CPearson @ 7/9/2012 03:40 commented on Equips and Items

Nice job with the BG!

CPearson @ 7/6/2012 10:57 commented on Inventory

No worries, I get where you're coming from. this piece was hastily thrown together for the challenge, I don't intend to debase you or your work or anything like that.

CPearson @ 7/6/2012 05:10 commented on Inventory

yeah, I have the quiver form a minecraft itemset I was working on, looked at your piece for inspiration, if you want Ican change it out.

CPearson @ 7/5/2012 03:38 commented on Essentials


CPearson @ 7/5/2012 00:50 commented on Minecraft Textures

Wow, these are nice.

CPearson @ 5/22/2012 01:57 commented on The Blackadder game

the lighting on the hill doesn't make all too much sense.

CPearson @ 5/17/2012 10:55 commented on Neoriceisgood

Haha. Yes.

CPearson @ 5/12/2012 01:52 commented on Fantasy Vs. Reality


CPearson @ 5/11/2012 09:34 commented on Retro Salamence

You should do the whole evolutionary line.


CPearson @ 5/8/2012 03:54 commented on Floating through the sky

What a mature lash out. Resort to disengenuity all you want, it only shows how fragile your ego is.

CPearson @ 5/3/2012 03:10 commented on Holy Grail... Wait?!?! IS IT A BOTTLE!?!?

> everyone who know about color know that the only great ones are between blue and green, browns and a little red. In that pallete at least.

e_e. I have no words. This does look like a derivative of the spider piece.

CPearson @ 5/2/2012 09:07 commented on Urban Buzz city street

Absolutely beautiful, might benefit from some AA here and there. I guess it might be a stylistic preference to leave it out though.

CPearson @ 5/1/2012 05:21 commented on Dwarf Warrior

People like to kiss the ass of higher ups on the internet, it's the way of things, unfortunately.

CPearson @ 4/10/2012 09:05 commented on Cathedral

I actually have work developing  a game with a small studio right now, so in a few months you will have what you want.

CPearson @ 4/9/2012 05:52 commented on A Tax Collector & A Dragon

This should have placed first or second.

CPearson @ 4/8/2012 15:08 commented on Cathedral

Diffuse, window, and ceiling.

CPearson @ 4/8/2012 08:03 commented on Aren't you gonna yell: " This is Sparta"?

this looks all kinds of flat and strange, the colours are good, but the geometry is wonky, a lot of pillowshading.

CPearson @ 4/1/2012 10:49 commented on Loof Forest

There's a lot of cut corners here.
Some of the clusterring seems blurry, the lighting  and the geometry seem non-euclidian.
Grass is a bit random and noisy.

CPearson @ 3/31/2012 10:34 commented on Skaven's Journey

Absoloutely fucking beautiful. literally what went through my mind when I saw the preview, well done. Really great.

CPearson @ 3/30/2012 02:25 commented on Paradise tree

I don't dig it, very messy and unfocused.

CPearson @ 3/10/2012 16:51 commented on Pxile - Game mockup II

without looknig at the name, my first thought was. "Hmm, this isn't as good as slyms's previous mockups". I think it's best to leave this kind of stuff to the april fool's challenge.

CPearson @ 3/1/2012 19:11 commented on Martian

It's not like they'll be disqualified.

CPearson @ 3/1/2012 13:49 commented on Eric's Son

From the preview, I thought the kid was jerking it.

Oh god.

CPearson @ 2/20/2012 12:23 commented on Elephant walk cycle

I don't see how there's pillow shading here, the lighting seems pretty accurate.

CPearson @ 2/20/2012 04:41 commented on Revolution

Seeing the inmage it was based off, I kind of regret voting for this.
The text looks like it was made with an autmatic tool aswell.