Adarias @ 12/2/2018 06:13 commented on Pixelotl Portrait

The handling of the hair here is really phenomenal.  It's always a struggle to balance form, movement, and delicacy, and white hair is particularly unforgiving because you can't rely nearly as much on gloss.  Great work!

Adarias @ 12/1/2018 13:29 commented on lilmonk


When unspecified, canvases can be in either orientation.  Otherwise we will write for instance 100 (horizontal) by 200 (vertical).  We will also include "exactly" when we care to.  So "Max 100x200" means either orientation, with smaller canvases allowed.

Portraits can have a border per the rules.  Sprites should be on a transparent BG, and the Sprite and Portrait should not overlap.

Rules are strictly applied to the large "detail" versions; typically small "preview" versions that show up in the queue have more leeway as long as they don't violate the spirit of the competition.

Adarias @ 11/5/2018 10:55 commented on Mini Cooper S

Oh man, trying to make an overworld in 16 colors is like trying to write a novel with 16 words.

Should be a good challenge!

Adarias @ 11/4/2018 13:43 commented on Llama

Is there a particular set of rules or tiles/characters you've used to create this?

Fun piece either way :)

Adarias @ 11/1/2018 08:59 commented on Sofia

Simple and sweet :)

Adarias @ 10/27/2018 10:54 commented on Forest Background

I never noticed how funky this piece is (those flowers!), nor how pleasantly crisp and readable it is, in spite of the heavy blending.  Sometimes the HOF slider brings something fun around :).

Adarias @ 10/27/2018 10:45 commented on Big Bird

@ParkerBabyDiaperCompany yes, most of the conversation not directly about a given piece of art moved to discord.  Personally I think it is a better format; the chatterbox sometimes encourages diatribes over dialogue. 

The separation between the gallery site and the discord server can make PJ look less active, but only superficially; We have as much gallery engagement (new works, ratings, comments) today as we have ever.

Adarias @ 10/27/2018 10:28 commented on Big Bird

@gizmonicgamer sorry about the wait.

Our goal is to make sure every piece gets fair exposure.  There are only 6 spots on the front page for new works, and peices on the front page get considerably more attention.  Once a piece leaves the front page, views fall off dramatically unless it comes back around in the weekly, monthly, or hof views.  We add a max of about 25-30 pieces per day, allowing each new work about 4-6 hours in the spotlight.

As far as the order of approval, we try to keep things first-in-first-out, but there are some exceptions.  We try to fast-track things like challenge entries, which have a deadline, while pieces that might stretch the guidelines might wait a little longer for the community to vote them in or out.

The good news is that the site has been highly active the last few weeks.  Between Octobit, some great weekly challenges and other activity, we've had pretty high volumes.  The bad news is that this can mean longer queue times.  But rest assured, it is statistically better to wait an extra day or two in the queue than it is to miss out on your front-page time.

Adarias @ 10/27/2018 10:12 commented on Big Bird

@Eishiya, as far as we're concerned, any pixel art news is fair game.  If you want to submit it as a new link, feel free!  You could also message the artist if you want to be sure.  We'd be happy to post it once submitted.

Adarias @ 10/21/2018 19:12 commented on Classes

I really love the user of colors and the characters, while playing perhaps a bit heavily on stereotypes, are a refreshing shift from the classic depictions.  Nicely done.

Adarias @ 10/20/2018 17:23 commented on Big Bird

@StoneStephenT: Not a bad idea!  With the holidays coming up I think we have several of the next challenges already lined up, but we're always open to ideas.  If you don't end up seeing it as a weekly, you can always start posting some yourself and see if it catches on :)

Adarias @ 10/20/2018 13:36 commented on Cave Tilesset

So to start, I should say we're happy to add this piece to your gallery if you like -- it's of sound quality.

At the same time, the format of the gallery strongly favors finished works, so if you're actively seeking CC, you might also try the WIP forms or similar spaces to get the feedback you're looking for.

Let us know when you're ready to add the peice to your gallery and we will happily do so.

Adarias @ 10/20/2018 13:17 commented on Big Bird

@Schog nice!  If you or anyone else ends up entering a pixel art game, feel free to submit it as a news item as well, or artwork from it to the gallery.

