FelipeFS @ 9/1/2017 14:54 commented on Bunker

Yeah, you need to join the discord to be able to participate.

Btw, you still hold the copyrights of the art you submit.

The reason we are giving GMS1 keys is because they are spare keys from the /r/GameMaker team  We thought it would be a good chance for artists to have fun, and GMS1 is still a good tool for beginners that don't have a game engine on their hands.


Btw, the deadline is September 15th

Accepted tile sizes are: 16x16, 24x24 or 32x32 pixels

And 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will get GMS1 keys

FelipeFS @ 7/20/2017 00:16 commented on Ghouls in the Neighborhood

Thank you, everyone! ^^

FelipeFS @ 6/29/2017 20:48 commented on Gang of dangerous delinquents, do not approach. Call the police.

@eishiya, thanks for the info. I will clean the thumbnail!

FelipeFS @ 1/1/2017 14:29 commented on Naked

Thank you, @ParkerBabyDiaperCompany

Yeah, I think the two top pixels of the eyes give a depth and direction to the eyes (they look like eyelashes).

Also, I like your username.

FelipeFS @ 1/1/2017 12:03 commented on Naked

Thanks :)

I'm trying to keep this as minimal as possible. It's more for relaxing than for any other reason :)

FelipeFS @ 7/16/2016 22:35 commented on Mercy


FelipeFS @ 7/16/2016 07:45 commented on PIKA PIKA GOTTA GO FAST!

Thanks :)

FelipeFS @ 7/3/2016 18:12 commented on Mummy!

Argh, she is so cute!

FelipeFS @ 6/29/2016 09:58 commented on Yoyo action! Ghouls in the Neighborhood

Thank you very much, peeps!


FelipeFS @ 1/15/2016 05:41 commented on Ghouls in the Neighborhood

Thank you all, guys!


FelipeFS @ 1/7/2016 09:16 commented on Characters for Ghouls in the Neighborhood

Thank you, guys! Means a lot!

FelipeFS @ 1/7/2016 00:58 commented on Characters for Ghouls in the Neighborhood

The animation for each could be better, but I had to make it synchronized.

FelipeFS @ 12/31/2015 17:32 commented on Game mockup


Kinda hard to make a tile-based game with that! But, who know?!

@Aureliano and @Pix.Ed.

Appreciate the adivices, guys. Thanks! I like the big contrast in this case, but I i'm tweaking the palette anyway.

Yeah, it is for a game. And one of the inspirations is Earthbound.

FelipeFS @ 6/14/2012 15:27 commented on Game Mockup

Very nice.


FelipeFS @ 5/12/2012 20:52 commented on Quantum Dragon - 8-bit Town Mockup

Very beautiful work!

FelipeFS @ 3/8/2012 07:40 commented on Monochrome place

Lovely work! Usually, I do not like these Iso-Cities people do. But this one reminds me of Transport Tycoon.

FelipeFS @ 3/3/2012 02:22 commented on Raptor - 01

Thank you, Ego.

You are right, particularly about the choice between smooth lines and the uneven texture.

FelipeFS @ 2/27/2012 15:37 commented on Raptor - 01

The image has been updated.

FelipeFS @ 1/5/2012 11:26 commented on SMB3 Grassland Remake (animated)

This is so... beautiful...

FelipeFS @ 9/10/2011 07:52 commented on Happy Labor day!

Never forget Hiroshima and Nagasaki! Terrorism is a relative thing. It depends on who attacks and who is being attacked.

FelipeFS @ 6/15/2011 19:49 commented on Fish Friend sprite

It is nice, really nice, but can still get better. Work more in the face and movement, until it gets fluent.
I suppose this is the character in your avatar, which is quite charming and captivating.


FelipeFS @ 6/11/2011 22:45 commented on Doom Trooper

I don't understand. This is a good challenge, but have few entries.

I like challenges with a lot of entries... I will quit this one.

FelipeFS @ 6/8/2011 03:27 commented on Barbados

Belo trabalho, cara! Praticar com tilesets é bom pra "evoluir".

O céu está muito bem desenhado. Os personagens, tanto o pirata na caixa de texto quanto os piratas do cenário final também ficaram bon!

O que eu posso dizer que você pode fazer para melhorar a cena final é colocar mais textura nas paredes, colocar volume nos contornos das janelas ao invés de contorna-las com uma linha(a questão do volume também vale para as bordas dos telhados). No piso de madeira( o pier ), a cor você colocou para separar as medeiras deixa muito contraste, diminuir o contraste nessa parte interna do tileset de madeira é uma boa.

Não entenda a crítica como negativa, suas pixelarts estão ficando melhores.

FelipeFS @ 6/8/2011 02:47 commented on Doom Trooper

Max 16 = 15 colors + Transparent Color?
Max 16 = 16 colors + Transparent Color?

FelipeFS @ 6/8/2011 01:41 commented on Doom Trooper

I will make a Metal Warrior!!! Pew pew pew pew KABOOM!!!