Adarias @ 8/19/2018 13:38 commented on The Big Art Dump

I really enjoy the 1bit work in the lower right; I hope you continue on that path if it suits you :)

Adarias @ 8/19/2018 13:36 commented on Monster Maze

Wild.  Love it.

Adarias @ 8/15/2018 15:50 commented on Herbert tries to fish

Reminds of Secret of Mana landscapes ima nice way.  Smooth animation :)

Adarias @ 8/15/2018 15:45 commented on Big Bird

Pix really kinda died ~5 years ago, when for many reasons people simply stopped posting new works, or stopped replying to the critique that was offered.

What was “kept alive” wasn’t what made the site worth visiting, and included a significant element that was not only regressive in nature, but directly antagonistic to many members, while being wholly unrelated to pixel art.  To point of a finger at the discord format seems a bit disingenuous.  I was personally unaware of any “stunts” because I gave up a long time ago.

Obviously I cannot complain too loudly, as I rarely post these days.  I don't make much new pixel art and don't make time to leave much detailed feedback.

It’s worth noting that people like Manupix, Gecimen, PBDC, Pyrometal, Eishiya et al (there are many) have done a tremendous job of keeping PJ active and perhaps even reinvigorating it in spite of various challenges similar to those faced at Pix (antiquated tech, toxic discussion, etc.).  Activity levels here fluctuate considerably, but at least there is meaningful activity.

Two ideas I always liked were to integrate collaboration into the gallery at the code level, and to integrate WIPs/Crits into the gallery (also at the code level).  Such features and other suggestions could go a long way towards salvaging what is good about both communities.  As I understand however it these are on semi-permanent hold pending significant backend overhauls, and collaboration on the coding challenges is off the table.

Adarias @ 8/6/2018 10:23 commented on Bogu Parts - Men

Ditto Eishiya's question - max vs exact here is worth knowing early on

Adarias @ 8/6/2018 07:42 commented on ninja portrait 03

The three entries are really unique and non-comparable.  Voting as such seems irrelevant.

Good job @PixelMart, @Funky Boy :)

Adarias @ 7/29/2018 03:35 commented on Duckweed

There’s a scrolling mask that offsets the underlying image 1px on the y axis.  There is a second mask over the branches and parts of the duckweed to prevent them from moving.  The frames were cleaned up slightly by hand, mostly to eliminate strays.

Adarias @ 7/14/2018 14:41 commented on Turf house

Sometimes I find myself thinking "you know, even though there are hundreds of pixel artists, there are only about a dozen or so styles of grass.  There just aren't enough different cluster types to really innovate."

Sometimes, like today, someone proves me completely wrong in a simple, elegant way.

Adarias @ 7/14/2018 14:33 commented on Masked Guilty

I generally don't love high-contrast dithering or mixed resolution pixel work.  You have used both fantastially.

Adarias @ 6/25/2018 05:16 commented on Halfling Character Card

This is a great little sheet!

As an interface, I would have a few nitpicks:

- the variable placement of the figures on the upper icons harms at-a-glance readability; consistent palcement and backing of these numbers would go a long way

- Softer, darker icons like the heart, shield, and satchel could be made stronger and crisper to help pop from the backdrop (which could, alternatively, be made darker and/or untextured).

- The underlining of the small figures, combined with their hairline nature, does make them a touch harder to read -- would suggest skipping the underline, and using the extra two rows to get stronger numerals

Even with those suggestions, this is miles ahead of many other sheets I've seen over the years, so good job :).

Adarias @ 6/18/2018 18:28 commented on Daggers of Dagon

Lighting, mood and material quality is really top notch, and highlights the sprites perfectly.  Teal is an interesting color for enemies, but in this environment it works well.

I couldn't tell what worked so well about the sprites themselves until I saw DB's comment re: underlining.  Gives them just the right amount of pop without feeling like stickers.

Adarias @ 5/22/2018 20:18 commented on 16

Fun stuff.  Is this in reference to another work, or is it entirely original?

Adarias @ 5/22/2018 05:08 commented on Chibi Fossil Idle Stance

The real challenge is handling the plain white walls.

