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Hey-sorry it took me awhile to respond. 

I've been busy doing art for a challenge I'm working on over at deviantart, so I haven't been able to try out the banding search yet. I will reply when I have done so(which I intend to eventually). 

Thanks for all your help, hope to get back to you at some point!

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Thank you so much! The visual guide is super helpful. I just spent a good while simply staring at the process(after reading, of course), and it makes sense.

I just read through the pixel joint guide to banding. I vaguely understand it(at least, conceptually), but help is always appreciated. 

All your information is really encouraging! Maybe I'll do another pixel this weekend. Keep an eye on the WIP forum, I would love your feedback. I know that reading won't automatically improve my art, and that getting better is a LONG process. 

I'm definitely going to read through this again before I start another pixel. You made a lot of good points.

Thanks again!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! It means a lot to me that you would write all this up about my piece. 

I think you were solidly able to explain your points without making me feel bad(I feel honored, actually).

I really, really, appreciate your advice on color, composition, and the outlines. I will definitely reconsider some of the choices (using multiple shades for the teeth and eyes). The bit colors, I believe you called them. I hadn't known that term, so thank you for bringing it up!

You mentioned using the colors right up to the edge, which is something that I'm interested in trying for next time. Sometimes, I've seen people use lighter outlines for the lighter parts of the pixel. Not sure if you have any advice or opinions of whether that would/could've worked for this(or if that was what you meant, haha).  

I understand what you're saying about the wings, I think, as in defining them more overall without getting caught up in details. Still, I wonder how to make them look voluminous without losing the detail. 

I agree with your notes on the composition- now that you mention it, I should have made the leg more visible. I'll try to keep in mind readability for my next composition((pixel or not. Although for pixels I believe each piece holds more weight because of the small size)). I really like what you said about it-

The takeaway lesson for future pieces: Watch your proportions and make sure that, in addition to being dynamic, your pose allows each part of the creature to read logically."

Also, what you said for shading:

BAsically, keep in midn that all your curves should be smooth and form-following, not just the outlines." 

^ Always good to know that lack of effort  shows. Truthfully, I knew this, but.. my effort did wane at some points. 

I might just use a font for the sig next time (I have a cool pixel-looking font saved). Once again, good to know that certain lacks of effort show. I need to know this or I'll stay lazy! 

Basically, wow, thank you~! I'll probably need to read this a few times again as it holds a lot of information, but really, thank YOU! I hope you'll keep an eye out for my next pixel. I look forward to hearing from you again. 

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Sure, I'd be cool with that.

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I worked on it for far too long. I'm not interested in changing it at this point. 

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 I strongly disagree. I love animations, no matter how small as they add life to the image. Also there are 10 frames to this, due to the eyes taking 3 frames but the wings only taking 2 frames, also I added a rest between the eyes blinking.

I think it's cute.


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 Thank you!

coolsarahkry @ 8/16/2013 15:07 commented on Nude viking`s terrifying death

 Wait, how are the white dots caused? I had that problem in one of my animations and I had to fix it manually.

coolsarahkry @ 8/15/2013 19:13 commented on Nude viking`s terrifying death

 You should remove the white dots that appear throughout the animation.

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 Haha, that's funny!

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 Thank you :D

coolsarahkry @ 11/1/2011 17:37 commented on Free Pumpkins

 Thank you so much for this helpful critique! I especially like your changes of the grass. Next time I begin something I will read this over again and it will hopefully help me :D

I appreciate you taking your time to help a novice.

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 I've seen that in a movie called Pom Poko

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 really cool!

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 Aww...but I worked really hard on it...

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 That's reallly good.

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 He's really cute!