Adarias @ 10/19/2018 17:45 commented on Busy Ghosts

I feel like the effect might be improved by having the orange wood grain extend into the black slightly past the red, so that it's not a single hard boundary.

That said this is a hugely successful and charming piece.  Very spooky!

Adarias @ 10/14/2018 12:17 commented on The Grainery

Love this.  Real throwback style reminiscent of the psx / gba days, while holding up on its own as well.

Adarias @ 10/10/2018 07:57 commented on Big Bird

Thanks everybody.  After ~13 years of stepping in and out of the shadows, I'm happy to be given the opportunity to give back to the community as a moderator.

@DawnBringer the new rules definitely need to be broken in.  I believe they represent a step forward, and I know Theoden and myself will be doing our best to interpret them in a way that benefits the community, just as other mods have long been doing.

With regard to certain works being accepted, the balance between inclusiveness and consistency is a hard one.  It happened that several works stretching the rules came in all at once while the pendulum was in the more open-minded part of its arc.

Several of these pieces were discussed among the mods and the decision was not unanimous.  This is a good thing -- healthy debate makes us a stronger community. You are also free to dislike these pieces and disagree with the decision.

If you look however at the Monthly Top, not just this month, but last month and the month before, I would hope you see what I see -- that the community continues to favor well-drawn, hand-wrought pixel art above any other type of work submitted.

Focussing on the few pieces that don't align with a particular ideal is a great way to miss all the excellent pieces that do.

Adarias @ 10/9/2018 20:23 commented on Clash in the woods

This piece is off to a nice start, but it also has a pretty massive color count (421) that seems like it may have come from blending layers, as well as a number of stray pixels towards the center.  Is there a chance it could have the color count brought down a bit, to be more in keeping with ideal of every color being intentional?  This might even help the characters pop a bit more.

Adarias @ 10/8/2018 16:09 commented on FF1 NES All Classes+Anmations M/F

There is a special place in my heart for the original FF sprites.  But your re-imaginging is nice and clear and I think a good deal better than most similar attempts.  So good job :).

Adarias @ 10/8/2018 12:15 commented on tiolo

Liking these short-and-sweet prompts.  I feel like this one is ripe for a collage once all the entries are in!

Adarias @ 10/1/2018 18:36 commented on rpg_char_avatar01

Thanks :)

Adarias @ 10/1/2018 18:34 commented on Big Bird

@StoneStephenT I have found the best is to just start pushing, feel things out.  There's a strong chance the piece you begin will not be the peice you end up finishing, with both the meaning and content emerging along the way. Excessive preplanning usually creates doubt that criples the piece. This isn't only true for pixel art, but just about any form of creative expression.

When in doubt I start with a medium, neutral ground tone and work into it with a light and a dark.  Other people work by throwing splotches of color around until they start to form something.  Still others start from photo or collage.  The trick is finding a method, any method, to kick off your creative process, because you'll never hit your stride if you don't start!

Adarias @ 10/1/2018 16:24 commented on rpg_char_avatar01

So I'm gonna be the jerk that makes this complicated:

2 frames for the attack + N idle frame(s)?  Exactly 2 frames, 1 idle + 1 attacking? Exactly 2 frames, attacking endlessly with no idle? 

Adarias @ 9/12/2018 19:39 commented on Secret Agent

Rule 7 is primarily for preview thumbnails that show up in the feed.  It’s clarification of a previously informal rule that just about everyone already followed.  The guidelines for large pieces (not small files) are unchanged.

Of course there is no objective standard of “tasteful” - the moderators have to rely on a combination of instinct, experience, and user feedback.  But there have been what, two or three users in a decade that have felt censored for explicit content?  So I doubt it will be a common issue.

Adarias @ 9/9/2018 08:30 commented on Big Bird

500 implies the server tried to process your request and couldn't (threw an unhandled exception).  While it could be the result of a server-side bug, the fact that the upload feature has been stable for years coupled with the facy that you're getting the error consistently suggests it might be something about your particular file.

I would try re-exporting the source image and/or running it through a program like Pngyu or ImageOptim to ensure that it's optimally formatted and non-corrupt.

If that doesn't work, call the cops.

Adarias @ 8/25/2018 13:20 commented on Seals of Fence 2.0

Not only boss in its own right, but a massive improvement over what I already thought was a great push of the restrictions.