Adarias @ 5/18/2018 18:13 commented on Hot and Cold

Lot's of personality -- and somewhat atypical in the palettes and wardrobe selections.  I can see them both animating very nicely.  I like this a lot :).

Adarias @ 5/14/2018 19:58 commented on JACK HAMMER!!!!

That makes sense.  Your cleanup is subtle at a glance, but makes a lot more sense up close as a split tone ramp.

Adarias @ 5/13/2018 20:08 commented on JACK HAMMER!!!!

the drawing isn't bad, but the color usage seems completely haphazard.  what's the story with the 4 red pixels?

Adarias @ 4/25/2018 19:44 commented on muck up too

Very nice, clean presentation, clever gimmick.  I'm not sure what "success" means for a NES game in 2018, but I hope you achieve your goals :)

Adarias @ 1/3/2018 09:07 commented on Shadows of Adam Monster Compilation

Beautiful work.  Just in time for the sale I see!  Looks like Illl be playing this tonight.

Adarias @ 12/25/2017 20:39 commented on Hoppity

Just saw this piece again after a good while thanks to the hall of fame scroller.  The technique is so strange and unintuitive but works incredibly well to communicate material and intention with so few literal materks.  Really stunning piece that more than rewards close inspection.

Adarias @ 11/27/2017 20:21 commented on Ho-oh

I’m just stoked about the huge turnout, and medals going to some great pieces by two folks I don’t know well (and hope to see more of)

Adarias @ 11/26/2017 14:22 commented on Garden Herbs

Thanks for the input; the brightest, richest and darkest ranges are currently being reserved for characters, UI, & special effects, but I’ll take this into consideration as I continue.

Adarias @ 11/25/2017 11:20 commented on The Belly of the Machine

Very clean and readable with a nice atmosphere.  I wish that the platforms were slightly better called out -- a hairline in that brightest shade, as seen in the lower platform, could do a lot for the floating ones.  But overall, you've done a lot with a little.  Nice job.

Adarias @ 11/25/2017 11:15 commented on Bond, James Bond

I assumed the bit about non-registered users meant that guests could leave comments or start WIP threads.  It would make more sense if the next iteration was more feed-like; hard to imagine in the current gallery-centric design.

I feel like the best way to deal with NPA / tool-assisted / loose artworks is to prominently display the color count and/or palette.  Community-sourced tags are another option -- if 43 users tag a piece as Index painting or Oekaki, that says a lot, without necessarily banning the piece.  Obviously these are non-trivial features, but they seem to be in the same spirit as features like the public queue.

I would second (or third, or fourth) the idea that the core service should remain free to whatever extent is possible.  I would though strongly support a more prominent placement of PJ's donation feature, and a unified manner of showing things like Patreon links (and while we're at it, Twitch, Twitter,, Linkedin...) for registered users.  Obviously every line of code requires someone to write it, but this seems like low-hanging fruit (some lightweight templating and a few extra lines of db code to store the urls) compared to managing paid subscriptions.  It's the kind of thing that could be done in an hour with minimal risk of conflicts or side effects, were the project open-source -- wink wink nudge nudge (ok I'm done ;))

Adarias @ 11/24/2017 09:50 commented on clash royale king

It looks like you’ve used a bunch of transparency to achieve some of the colors, which gets a bit messy in the mouth, jaggy in the nose, and distracting in the ear.  Transparency and blending are great tools to find new tones, but with pixel art, we generally consider these opportunities to improve clusters and color usage, rather than scatter and splatter mixed shades.  I think you could keep all the nice rosiness while cutting your color count in half or better, not just for the sake of it, but because the piece itself would be necessarily refined along the way.

Adarias @ 11/23/2017 14:50 commented on Bond, James Bond


On a related note, it would be great if new iterations of the site, at least the back-end, were open sourced.  Many of us are capable web programmers who would gladly contribute (via pull requests) to help optimize the site in ways a small or single-man team can't have time for.  PJ is very much a comminty-driven site, it makes sense to at least consider community-driven maintenance.