Raironu @ 7/15/2011 04:11 commented on Fiery Skullhead

Gosh, sorry for the late reply.

Your color choice is definitely less... cartoony than mine. Looks really nice :)
I assume you're going to edit it further? (you've probably already done that since it's 15th today)
Great to hear you're having fun ;) 

Raironu @ 7/10/2011 09:38 commented on Dropship

Ho~ly.... I love this :D 

Raironu @ 7/10/2011 07:03 commented on fox

  D'aww :) It's so pretty.  

Raironu @ 7/10/2011 07:01 commented on Cat Tree

Cute C: 

Raironu @ 7/9/2011 01:46 commented on Raven Avatar

Really nice raven. The head looks pretty. I especially like the shiny parts around the raven's beak.

The white frame lines don't look too well though. Just as Sooba said they only distract from the rest of the image. Maybe you could make them less vivid.

Raironu @ 7/9/2011 01:14 commented on squirrel vs lava bird

That's quite original :) I like it

Raironu @ 7/8/2011 10:05 commented on Fiery Skullhead

 Sure, go ahead. I'm curious what you'll change. 

Raironu @ 7/5/2011 13:56 commented on Fiery Skullhead

Thank you for your feedback. I'll try to work on AA next time. As for the bones, I left them that way intentionally - they fit into the overall image of the creature, at least for me :)

Raironu @ 7/4/2011 15:59 commented on Alone

Oh my... It's beautiful :D