Chibiwing @ 8/10/2012 17:37 commented on New DeviantArt Icon

Hannah – Yeah, I agree; it’s not real pixel art but people do work at a pixel level and do handle individual pixels.  It’s kind of a mixed media thing.  This is traditional so it doesn’t apply here. ^_^


Yuran – Thank you!


Tarius – Mhm, I’ve been able to draw a lot lately.  Since I got my tablet I’ve discovered how much easier digital art is!  I can draw faster and more now so I’ve improved some.  Yeah, I know. XD  You’re like my color idol, dude.

Chibiwing @ 4/25/2012 09:12 commented on Bubble Gun Update

Beautiful palette!  The nose reminds me of the Tarutarus from FFXI.

Chibiwing @ 4/24/2012 19:33 commented on Mysterio

Doing it your way seems like fun, Ultima. 

Chibiwing @ 4/24/2012 19:30 commented on BAD ALLEY

The gorgeous preview had me singing, literally!  I love the palette and texture.  The main thing I think it needs is just a couple cracks going up the wall here and there.  As it is, the tiles for the right half seem too repetitive.

Chibiwing @ 4/23/2012 01:21 commented on ChickenJump

A bunch of picos heating up under a warm kotatsu?  Pure win.


Is my weeaboo showing? XD

Chibiwing @ 4/17/2012 00:49 commented on Mrpharmer

30 frames?  Guess I'll be working on my own projects this week.

Chibiwing @ 4/9/2012 06:15 commented on Moon Knight

Aw man, don't tell me you were going for a velociraptor too!?  I may have to do a narwhal or something.

Chibiwing @ 4/2/2012 02:44 commented on Molecule Man

This is a lot easier for me than human featuring challenges.  I'm looking forward to making a piece this week.

Chibiwing @ 4/1/2012 22:55 commented on the king of goblins -updated-

OH MY GOD, Kawaii King Jareth! OoO 

I'm weeping tears of joy right now.

Chibiwing @ 3/30/2012 03:05 commented on Mil

I just personally have a terrible time working on and finishing things when I don't have a deadline.  ^_^

Chibiwing @ 3/29/2012 02:47 commented on Mil

I definitely support the idea of a monthly challenge!  If they upgraded this to the first one that would be great too... :)

Chibiwing @ 3/27/2012 14:04 commented on Bug

Well, I found who I'd like to imitate.

Chibiwing @ 3/27/2012 13:05 commented on Mil

...I haven't read a single interview before today.


In other news, I gots myself a tablet yesterday!  Now I can work quicker if nothing else. ^_^

Chibiwing @ 3/12/2012 13:59 commented on Megaman

Ah, I've thought of and discarded a ton of ideas already because I know my execution would be crap.  I may resort to animals and inanimate object with cute faces instead.  *shrugs*

Chibiwing @ 3/12/2012 03:51 commented on Megaman

Why does every idea I ever think of include the human form which I fail at?

Chibiwing @ 2/25/2012 02:04 commented on Apex

It's really quite pretty!

Chibiwing @ 1/18/2012 20:19 commented on Leima

I called the three reps for Alaska this afternoon.  I love the internet too much to have it die because of idiots.

Chibiwing @ 1/18/2012 03:47 commented on Legolas

Not the least bit interested in this challenge.  I guess I'm just not into ears.

Chibiwing @ 1/9/2012 02:35 commented on Kwame

I'm going for the vase.  Not sure what I'll try.

Chibiwing @ 1/4/2012 02:15 commented on DustyCraft "Final" tiles

I spy two seemingly identical grass tiles!  Top left corner and the middle of row three. 

These tiles are beautiful!

Chibiwing @ 1/2/2012 23:14 commented on Kraven the Hunter

I can come up with ideas for this all day, but pixeling any of them doesn't enthuse me.

Chibiwing @ 1/2/2012 23:12 commented on ...Orun Juleus...

Thanks for the suggestion.  ^_^

Chibiwing @ 12/28/2011 13:55 commented on The Imp

Needs a better preview.

Chibiwing @ 12/24/2011 06:06 commented on Ramona Flowers

I admit my first thought was "Gumi?" /:o

Chibiwing @ 12/24/2011 05:58 commented on ...Orun Juleus...

Yay! ^o^