Adarias @ 2/16/2020 14:13 commented on Big Bird

@Reo you're not wrong, but technical debt is a real issue.  Sedge is migrating the site off of ASP, most of which is over a decade old and hand-written.  Until the migration is finished, attempting to add or improve features is like building on sand.

Adarias @ 2/16/2020 14:10 commented on Big Bird

> Add to this a conservative/purist mindset about pixelart that made a niche community even more niche, and has only recently relaxed a bit. - @cure

We've actually relaxed a ton in the past 2-3 years, or at least refined our stances.  Lots of things that used to be forbidden like indexed painting, simple shadows etc are now tacitly allowed.

Generally I think this is for the better, but I suspect we will always keep the reputation.  Rule 5 pretty much prevents any hybrid work, which is where other communities are seeing the most growth.

Adarias @ 2/16/2020 13:56 commented on Big Bird

Thanks @Hapiel for the update - and yeah pretty much confirms the trend for the past few years.

New works and faves are pretty linear, while again quality continues to rise IMO (check out the monthly top -- just posted!).  We may not be growing much, but we're not dying either (in terms of content).

Other engagement is strongly curbed - perhaps because of aging UX, perhaps because of anti-spam measures... in all likelihood, a bit of both.

Adarias @ 2/15/2020 11:31 commented on Big Bird

The good news is PJ has just as much new art as ever, and a lot of the peices submitted are very high in quality.

The bad news is the structure of the site is entirely unequipped to handle spam, which has led to restrictions on how much engagement new users, especially non-artists, can drive.  This, along with some UX challenges, leads to the appearance of stagnation even when, as mentioned, the queues are frequently full and the average quality of work is very high.

I'm not sure what the future holds.  We'll never match the anti-spam firepower of DA, Reddit or Twitter.  There are opportunities for improvement in terms of both the UX and integration with the forums (which could also be spruced up), but even if Sedge were able to open up the codebase to additional developers, such efforts cannot begin the long-awaited migration away from ASP - which Sedge wishes to complete solo.

Adarias @ 2/9/2020 12:30 commented on Draco-Taurus

Love it!  Feels like a boss (or powerful ally) in a lost 90's game.

Adarias @ 2/8/2020 13:57 commented on Yin & Yang

This was labeled with the weekly challenge.  Was it intended to be entered, and if so, which signs does it represent?

Adarias @ 1/28/2020 05:38 commented on GTar

When not in the rules, we usually lean on common sense.

Would a child call this color yellow?

If I asked for a red marker and you handed me this color, would I be confused?

If still in doubt, consider these yellows or these reds 

Adarias @ 1/26/2020 07:50 commented on Hámster

Please only upload your own works.

Adarias @ 1/20/2020 12:14 commented on Manuel Garcia

Hi camilo23!  Any chance you could upload this at its original resolution?  PJ allows users to zoom to their desired scale, so we ask that everything be done at native res.

I'm approving this since it's a slow day, but it would be great if it could be rescaled.

Adarias @ 12/2/2019 16:40 commented on Kim

Correct.   We need at least 3 entries to close a challenge, so it is extended 1 week and the scope is greatly reduced.

Adarias @ 11/5/2019 04:55 commented on Meetlet

@eggy animation is optional -- as long as it's 16 colors, 80 pixels, and clearly shows an evolved form, it meets the rules :)

Because animation is a ton of work, we don't expect, let alone require, most folks to animate their pieces.

Adarias @ 10/30/2019 17:40 commented on Drr mkIII 16-Bit

@magickbird any face you personally identify with, even a bird face, is fair game -- as long as it's on pumpkin!

Adarias @ 10/19/2019 19:21 commented on Birthday Party~

I've approved this because the lighting in the floor is very minor, but we would hugely appreciate if the soft effects were removed.   Generally we only allow hand-placed work in hand-chosen palettes.

Adarias @ 9/30/2019 18:31 commented on The Picture of Dorian Gray

Wow, fast turnaround!  Sets the tone for this challenge very well :D

Is this based on an existing cover?  If not, someone should do a run with this one ;)

Adarias @ 9/22/2019 14:02 commented on Every brush but the one I need...

@iLKke valid crits!  I had even intended to get to those, but this was for the Pixel Dailies, and when I realized it was morning and they were about to post the new topic, I said to myself "too late!" and submitted.  After sending it up, I didn't feel like editing -- to me the point of these is to improve, and preserving mistakes made more sense than extending the sitting.

Adarias @ 9/16/2019 09:32 commented on Portrait of Foogirl

@pixelcharpi you earned it!  Congrats on the first shiny.  Hope to see your work here again in the future :)

Adarias @ 9/16/2019 09:31 commented on Portrait of Foogirl

It’s true, the top 3 are quite spread out, but it would only take 2-3 users to significantly change ranks 4 thru 10.

This isn’t a bad thing, it means we have a large number of great pieces!

So if you love another artist’s work, remember to VOTE!

Adarias @ 9/15/2019 19:11 commented on Meredy and Quickie

Thanks Sedge!  Seems like the transition is mostly smooth; this was a good time to make the move as Labor Day / back to school has meant fewer than average pieces were submitted in the first half of this month.

Adarias @ 9/15/2019 19:04 commented on Portrait of Foogirl

 This month Mattias Rotman picked up a second #1 trophy, while for the first time in my memory we have multiple “sequels” (or st least, continuations) in the top 10. Some killer animations and well-rendered scenes as well, and kudos to @prowler for giving us both a subject and a style that in 15+ years we probably haven’t seen before!

Adarias @ 9/9/2019 17:43 commented on Drink cans

This overlaps heavily with my renewed interest in trilobites..!

Adarias @ 9/9/2019 17:42 commented on Venus Milos

Interesting take on a piece generally thought to be colorless!

Adarias @ 9/3/2019 10:22 commented on Shop

Hi @Pixelflag, really liking this!

Unfortunately we still don't allow complex transparent effects.

I think the shadows are fine, since they appear hand-worked, but is it possible to re-upload without the lantern glow?  I'd be happy to approve it without those.

Adarias @ 9/2/2019 22:20 commented on Derezident evil

Hi @Cannonbreed, this work is great as usual -- Unfortunately the transparency around the gunshot, sight beam and torch are a bit more than we can accept per Rule no.5 (Effects) -- Is there any chance you could upload a version without these elements, as they don't seem critical to the work?

Adarias @ 9/1/2019 05:25 commented on Escape From Lerna B9 (Animated Mockup)

Hi @sethx, welcome to Pixel Joint!

PJ has a built-in Zoom feature, so we encourage all art to be uploaded at the original un-zoomed scale.  Since this is your first work, we’re letting it through, but it would be great if you could use the “edit” feature to upload the original scale.  Future pieces may not be accepted except at the original scale.



Adarias @ 8/30/2019 14:30 commented on Mimic

@Maxiwell given the different palette, perspective, dimensions, timing and overall design of the two mimics, we are not inclined to view this piece as infringing upon yours in any way.

That both pieces depict a mimic chest is not terribly relevant, given that the mimic archetype is at least 40 years old, and the text of the challenge references mimics directly.

if in the future you feel that your work has been ripped or stolen, please report the piece to the moderators instead, rather than commenting directly and publicly on the piece, which can cause unintended grief.