Sergiotron @ 8/23/2018 08:47 commented on Red Panda

I'm glad you all like it :)

Sergiotron @ 9/27/2016 06:36 commented on Cryo-mage

Very, very cool!

Sergiotron @ 9/16/2016 15:41 commented on Run

Looks awesome!

Sergiotron @ 9/12/2016 04:26 commented on Sea hunt

Pretty cool :)

Sergiotron @ 9/4/2016 19:06 commented on Big Bird

It'd be awesome! And I bet at least 90% of people here agree with me :)

Sergiotron @ 9/3/2016 07:32 commented on Big Bird

 What about these $585USD shoes? They used to be listed at Barney's online store (among others) before the controversy

Sergiotron @ 9/2/2016 03:34 commented on A delicious banana for dinner


Sergiotron @ 8/26/2016 18:36 commented on underground forest

Amazing! But I confess I waited a few seconds hoping it was animated :P

Sergiotron @ 8/26/2016 15:24 commented on Playing nintendo


Sergiotron @ 8/25/2016 03:36 commented on doggy portrait

wow, amazing technique and colors

Sergiotron @ 8/24/2016 16:59 commented on Big Bird

Amazing art! Congrats for getting the Greenlight

Sergiotron @ 8/24/2016 16:52 commented on super mario bros 3

Mindblowing work as usual! We need to get you more views 

Sergiotron @ 8/24/2016 07:22 commented on Piggy - Style evolution

Thank you Mandrill! I can see the improvement too, but for some reason adding the cool shades or not seems to make quite a big difference in people's appreciation. Maybe I payed attention only to the technique and forgot how important the shades actually are. Anyway, shades now included 

Sergiotron @ 8/23/2016 19:54 commented on Big Bird

I'm about to enter the Crazy Eight club 

Sergiotron @ 8/23/2016 18:37 commented on Piggy - Style evolution

Fixed! And thanks for letting me know. English is not my main language 

Sergiotron @ 8/23/2016 18:35 commented on Piggy - Style evolution

My wife thinks the same. I'll try to add them later :)

Sergiotron @ 8/22/2016 05:10 commented on Skull Art

Hi. Please take some time to make your preview image relevant to the content of your submissions

Sergiotron @ 8/22/2016 05:08 commented on Another monster

haha, it's hypnotic! Great piece :)

Sergiotron @ 8/21/2016 19:30 commented on Wake up Mana

Really inspiring work! The only thing I don't love are Mana's hands when they are over the bed sheets. The perspective looks a bit off, imo.

Please keep sharing your work!

Sergiotron @ 8/21/2016 19:22 commented on Mimix Job Classes

Awesome little fellas!

Sergiotron @ 8/21/2016 19:20 commented on Bird Mech

That's huge! Love the colors 

Sergiotron @ 8/21/2016 19:19 commented on Gunna be number one!

Another great piece!

Sergiotron @ 8/21/2016 19:18 commented on Vallow obtains pop nebula

Amazing! Can't wait to see your next submission!

Sergiotron @ 8/21/2016 19:16 commented on Delinquent Sprites

The faces are very readable. Great work!

Sergiotron @ 8/21/2016 19:15 commented on Starry night

Outstanding piece!!! What a great way to put pixels together