Joodri @ 5/5/2014 09:37 commented on Succumuse

Thanks ! She's using a "blood brush and palette" to fight :D

Joodri @ 8/11/2013 23:29 commented on SF Ruin

Wow, I like this

I agree with Skeddles for the trees,  maybe you could add a color.

Keep going !

Joodri @ 8/9/2013 02:56 commented on Labyrinth


Reminds me of Piranese's carceri

Joodri @ 7/29/2013 02:21 commented on KLG map

Looks nice, but you have a compression problem, try to save you .PNG without compression

Joodri @ 7/27/2013 01:44 commented on Duargar

Nice character, but it looks a bit "rough"

you should clean your outlines (jaggies) if you want to obtain smooth curves

Joodri @ 7/27/2013 01:35 commented on Barnabas Bolderdash

 I like this kind of "mysterious"  villain

Why the gaps in the outline ? (top of the cape)

Joodri @ 7/26/2013 03:08 commented on Robot

Really nice design

That reminds me the  french artist  Caza

Joodri @ 7/26/2013 02:59 commented on Slike the Slime

Welcome to the pixel world, rotating slime

like Squirrelsqid said, you could try a "colore" outline instead of black.


Joodri @ 7/26/2013 02:48 commented on Me

Nice portrait

But you used a lot  colours, and some strange brighter "inlines" : Is this on purpose ? If it's not, you may have a compression problem, try tio use .PNG instead of .GIF



Joodri @ 7/26/2013 02:25 commented on Zombie Crew

The design is good,    but you could use less colours (some of the greens are quite similar)

Also, your outline have some "gaps" in it , I think you try to use too much Antialising.

Joodri @ 7/25/2013 08:28 commented on black cat soul

Your cat. I like it

Maybe a bit confusing around his right eye and the nose

Joodri @ 7/22/2013 03:25 commented on "Now you have the power!"

ok,I need to improve my smoke

Joodri @ 7/22/2013 03:14 commented on Kawaii desu sugoi uguu gamer pro league team xtreme

Great work dude,

If I dare... perhaps a bit blurry (too much AA ?)

Joodri @ 2/18/2013 08:14 commented on Casquette

So small & elegant 

Joodri @ 2/18/2013 08:12 commented on BlackEye

rhaaa, c'est joliii
Je crois que je suis jaloux 

Joodri @ 2/18/2013 07:58 commented on The Labyrinth Crawler: Version 2

The skeleton is really cool (especially the claws),

I think the worm need some additional details, or you could just smothen the curves (left side)

Joodri @ 2/18/2013 07:52 commented on Mini Flintlock (Test)

I looks like a knife
maybe you should remove a few pixels at the top to make it less "sharp"


Joodri @ 2/18/2013 07:46 commented on My Dog, "Whip"

O_o Beautiful.

There are a few weird pixels on the tail, but maybe its because of my brown background

Joodri @ 2/18/2013 06:40 commented on [UPDATED] Atlantis heaven Mockup

Whoa, well done with the water (and good luck to animate it)
The base of your palmtrees looks a bit awkward, because its thinnier than the top...

Joodri @ 2/18/2013 06:34 commented on Shrine of the great fish

It's a kind of Fish-crab-thing ; I should change the title ^^

Joodri @ 2/18/2013 05:57 commented on Lucy

Nice Dithering
You've done a good job without AA

Joodri @ 2/15/2013 08:38 commented on Fridge climbing

There's also a batman poster in my tileset, I'll try to put in in the picture.
And ... you need to climb the fridge to go upstairs (I know, it's not convenient)

Joodri @ 2/15/2013 08:33 commented on Fridge climbing

Thanks !  There is no AA here, because this piece is made from a tileset
Anyway, I rarely use much AA,  I like this "neat" look

Joodri @ 2/13/2013 07:18 commented on please give me some bacon

I like the "opposite blink" eye animation ^^

Joodri @ 2/9/2013 06:53 commented on Fallout of Nevada - Roguelike - Mockup

cool !

I like how you made "greaser hairstyle"