nes @ 4/13/2011 17:44 commented on Simon Mockup 2x

 @epoxy, the finished game would have a lot extra in the foreground similar to the detail of the ground. No detail in the ground actually looks a little worse in my opinion. The characters themselves are even 2-toned though though not as "rough" as the ground, so the ground looks to be more detailed.


Thanks for the comments!

nes @ 4/11/2011 22:34 commented on Simon Mockup 2x

 Thanks guys, as for the buildings, maybe try adjusting your monitor? The are pretty defined on my screen, as well as my iPod Touch. :)

nes @ 4/11/2011 15:01 commented on Walking Dude

 It looks pretty good, I think it should be less drastic with the feet though. That right leg goes back a little too far, the front seems alright though,


Cool Sprite! :)

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 Thanks for the comments guys! I'll be sure to post a link when the game is finished!

nes @ 12/18/2010 21:53 commented on Simon Mock


I like the blocky look :)

nes @ 12/8/2010 16:40 commented on [Kill-a-Merb]-Ryan Dying

 Yea it definitely looks good, just a little fast :)

nes @ 12/8/2010 09:26 commented on [Kill-a-Merb] Characters

 Damn cute little guys :D

nes @ 12/8/2010 09:25 commented on [Kill-a-Merb]-Ryan Dying

Looks good, you should delay the last frame a few seconds so he doesn't just bounce right back up, that way we can really see how it will look in a game. :)

I think it would also look good if he fell on his knees first for a second, then flopped to the ground. ;)

nes @ 12/8/2010 06:34 commented on Simon Idle

@ Chris, I wanted it to pause for a sec. It looked like he was just violently vibrating with the last frame removed. :)

@ Kiwi, Thanks! I kept the open mouth from the "running" animation. It sort of looks like hes frightened/running from something bigger than him.

@ Defsan, Thanks! I like the hair too :)

nes @ 12/8/2010 06:34 commented on Simon Jumping

 Thank you! He will be in a video game soon!, I'll be sure to link you to it when It's finished :)

nes @ 12/7/2010 17:30 commented on Simon Running

 Why does it say that this image is awaiting approval?!

nes @ 12/7/2010 11:38 commented on Colossal Katamari

 Really amazing work.

nes @ 12/7/2010 11:35 commented on Simon Running

 Wow, Thank you guys :D. In case you're wondering he has a mouth that's open. I had one person think it was a moustache, though it's not ;)