Adarias @ 7/16/2019 15:46 commented on BoyDude

Surprised nobody has pointed out that #9999FF is not the same as Ice Blue #99FFFF!

I blame this mixup on my dyslexia.

Both #99FFFF and #9999FF are great colors and BOTH will be accepted.

Adarias @ 7/16/2019 15:24 commented on American football

Probably our most diverse set in a while.  As impressive as it is when one artist takes multiple trophies, it's also nice to see a medly.  Great work, everyone!

Adarias @ 7/14/2019 12:24 commented on Trees and Rocks

Really enjoy the variety and semi-naturalistic approach to the trees here.

Adarias @ 7/14/2019 05:32 commented on KdF-Wagen advertisement

I'm tentatively approving this.  Lots of people have an interest in the history of design, as well as various "what if?" scenarios.  This feels much more "Man in the High Castle" than anything else.

Everyone should be aware that works or comments espousing racist ideologies will be removed.

@Vasily_Kukushkin I think you will have a somewhat better time if you include context or disclaimers with each piece; This gallery format isn't always great for constructive dialogue, and once the angry paragraphs start, it's hard to return.

Adarias @ 7/14/2019 05:19 commented on Crying Deer

Hi @Tinystuffz,
Generally we don't allow transparent layers in pieces submitted to the gallery.  I've tentatively approved this one because the palette is still fairly limited and you've taken care to clean up effects like the dithering by hand.  In the future though, the fewer effects used in the process, the better -- for the purposes of this particular community :)

Adarias @ 7/6/2019 12:11 commented on Mines

Clever use of the palette

Could hold a lot longer on the end, seems to reset very fast

Adarias @ 7/1/2019 13:01 commented on Granbull

@35au1, we appreciate the feedback.

Given the challenge had already already extended, the only alternative was to manually close the challenge without ribbons.  Stretching the rules to include zhangyue's entry was determined to be less unfair.

Adarias @ 6/24/2019 17:23 commented on Aomi

Thanks, @chipg4 -- we can't do too much with the news items -- restrictions are similar to email body -- but we try to make them count :)

Adarias @ 6/19/2019 16:28 commented on Aomi

Andylittle continues to reign in 2019, but May had a ton of other great pieces as well.  Newcomer W_D picked up their first shiny, and a bunch of the "old guard" put up new work as well.  Congrats, all :)

Adarias @ 6/15/2019 08:49 commented on Bob & Bernard Against The Nazis

I love how this mode of drawing forces you to work extensively with suggestion and gestalt principles.  It’s engaging many of the same foundations of what some folks call cluster study, but pushed past the point where most individual marks are distinguishable from larger forms.  In particular the handling of the different types of foliage stands out masterfully.

Great work, looking forward to the release :)

Adarias @ 6/3/2019 02:53 commented on Salmon

Phenomenal stuff.

I love how you were able to work with the colors, especiallyhe goldenrod in the eye and tail.

Adarias @ 5/23/2019 12:21 commented on Fight Gal

You should animate your work more often 👍 

Adarias @ 5/22/2019 07:22 commented on Another Anime AVA

@skeddles that's fantastic!  We had fun playing with all of the palettes and its nice to see that, while @AdigunPolack claims the ISO contest honor, the rest will be immortalized in some way as well :)

Thanks to everyone who joined in, my fellow judges and of course @Gecimen for running the thing.  Looking forward to the collab starting!

Adarias @ 5/17/2019 05:25 commented on Anim. Tekken Char.: Hwoarang

Congrats @andylittle on the 1-2 punch!  And of course to all the other artists :)

Adarias @ 5/17/2019 05:08 commented on 100x100 characters

Ah, so that's what you've been up to!

Adarias @ 5/7/2019 01:14 commented on Link

Hi @slow_learner,

This isn’t news so it would be visible on the site, but I will reply here.

Some artists do a small amount of self promotion in their bios and descriptions.  If people start to spam other users through comments or messages, we may take action.

Unlike other sites,  PJ does not take any rights to the artwork submitted here — copyright is retained entirely by the artist.  So what you want to to with your own work is up to you.

does this help?

Adarias @ 5/1/2019 11:35 commented on I'll trade a magic trick for a vase

@SolaSero: fixed.  Manual challenges do not naturally get tagged as challenge posts; there is an extra step that is usually automated.

Adarias @ 4/28/2019 00:54 commented on Sleepy town scene 2

Hi Midavid, welcome to PixelJoint.  I think your preview here got scaled down strangely.  Would you mind cropping to a clean thumbnail so we can approve your piece for the gallery?  Thanks :)

Adarias @ 4/19/2019 18:35 commented on The Death Shadow

I want to clarify that this came from a sincere and meaningful place, and that any percieved irreverence was unintended.  English is not the first language for most of our mods, and we don't have the bandwidth to proofread every post, especially for subtext.  Apologies if the original title suggested anything less than the subject deserved.

I've edited the title while keeping the rules the same.

Adarias @ 4/9/2019 13:07 commented on Megaman Voltnutt

I can practically hear the sound effects 

Adarias @ 4/9/2019 06:31 commented on Its not our Earth anymore

You’ve become a master of the atmospherics and soft textures.  Very nicely done, love the breadth of techniques used to accomplish this one! 

Adarias @ 4/4/2019 08:29 commented on Dolomiti

molto fedele alla realtà del posto :) :)

Adarias @ 4/1/2019 13:15 commented on Big Bird

Yeah I would keep trying, possibly reach out to the instructor.

Unfortunately like I said we have almost no control over what creative they choose to run their ads with.  I'm grateful just to see ads that aren't NSFW.

Adarias @ 4/1/2019 03:48 commented on Big Bird

@philippejugnet the ads come through a service, we (Sedge) don’t have much/any control over the visual content.

Try contacting Udemy directly? 

Adarias @ 3/29/2019 13:14 commented on The Wee Blue Ranger

Thanks SoloSalsero, the news item was tagged incorrectly causing it to not appear in the feature page.  I have fixed it.

THe challenge this week is Tiny Monsters.  The warning sign challenge was "manually closed" due to having zero entries after 7 days.  The manual nature of this transition is the source of the subsequent hiccups.