jalonso @ 11/9/2016 15:07 commented on Big Bird

that is very sad news and I lose the bet with him. he said he would go before me.

To those who are new ens help build pj and he formed many of its ways which still hold today

jalonso @ 11/7/2016 05:33 commented on Big Bird

The scaled up is a poor choice for the reason mentioned but also because it reaaly highlights the lack of control. Use the forum's WIP section for help if you like :)

jalonso @ 10/14/2016 03:18 commented on Big Bird

@ Vagrant, accepting dumps is still new and thay are not all added and there is not set formula.
Ideally, any dump should display enough pixelling and control to justify adding them. Too much WIPin', doodly, Oekakish, roughness would probably be sent back. Presentation often helps dumps too so try not to be too literal with the 'dump'

jalonso @ 10/11/2016 12:42 commented on Kenneth Bone


jalonso @ 9/28/2016 08:34 commented on Big Bird

@showtime, I added your awesome sprite ani yesterday and it was on the front page for sure.
Its likely that another Mod added pixels soon after me and that's why it left the fron page.

jalonso @ 9/27/2016 09:41 commented on Even Titans are dying

So you want to leave this as is and keep in your gallery or make revisions to fit the rules?

jalonso @ 9/27/2016 08:39 commented on Sea of Shapes

For future WC entries you do not need to delete and resubmit.
You can just uplaod a revision with any correction or edit

jalonso @ 9/27/2016 08:37 commented on Even Titans are dying

Is this supposed to be an entry for this week's challenge?

jalonso @ 9/20/2016 11:14 commented on SSJ4 goku the hedge hog

About time FrostPumpkin won a gold one :/

jalonso @ 9/11/2016 15:22 commented on Big Bird

Just got back from a stroll to the park and a short gym workout.Pidgey shit everywhere :'(

jalonso @ 9/3/2016 18:35 commented on Big Bird

Happy Birthday to PJs most senior member Gas13 :)

All my shoes look like that.

jalonso @ 8/28/2016 10:27 commented on Swiss Army Knife

It's a soft cover book and not a magazine. It's really nice and is a great collectable to have.

jalonso @ 8/24/2016 15:34 commented on Big Bird

I can't believe I had forgotten about the secret PJ club membership badge and book page >.<
Do you have the link to that? pm me with it if you do.

jalonso @ 8/18/2016 09:12 commented on Big Bird

Since the PJ update I've lost the daily BDay list and have had to stop my fave daily PJ activity :(

jalonso @ 7/25/2016 20:20 commented on Big Bird

Scyther ate ALL my razzberries then ran away :'(

jalonso @ 7/18/2016 15:31 commented on Decadence

I agree with voltali., otherwise great

jalonso @ 7/14/2016 06:19 commented on Big Bird

I went to my nearest GO station and some kids looked at me funny :(

jalonso @ 7/11/2016 09:42 commented on Together

This is a great little pixel

jalonso @ 7/11/2016 08:47 commented on gereon

Nice job.
The sword reads that its made of stone and not metal is my only crit.

jalonso @ 7/11/2016 08:44 commented on Practice

We'll I expected a Jinn pixel from the preview so you did great.
I agree with yahkenbu that's is great to see an occasional artistic male nude added to the gallery for the sake of diversity.

jalonso @ 7/11/2016 08:39 commented on Big Bird

Use the import and export options in your app.

jalonso @ 7/11/2016 08:38 commented on Big Bird

Iceberg, you can always submit a 'news' post which we then review and Pm you if anything needs editing or correcting.
You can also contact any Mod if you need help writing it all out.
Go ahead and PM me with any question or help you need with your project.
In addition to a news item you can also open a running forum thread where Pjers can ask you directly.
We do everything possible to help PJer projects :)

jalonso @ 7/8/2016 15:39 commented on Spacetopia

<3 <3 <3  my cute meter is full again

jalonso @ 7/8/2016 15:37 commented on Sumo Fighters

I love it all :)

jalonso @ 7/8/2016 08:16 commented on Cosmia's Study

WOW! this is so great