Cyangmou @ 9/14/2017 01:04 commented on His Holyness Hieronymus Karpfkop, the Archfishop

It's a gentle soft grip. The index finger is indeed in front of the rod, because he rather caresses his scepter, than he holds it like any club or staff.

It's subtle body language, maybe giving some additional hints about the character.

Cyangmou @ 9/12/2017 17:21 commented on Guard

I really like the palette.

Cyangmou @ 9/10/2017 09:08 commented on Stift Fiecht

I am just a gameartist/pixelartist. I am doing some pencil sketches, but most of the work I do digitally.

There are about a dozen games released I was part of and have some graphics by me and Tower 57, a game in which I have a much bigger part in will come out most likely 2018 - but once a release date is set I will post it everywhere.

Thanks and I really appreciate nice comments =)

Cyangmou @ 9/4/2017 06:44 commented on Iris- Goddess of the Stars

congrats, great entry for the weekly.

Cyangmou @ 8/27/2017 16:40 commented on Big Bird

Decided to take part in the weekly challenge but I am kinda late.

Would be really great if any of the mods could approve this piece within the next 7 hours, that it is still submitted to the challenge in time.


Cyangmou @ 8/6/2017 16:41 commented on Sigmund Freud

yeah, you were faster with writing that, than I could change the description =)

Cyangmou @ 8/6/2017 16:33 commented on Sigmund Freud

changed the file to a 100% version.

Meantto be viewed bigger though.

Cyangmou @ 8/5/2017 06:51 commented on Incident

It's Really nice work.

That being said I can't help to notice that the scale / proportion of the humans, Especially the one which sits is terrible off compared to the background. Not only that he would be bigger than the subway wagon, also that his arms are to short and I feel like it's something which I just feel to point out, because it's the focus of the image and all other things were solved so nicely. You could even edit it with a little effort.

Good work

Cyangmou @ 7/16/2017 02:09 commented on 2017-style characters

@Pixelnoises: Thanks a lot

Cyangmou @ 7/16/2017 02:09 commented on 2017-style characters


I thought for PJ it most likely is better to wait and post all of them as a single piece. It seems to have gotten approved by now.

Cyangmou @ 7/16/2017 02:08 commented on 2017-style characters


Actually it's character and style "concept" work. Ideas I am playing around with, change them and refine em. There is a chance that the stuff one day could make it in a game.

Cyangmou @ 7/4/2017 01:30 commented on Incommunicado

Are you revolting and doing the impressionist thing now?

While I certainly do appreiate something fresh I am not too keen on the dark saturated reds next to the dark desaturated blues. Blue should be more towards green or the red more towards brown to fit in the overall colorscheme and to get rid of the eyeburn in the dark areas, aside from that it's super nice.

Cyangmou @ 7/4/2017 01:21 commented on nier automata

got2bradical and like this :D

Cyangmou @ 4/29/2017 00:56 commented on Shadowface

good try =)

Cyangmou @ 3/29/2017 08:57 commented on avatar portrait

super nice proportion, though pixel placement could get a whole different level of polish. Also the backlight seems super strong and distracting.

Cyangmou @ 2/13/2017 14:58 commented on widowmaker 1st scene

if the shoulder piece is on the wrong arm, just mirror the whole ting and it solves itself.

Cyangmou @ 2/8/2017 02:33 commented on Big Bird

I sadly haven't been in Rotterdam lately , but I am pretty sure that #6 is Johan Aronsson.

Cyangmou @ 1/26/2017 16:50 commented on Dark Souls - Ornstein and Smough

Maybe this helps =)

Cyangmou @ 1/26/2017 16:36 commented on Dark Souls 3 - Cathedral of the Deep

I have to wholeheartedly disagree on the 8-16 color amount per layer. The minimum colors I could get on this without deviating too much from the original are 40. you also need 8-16 additionally for the hud elements.

13 on the bg, 27 for all the sprites and the hud.

Cyangmou @ 1/26/2017 08:38 commented on Dark Souls - Ornstein and Smough

while the colors are nice, I think the hammer really feels out of perspective and the handle doesn't connect at the right spot.

Cyangmou @ 1/1/2017 07:39 commented on Buildin' Pixels

well... also depends if it's marsh or fieldequipment.

Wasn't my point though.

here you got a vid:

Cyangmou @ 12/31/2016 07:27 commented on Buildin' Pixels

really depends on the type of armor.

Average weight of full plate armor was around 25kg without weapons. FUlly equipped it can go up to 30kg, sometimes to about 45kg for the heaviest tournament suits.

If you compare it what modern soldiers always have to carry around, you will find out that it weighs a lot less than modern field equipment.

Tournament armor could be double as heavy as field armor. But tournament armor is sports equipment and not suited for a battlefield anyways.

Knight armor, in terms of middle/high/late medieval and renaissance cavalry field armor was highly versatile.

You could do pushups, you could do cartwheels, you could jump on the horse and down from the horse. You can get up, you can do rolls in a perfectly anatomically correct shaped suit, which historical samples are. Which means that the weight is perfectly distributed on various points of the body and that you don't have to wear the whole weight with your arms or on your shoulders.

If we are talking "historical field armor" It's definitely not about the looks, it's a big advantage for the wearer. Both for infantry and cavalry. Cavalry armor even needed to be suited for infantry battle, because your horse could get slaughtered on the battlefield.

English knights of the 14th and 15th century also always preferred to fight on foot and therefore their armors were designed to suit that need.

The idea that knights barely can move around comes from Hollywood and terrible researched movies. And It's just bullshit.

I mean even if it's just for "a fantasy rpg" - fantasy is suspension of disbelieve. I don't intend to critique your work.
But I just think it's worth for every artist to overthink the design approach with a realistical perspective as well, learn some things from it and then build your fantasy fiction around it. Usually it helps with believability =)

Cyangmou @ 12/30/2016 01:21 commented on Buildin' Pixels

While the pixel work is nice on a concept level, none of the armor would work.

Usually armor is designed around protecting vital spots and plates are shaped in a way that they overlap and don't leave any gaps for attaching. Also the shaping follows anatomical movement range and rivets are usually added in a way where they won't make things uncomfortable to wear.

I am aware that "anime" and "us productions" created their own styles of armor, although the concept of full plated armor comes from the European continent and if you reference it I'd rather sugest to go down the road of taking original European source material and not some fantasy which was produced by people who didn't know how the real deal works.

I mean the finish and detailling on the work is nice. It just is not working on a conceptual level.

Cyangmou @ 12/27/2016 07:01 commented on Imperialer Adler

Thanks a lot Andy,

There is still a lot of technical stuff to solve on Tower, which Marco is just doing these days, but technically finishing the game will take some more months of devtime. Currently he is working on the online multiplayer, which already works, but still has a lot of bugs.

The graphics for the game are pretty far though, and only minor additions need to get done, as we go along.

Cyangmou @ 12/26/2016 09:32 commented on Big Bird

hmm that's a problem then... seems like some bug in the site.

I don't know how to handle it though.