Blick @ 3/7/2012 22:21 commented on Machine 3

Wow, this is impressive. I think it'd make for a sweet print ad background.

Blick @ 10/25/2009 15:00 commented on Big Bird

I did not make it, just felt it would be appreciated here.

Blick @ 10/24/2009 13:44 commented on Big Bird

Small Worlds

Blick @ 4/5/2009 19:55 commented on Car

Seriously though. I see my effing shark on the sidebar everyday. It would be nice to have a yearly hall of fame. Or make it so the sidebar cycles a larger variation.

I'm so tired of that shark.

Blick @ 4/2/2009 14:26 commented on Greyn

I'm happy to see that people still look at my tired, dead gallery and gather inspiration from it.

Blick @ 2/23/2009 00:30 commented on Skanking Ninjar

It's looks a bit too much like he's propelling himself, like an angry walk, which I guess looks a lot like skanking. But skanking there's no illusion of forward propulsion. Perhaps because in real life, there are backgrounds to show the person is just moving in place. But you know what I mean. I think.

Still made me laugh to see this. Definitely one of my favorites to come from the challenge.

Blick @ 2/23/2009 00:22 commented on Kano

Holy crap do I ever love this idea. I probably won't enter, but I definitely have fun thinking of ideas and putting down sketches anyhow.

Blick @ 2/2/2009 13:32 commented on Tei
The day I'm as successful with line weights as you is the day I consider myself awesome.

Blick @ 1/27/2009 13:24 commented on Bit Shifter animation
I loooove Bit Shifter.

Blick @ 1/27/2009 13:17 commented on knight2
This is simply flawless. I love the patterns, the colors, the pose, the design, the preview being different, but equally great, it's just... faved is what it is.

Blick @ 1/12/2009 18:59 commented on Graffiti Guy
Saw the ndeal/Miguel influence instantly. Especially in the pants, and the subject matter of course.

The shoes could use some more attention.

Blick @ 1/9/2009 17:49 commented on BoOoléAn
This always seemed too cluttered and specular heavy for my liking.

Blick @ 1/6/2009 19:14 commented on Business Toad, or More Foolishness
Reminds me of the illustrations for the old Frog and Toad children's books.

Blick @ 1/2/2009 15:08 commented on Big Bird
Pay day!

Let's be honest, that's the best holiday around.

Blick @ 1/2/2009 14:57 commented on RPG Battle
No words can describe how much I love the character design for Walter.

Blick @ 12/28/2008 00:25 commented on Sweet dreams
That headboard is really well done.

Blick @ 12/26/2008 23:11 commented on MegaMan on Crack!
Oh. My. Gawd. Instant favorite.

Blick @ 12/26/2008 19:10 commented on The Quick and the Undead
The rock formations are a bit to uniform for my liking, but it's still an impressive piece. Love the added touch of birds.

Blick @ 12/26/2008 19:05 commented on Pug
The colors and varying line weight are delicious.

Blick @ 11/20/2008 17:57 commented on Shark
I definitely agree with you pixelaro. I've always felt the hall of fame wasn't necessarily rigged, but definitely caters to pieces that were popular from the start of Pixeljoint. I'm not sure how the hall of fame system could be fixed into being more fair, so I've never really brought it up with anyone.

This piece, along with many others in the hall of fame are sort of grandfathered in, which sucks for anything new trying to get in.

No offense taken, as your bewilderment is shared by me.

Blick @ 4/21/2008 12:09 commented on Cloud Strife
Vertical canvas for a label design seems counter intuitive. I will probably try it anyhow.

Blick @ 4/12/2008 21:27 commented on Beautiful day out, innit? (bloodgrope threesome)
The pants are tops.

Blick @ 3/16/2008 14:44 commented on Still Fresh To Death
I think you could've spent more time on the clothes. The pants are nearly shapeless and there are so many colors mixing together in the jacket that they all blend into one, making it hard to see any folds and structure in it. Stronger highlights on the skin would look better also.

Blick @ 3/13/2008 16:52 commented on Big Bird
Zing, leel. Zing indeed.

I would join in on this, but I'm lazy.

Blick @ 3/7/2008 23:11 commented on Big Bird
Lawrence is banned and Blick died last week of face cancer. Can't even give him an open casket funeral. But he sure was badass. Laying all sorts of ladies, jumping canyons on flaming motorcycles. Which, incidentally, is how Lawrence got banned.