eclep @ 9/22/2015 07:40 commented on Glavenus

Awesome! The animated flame is a nice addition

eclep @ 10/14/2014 15:51 commented on I don't know how does the pumpkin grows

This one is great! The background doesn't bother me

eclep @ 9/25/2014 05:55 commented on Liesenberg

I suspected it was yours from the front page (I wasn't sure since you don't post pixels this often lately (look who's talking, I know I post even less :p))

Nice work anyway :)

eclep @ 9/9/2014 13:11 commented on pixelGOT #2 Oberyn Martell

Cool design, pose and animation. Great job :)

eclep @ 9/4/2014 01:37 commented on Loading Ouroboros

Thanks everyone :)

@jalonso & Wisdoms : here it is, it's still under construction though, the pixel art page still has an old design (but is functional)

eclep @ 7/23/2014 13:13 commented on Make it STOP!!!

This is awesome, very hypnotizing!

eclep @ 7/20/2014 01:21 commented on Mini Fighter Avatar

It's my first top ten too :) Thanks everyone!

eclep @ 6/22/2014 02:32 commented on Bravely Default chars

Too bad you didn't do all the jobs, I would have liked to see Alternis or the psychopath kid (forgot her name)

Anyway, these are great :)

eclep @ 6/11/2014 08:42 commented on Noon

Love the colors and atmosphere :)

eclep @ 6/10/2014 16:36 commented on Ryuko & Senketsu Transformation

You're right! I edited it

eclep @ 6/8/2014 07:10 commented on Ryuko & Senketsu Transformation

Thanks guys :)

@AteOneZero : there are 136 frames

@adamSrgnt : I started it two months ago so it's difficult to estimate the time it took, but I'd say somewhere between 40 and 60 hours

eclep @ 6/4/2014 08:35 commented on Flower schoolgirl - remastered

Well that seems to be a decent amount of time for that number of frames and that level of detail in the animation. At least I know I'm slower than that :p

eclep @ 6/3/2014 12:12 commented on Flower schoolgirl - remastered

Very nice :)

How much time do you spend on an animation like this one?

eclep @ 2/3/2014 09:11 commented on Fantasy chik

Tough vote D:

eclep @ 1/27/2014 14:01 commented on Serpi playing

I don't really plan to update it, but it could be a good exercise 

If you like this sprite, I did some others with the same character several years ago : serpi1.gif serpi1.gif serpi1.gif serpidodo.gif

(the character was originally designed by a friend of mine by the way)

eclep @ 1/27/2014 13:19 commented on My Neighbor Penguin

Haha nice :D

eclep @ 1/24/2014 09:19 commented on Dango

This isn't stolen. I have drawn and animated this sprite from scratch.

eclep @ 1/24/2014 09:14 commented on Dango

Thanks for your comment :)

I understand your points, though the "rising" animation doesn't really bug me. I edited the landing animation a little bit to make it more bouncy.

eclep @ 9/2/2013 04:00 commented on Pixel China Mountains

The colors are amazing!

I'm not a big fan of the black outlines though, I think they stand out too much


eclep @ 8/13/2013 04:34 commented on Samson2

Animated sprite challenges are my favorite! I hope I will manage to pixel something for this one 

eclep @ 8/10/2013 04:35 commented on Game of Thrones

Love it! Especially the hound, bronn and the old bear :D

I like how some characters look at each other 

And Jorah looks so miserable... poor guy

eclep @ 8/9/2013 12:52 commented on Shiba Inu

Super smooth!

eclep @ 7/7/2013 01:22 commented on Snorkmaiden

I used to watch it too :D

eclep @ 6/27/2013 23:18 commented on The Fate


eclep @ 5/26/2013 06:14 commented on weird little thing

nice, It reminds me of oceanscented's style