Adarias @ 1/3/2018 09:07 commented on Shadows of Adam Monster Compilation

Beautiful work.  Just in time for the sale I see!  Looks like Illl be playing this tonight.

Adarias @ 12/25/2017 20:39 commented on Hoppity

Just saw this piece again after a good while thanks to the hall of fame scroller.  The technique is so strange and unintuitive but works incredibly well to communicate material and intention with so few literal materks.  Really stunning piece that more than rewards close inspection.

Adarias @ 11/27/2017 20:21 commented on Ho-oh

I’m just stoked about the huge turnout, and medals going to some great pieces by two folks I don’t know well (and hope to see more of)

Adarias @ 11/26/2017 14:22 commented on Garden Herbs

Thanks for the input; the brightest, richest and darkest ranges are currently being reserved for characters, UI, & special effects, but I’ll take this into consideration as I continue.

Adarias @ 11/25/2017 11:20 commented on The Belly of the Machine

Very clean and readable with a nice atmosphere.  I wish that the platforms were slightly better called out -- a hairline in that brightest shade, as seen in the lower platform, could do a lot for the floating ones.  But overall, you've done a lot with a little.  Nice job.

Adarias @ 11/25/2017 11:15 commented on Bond, James Bond

I assumed the bit about non-registered users meant that guests could leave comments or start WIP threads.  It would make more sense if the next iteration was more feed-like; hard to imagine in the current gallery-centric design.

I feel like the best way to deal with NPA / tool-assisted / loose artworks is to prominently display the color count and/or palette.  Community-sourced tags are another option -- if 43 users tag a piece as Index painting or Oekaki, that says a lot, without necessarily banning the piece.  Obviously these are non-trivial features, but they seem to be in the same spirit as features like the public queue.

I would second (or third, or fourth) the idea that the core service should remain free to whatever extent is possible.  I would though strongly support a more prominent placement of PJ's donation feature, and a unified manner of showing things like Patreon links (and while we're at it, Twitch, Twitter,, Linkedin...) for registered users.  Obviously every line of code requires someone to write it, but this seems like low-hanging fruit (some lightweight templating and a few extra lines of db code to store the urls) compared to managing paid subscriptions.  It's the kind of thing that could be done in an hour with minimal risk of conflicts or side effects, were the project open-source -- wink wink nudge nudge (ok I'm done ;))

Adarias @ 11/24/2017 09:50 commented on clash royale king

It looks like you’ve used a bunch of transparency to achieve some of the colors, which gets a bit messy in the mouth, jaggy in the nose, and distracting in the ear.  Transparency and blending are great tools to find new tones, but with pixel art, we generally consider these opportunities to improve clusters and color usage, rather than scatter and splatter mixed shades.  I think you could keep all the nice rosiness while cutting your color count in half or better, not just for the sake of it, but because the piece itself would be necessarily refined along the way.

Adarias @ 11/23/2017 14:50 commented on Bond, James Bond


On a related note, it would be great if new iterations of the site, at least the back-end, were open sourced.  Many of us are capable web programmers who would gladly contribute (via pull requests) to help optimize the site in ways a small or single-man team can't have time for.  PJ is very much a comminty-driven site, it makes sense to at least consider community-driven maintenance.

Adarias @ 11/16/2017 20:22 commented on Big Bird

Sked I’ve had the same question from time to time and I’d say it’s its own thing.  It’s technically polychrome, and I’d say that insofar as it involves the interplay of disparate colors, it’s not monochrome.  By the same coin I would probably not consider a piece containing grayscale and a color to be monochromatic.

Adarias @ 11/13/2017 11:07 commented on Sun

60+ entries, many of them very high quality, I think it's fair to say this was one of the more successful challenges!

Adarias @ 11/12/2017 09:17 commented on Samurai Man

Hey friend, I believe this is caught in the queue as your sprite has 7 non-bg colors, when the challenger stipulates 5 max.  It’s a cute idea if you can get it within the rules!

Adarias @ 11/10/2017 19:00 commented on Grim Reaper Weekly

He’s going backwards.  Intended or not, I enjoy that.

Adarias @ 11/10/2017 18:46 commented on Florida Man

I enjoy this one.  Like you I interpreted the portrait rules as “as many of the NES colors as you want” — so unrestricted, but also restricted ;).

