size, but still too weak for 3 or four of these beasts!



carokann @ 12/9/2010 07:58 commented on Blue Moon


carokann @ 12/7/2010 17:42 commented on Bunbury Horizon

Very nice!

The sky is beautiful!

carokann @ 12/7/2010 17:42 commented on Floating Land

This is really amazing!

Great art!

carokann @ 12/7/2010 17:40 commented on HAXXXXXX

I like this, it's very creative :)

carokann @ 12/6/2010 19:44 commented on Hole


This is pretty, those bushy lines on the left, they could become scrub, or even another tree  trunk.

Your colors are very nice.

carokann @ 12/5/2010 22:57 commented on R. Avatar

Very nice

It kind of reminds me of Robocop. It really looks like metal, well done.

carokann @ 12/5/2010 09:10 commented on Night Vision

This is great. Well done!

carokann @ 12/3/2010 22:27 commented on Robert is a Ribbon


This is very good!

So creative.

carokann @ 12/3/2010 22:20 commented on Ace of Spades

I really like this.

His jacket is very nice.

carokann @ 12/3/2010 20:38 commented on eye see you

This is nice. It has a really mysterious look, haha.

carokann @ 12/3/2010 16:25 commented on Roger Boskovich

Thanks for the comment!

I tried to fix the eyes. I don't really know how to add the shades without ruining the portrait, but I will try.

carokann @ 12/2/2010 22:07 commented on Giant Octopie

This is nice! Good job.

carokann @ 12/2/2010 20:23 commented on Painting #2


This is very nice. The pine trees are very well done. The sky is very nice and powerful.

I completely agree iMoose. The sky color would have been reflected exactly as it is on the lake. Lakes are usually pretty calm, which makes for a clear reflection of anything around them, depending on where you are standing at. Changing the color of the lake would be easier than that of the sky I think.

Those mountains are mighty.

carokann @ 12/1/2010 20:08 commented on Best outpost ever

This is very nice, I really like how the way did the background.

I would move the left foot just a bit to the its left, making look barely straight.

The shack looks really good.

carokann @ 12/1/2010 19:55 commented on Man-like

I think it's good, except for the shade of red, which I think is too bright.

carokann @ 12/1/2010 08:45 commented on Frankenstein

I really like this. The colors are just right. Well done :)

carokann @ 11/30/2010 20:57 commented on Mountain Scene

This is very nice. I like the colors.

carokann @ 11/29/2010 15:51 commented on Captain

Very nice. I really like the hat. He reminds me of an Amish Man.

carokann @ 11/29/2010 13:16 commented on Tank

This looks like it could be a sprite for a game like Annihilation or Starcraft. Very modern look. Perhaps the black and yellow would look nice on the side as well. I think the antena should go in the back, and maybe have two like some of today's tanks.

carokann @ 11/29/2010 13:09 commented on Shogun Tokugawa Ieyoshi

This is really nice. The paperwall is beautiful as well as his clothing. I also like the katana. The colors are really something.

carokann @ 11/28/2010 21:44 commented on Tank

So is this a tank from WWI? It kind of looks like it. I like how the squeezes itself through, from the turret to the gun. Good timing too.

carokann @ 11/28/2010 21:41 commented on Shadows and trees

This is very good. The sunshine breaking in really makes it even more interesting to look at, and of course the ducks are a very nice touch. I remember watching Bob Ross on T.V when I was younger.