torguen @ 3/9/2021 04:58 commented on Knight Rider

The light in the front is so that the car appears to be alive and is not something static lacking in movement or life.

It is a great job it would only improve the perspective when the car is seen complete moving to the right.

torguen @ 2/26/2020 02:00 commented on Animated Waterfall [Tiny Thor]

Thanks for the information, although I am not very fan of this level of pixelart so worked, the waterfall and the whole game looks amazing.

torguen @ 2/25/2020 02:29 commented on Animated Waterfall [Tiny Thor]

I was seeing the steam profile of the game, it says that the art is created by Henk Nieborg and that the necessary operating system is "XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8"

Are you Henk Neiborg?
Is there no win10?

torguen @ 1/9/2020 02:51 commented on Moonlight child [Blasphemous]

Son of the moon is a satanist concept.

It comes from a book titled Moonchild written by Satanist Aleister Crowley.
This subject is very deep in our culture and they introduce it using hidden symbology.

torguen @ 9/19/2019 00:42 commented on Pot Noble

It's funny 

torguen @ 9/8/2019 13:30 commented on new kung-fu master

I prefer VIGILANTE (arcade version or pc engine).

I like the drawing, one note is that the enemy's arm that throws the dagger is a bit small or short.

torguen @ 6/14/2019 11:03 commented on Super Wonderboy Amstrad CPC

I love graphic style and representation.

torguen @ 6/12/2019 01:44 commented on Lava Caves

It's fine but ... for my taste it's the typical style seen many times.

torguen @ 9/24/2018 03:49 commented on Busty elf

You are always painting boobs

torguen @ 9/18/2018 01:40 commented on Kat

The girls are so cute

torguen @ 2/22/2018 13:46 commented on Alex Kidd Remake

Send it to SEGA, maybe you are encouraged to do a remake and require their services.

torguen @ 1/28/2018 12:31 commented on ROLLING THUNDER C64

Hey, I like the representation.

torguen @ 7/1/2017 03:44 commented on Cosmic God

I'm wrong or ... is the Master System palette?

torguen @ 2/7/2017 09:07 commented on Hero Adventure (previously Intellivision RPG experiment)

It is really nice!.

torguen @ 1/15/2017 11:34 commented on Coastal Drive

It's a great job.

torguen @ 12/27/2016 11:10 commented on Guy

The job is well done but the position is very strange.

He has a beard to one side and looks like his face has been impaled in the direction of the camera.

torguen @ 10/23/2016 12:02 commented on Chewey The Chef's Adventures in Fruitland

This is a dramatic version of Panic Restaurant of NES.

torguen @ 9/29/2016 07:06 commented on N64

Yo la tuve en su tiempo... me encantó.

torguen @ 9/14/2016 11:24 commented on Flesher

It is paranoid!

torguen @ 9/13/2016 01:44 commented on Witches pot

What is the stew?

Bunny stew?

torguen @ 9/4/2016 23:30 commented on another sequense from "the Host"

Is motion capture?.

torguen @ 8/21/2016 00:15 commented on Float Island (Gazebo Temple)

I'd like a nap there.

torguen @ 7/17/2016 09:18 commented on Radical, Radicool, Radicat

It is fine, looks like a 80s movie.

torguen @ 3/1/2016 12:00 commented on Revisited platform mockup

Now I understand where it comes flappy bird sprite

torguen @ 1/18/2016 02:42 commented on DB Explosion
Sorry, I was wrong.
I leave a private message.