What’s Florida Man’s power?  Malt liquor?  More gators?

Adarias @ 11/10/2017 18:30 commented on Cactus Man Weekly Challenge Mega Man 2 Boss

Feels very true to the series.  Nicely done.

Adarias @ 11/10/2017 12:20 commented on Big Bird

Hey Lehmure,

Not every game needs a dedicated game engine.  Input and output is all that is required.  There are loads of simple codealong games that can be played in a text console.  The addition of a common graphics library affords image-based output.  Many arcade-style games can stop here.

As games start to become more complicated, you see that a lot of your classes have similar structure or logic.  To avoid unnecessary repetition, you start building reusable patterns.  When these patterns give a programmer tools to solve a set of problems, they start to resemble a library.  When they create a common context for problems to be solved in, they start to resemble a framework.  A holistic approach, in which tools are written for use within a given context, begins to resemble an engine.

At this point, many developers will start to say “damn, that’s a lot of work just to get started...I wonder if anyone else has already done this?”  And the answer is yes, of course, they have — many commercial and open-source engines, or libraries and frameworks which can be combined to fill the role of an engine, are already widely available.  Most modern games take this approach, rather than being written from scratch, because it allows the developers to focus on what makes their game special, knowing that the core structures are already made.

I hope that helps.  Feel free to ask more specific questions if you have any.

Adarias @ 11/9/2017 14:07 commented on Mockup

This is all super cute!

But what looks great at a certain on your device might not even display on a phone or tablet, while somone with a bleeding-edge monitor might still need to squint.  While it's not an official rule, it's always been strongly, strongly, strongly encouraged to submit at 1:1 scale, and allow other users to choose the level of zoom that best fits their devices, which come in many sizes and resolutions.

Adarias @ 11/9/2017 14:01 commented on Blue Boglin

Hey friend, this site has a built in zoom feature, so it's strongly encouraged to submit art at a 1:1 scale.

Adarias @ 11/9/2017 09:37 commented on Dementedhero

Got it.  $3D as a chalky pink still seems plainly wrong, but I guess I can avoid that color ;).

Adarias @ 11/7/2017 11:01 commented on Dementedhero

Given the NES's use of YPbPr, and knowing what browsers can do to images, is there any chance we can get cannonical RGB values for this challenge?

In particular I'm curious about the final light grey, which i'm seeing as quite pink (#f8d8f8)

Adarias @ 10/19/2017 10:42 commented on Fake Zelda Game

I can't tell right now if I find the exaggerated linear elements to be too much, or too little.  I think you're on to a uniqe and defining way of approaching markmaking in the context of an aesthetic which is otherwise "solved."  At a glance they feel unresolved, like remnants of unrefined pen tool gestures, but I think there's more potential there.  I'd definitely encourage exploration in this regard -- to play with the way these long strokes build form and texture, and to consider refining (or reducing) the conflicting patterns like dithering to work with them.

Adarias @ 9/14/2017 16:39 commented on [GF] Selene

There are moments in which this doesn't know whether it wants to be flat or volumnous, or whether the line colors are meant to agree or clash with the fill colors.  These however are minor distractions from a very stylish piece.  I like that you're taking greater risks and hope to see more like this.

Adarias @ 9/11/2017 16:19 commented on Nightmare

This is the most classic challenge ever.  I like it.

Adarias @ 8/31/2017 13:12 commented on Mustard

I don't think it was the recreation that bothered anyone, so much as the omission of the reference.  I don't personally care, but it's a site rule (#5):

[...] If the image is a trace or relies heavily on specific photographic material, then provide a link to this material.

Adarias @ 8/29/2017 09:40 commented on Jack Avatar 64x64

Thanks guys, 'm 99% certain that checked the box (I double-checked that it was checked ;)), but I get that things can become tangled around the deadline.  I'll just have to submit earlier in the future.

Adarias @ 8/28/2017 06:52 commented on Tetra Dungeon Entrance

Fleja as far as I know this was uploaded well within the time limit, about 10pm Pacific.  For context I have previously uploaded with less than 10 minutes to spare, and still been included.  I don't actually understand why it was not included.