t3nshi @ 5/24/2017 18:09 commented on Big Bird

In italian we call it "doppia vu", but most people say "www" as "voo voo voo". Some people pronunciate the letter v as "voo" and some as "vee", and it's confusing when you spell words. Thankfully we almost never have to spell any words aside from foreign terms and even then we just don't xD

t3nshi @ 5/23/2017 18:14 commented on Big Bird

I see, that's very interesting. I was thinking of using the tiles just as a map drafting method, and then working on the map as a whole, putting it into the game as a single image. But I'm still veeeery early in developement and I'm not actually sure of what I'm doing, since the programmer is barely existing at all D:

t3nshi @ 5/23/2017 01:17 commented on Big Bird

Sup people, I have a question for you: is there a reason to prefer a traditional tile size (like 16x16 or 32x32) over a custom one (es.:20x20) when designing a tile set?

Aside from wanting to follow traditional limitation, I mean.

t3nshi @ 5/8/2015 06:31 commented on Possessor of Boostar

the top circle of the top hat is perspectively different from the bottom circle. Try "flattening" it a bit!

t3nshi @ 5/1/2015 05:13 commented on Roroko Idle Motion

The "ears" of the robot are still in the character design actually. I made it so it doesn't take a lot to animate, since I want to make a lot of animations for the main character. I plan making arms come out of the robot sides xD

t3nshi @ 4/26/2015 17:13 commented on Big Bird

dropping by to say hello in a long time! Love to see the community is looking slick as always! 

t3nshi @ 6/3/2013 12:42 commented on Mario's first Level

 I was sure it was 14 °A° my bad OTL

t3nshi @ 4/7/2012 09:53 commented on Dark Knight

that's a good thing, since it was meant to be some boss for a final fantasy fangame x3

t3nshi @ 8/14/2011 02:02 commented on Fox

 improving each other is what a good community is all about, and this is a wonderful example of a good community :3 keep it up, PJ :3

t3nshi @ 7/27/2011 23:12 commented on ms.winch

The animation is smooth and very clear! I don't like her legs being a little bit too short, but i suppose that's part of the style :3

btw remove transparency :3

t3nshi @ 7/24/2011 14:59 commented on Commission with Pokemon In It

 yeah, scizor ROCKS xD

t3nshi @ 7/24/2011 10:29 commented on Big Bird

 the first game for which I did most of the graphics is now out for iPhone!! check it out on the apple store, it's called "Demons and the Damned"! Buy it xDD


t3nshi @ 7/11/2011 06:40 commented on Big Bird

 This man's like god to me °___°'

t3nshi @ 7/9/2011 17:38 commented on Fighting Pokemon Trio

 I had the impression that blaziken was the arm of hariyama too... maybe you should try changing blaziken's color, changing positions or shadowing blaziken figure to make hariyama's stand out.. Cool anyway ^^

t3nshi @ 7/4/2011 10:34 commented on Elf

 so many cool entries I can't chose just 3 :O

t3nshi @ 6/28/2011 01:07 commented on THe man-eater

 the style remembers me of the monsters from ffVI :3


t3nshi @ 6/21/2011 15:29 commented on Guy with a Shotgun

 the animation is great. so fluid :O remove the white background x3

t3nshi @ 6/11/2011 08:20 commented on Zelda-inspired Mine Dungeon Mockup

 awesome °O° oh how I'd like to get TAHT good OTL

t3nshi @ 6/9/2011 13:35 commented on [nudity warning] Drunk naked dude

 omg so smexy

t3nshi @ 6/9/2011 06:38 commented on Big Bird

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epr-9PGi-og :D


EDIT: also, there's this Nitrome site who's got nice pixel art-featuring cute games such as this: www.nitrome.com/games/canary/

t3nshi @ 6/6/2011 12:38 commented on Big Bird

 gotcha, submitted ^^

Microsoft E3 didn't fire me up much, maybe because I'm not too excited about this kinect stuff. Skyrim was cool. I hated how fable will become a first person on rail shooter, even though the spell casting was kinda cool... looking forward for Nintendo's day <3

t3nshi @ 6/6/2011 07:19 commented on Big Bird

 what do you mean by "send in a link?"

t3nshi @ 6/4/2011 01:37 commented on Big Bird

 all of my problems are finally solved :O http://www.retroaffect.com/blog/132/Photoshop_Animation_to_Sprite_Sheet/


t3nshi @ 5/30/2011 23:55 commented on Big Bird

 you reminded me of my shitty tablet which died yesterday ;__; she was a small, low quality bamboo (an old model) but was the only one I had, and now I cant work ;______;''

t3nshi @ 5/24/2011 13:02 commented on Big Bird

 thanks ^^