SpeedXaaa @ 11/6/2015 17:30 commented on Dr Cool's Cream-Truck

Gah, this is such a wonderful example of subpixelling. <3 And the shading and colors are top notch, as usual!

How is it that you subpixel, anyhow? Is there some kind of rhyme and reason to it or is it mostly intuitive? :D

SpeedXaaa @ 5/22/2015 21:01 commented on Lasting Judgment

I always like renditions of angels or holy beings where they look very...well, creepy. And I mean creepy in an ethereal sense. Its really hard to explain, but it's one of those things that you know it when you see it. And this matches that description to a freaking T. I'm also reminded a bit of Arael from NGE. Buutttt I'm also kinda NGE trash sooooooo yeah

The title, "Lasting Judgment" just sells that whole freaking theme. Spooky in a lasting way.

SpeedXaaa @ 5/22/2015 20:03 commented on Speckles the Maine Coon

Ah, thanks a bunch for your input, Metaru. o A I

Looking back I'm definitely seeing that the hand is too small. But for clarification, it was meant to portray him more so lightly having his hand rest on his arm, similar to this:

Or this:

So not much of grabbing more than setting down. :>

And I guess my excus--err, I mean, explanation for that was that I might have been afraid of over-shading, in the sense that I would be dramatizing the shadows that the arms and such projected onto the body. Do you think, if it's not a hassle, you could really quick just highlight some of the bigger problem areas? I think that may help. ^^

I think I understand what you meant by there being more of a shadow near the chest area by the arms. I'll see what I can do about that. I'll also see if I can tweak the eye because I am pretty sure I'm seeing what you mean, there.

Thanks a bunch!!

SpeedXaaa @ 5/22/2015 19:59 commented on Speckles the Maine Coon


That's alright. Thanks for your input, nonetheless. Looking back I might have been best off if I didn't try to make it too detailed. But yes, I definitely used plenty of diagrams and stock images / photographs, hahahah

SpeedXaaa @ 5/17/2015 06:46 commented on Shiba Inu

Hey, not too bad for a start! This does feel largely unfinished, though. Try to go back and fix all your line art jags; also, don't worry about resizing it too much! :>

Check out this little guide; it's a great read! If you're not fond of reading through the whole thing, then check out the post titled, "Things to Avoid." ^^

SpeedXaaa @ 5/17/2015 06:42 commented on Nom Puppycat

I absolutely love the color use and the minimalist style! So cute <3

SpeedXaaa @ 5/17/2015 06:41 commented on Pac-man fan-art #2

Very cute. I love the slightly overworld perspective!

SpeedXaaa @ 5/17/2015 06:39 commented on Sky Narwhal

I absolutely love the colors on this! I really like the detail in the wavy hair as well, but it does look a little rushed in places.

SpeedXaaa @ 5/17/2015 06:32 commented on Simple Lava

Not bad for a practice piece, but I feel there's more you could have done with it. Also it kinda looks like orange soda at the moment. x]

SpeedXaaa @ 5/16/2015 16:07 commented on Chico careta

How did you get so many colors into this? o_o

There's a lot of color optimization that could be done, here. ^^ Maybe try using a program that counts your colors and shows your colors and find a way to merge colors that are very similar to one another. THEN you can try fixing it up. A smaller number of colors is much easier to work with. :>

Was it maybe resized or something?

SpeedXaaa @ 5/15/2015 17:12 commented on Meganusaur

This had to have been when I disappeared; sorry about not responding! Yeah, especially in the original sprite (and the sketch, actually), I had a pretty hard time with the plant parts of this guy...the petals on the neck are pretty flat, and now I'm thinking the head petals are too droopy.

Venusaur actually doesn't have spots, actually. Just some warts around its legs. I honestly wish that they would have kept the markings for venusaur, but maybe that's just me

Thanks so so much for your feedback! /late

SpeedXaaa @ 5/15/2015 14:11 commented on Weavile Avatar

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback! :>

SpeedXaaa @ 5/15/2015 14:10 commented on Corsolini

Ohh! No, I don't mind at all. Thank you, that helps.

I see what you're getting at, but i made that how it is because the Pokemon is at a slight angle, with the front part of its body closest to the viewer with the rest of the body being farther back. However, I'll see maybe if there isn't some way for me to make that more clear. Thank you again, I really appreciate it!!!

SpeedXaaa @ 5/15/2015 07:38 commented on Corsolini

Thanks for the feedback! I'm not really sure what you're referring to about the back leg, though. Could you maybe elaborate? :>

SpeedXaaa @ 3/19/2013 15:04 commented on Frost

 I can't help but wonder if this character is even slightly based off of a Vanilluxe (color scheme, eyes, mouth, the two "heads"/masks, the ice ability). That'd be awesome if my predictions were correct, hahahah.

I love your animated works. the anti-aliased outline and the way your animations flow remind me of some of the Streetfighter games.

SpeedXaaa @ 3/18/2013 21:33 commented on Seeder

 This is just incredible. I just love how well you pulled off the texturing with a mere 16 colors; THAT is one of the sheer beauties of pixel art. I also just love the source of the light; how it originates from the bottom-left, which is more atypical than the light source(s) in other pieces in general. Really liking the pink-to-blue color ramp as well~

I can't help but wonder what's going on...but that's the beauty of art that is more abstract than literal.

SpeedXaaa @ 3/18/2013 21:20 commented on Pi & Pi & Pie

 This is cute and clever; however, the colors feel as if they have a little too much saturation. I kinda have to squint to be able to fully distribute this from that. Also there could really be a little more contrast between the colors; especially between the cyan-like color and the white.

Otherwise, this is pretty nice. c:

SpeedXaaa @ 3/18/2013 19:21 commented on Charmaquil

 Thank you very much! I tried to stick with a basic style, similar to the simplicity in shading with the overall style of most of the official sprites. Really been trying to draw away from Pokemon-related things, but I love creating these mixes/fusions/hybrids.

Thanks! That was my goal--to combine them pretty evenly--so it's good to know it worked out. c:

Thank you once again for the feedback!

SpeedXaaa @ 3/18/2013 19:17 commented on Red Dragon

Thank you for the feedback! I am terrible when it comes to perspective in wings, hahahah.

Now that you mention it, the two wings are pretty much exactly parallel to each other. Also, the back one looks strangely larger than the front one.

If I ever do tackle a being with wings like this in the future, I will keep the perspective in mind much better. Thank you! :D

SpeedXaaa @ 3/16/2013 19:25 commented on Pocket Monsters

 These are some really interesting takes on Pokemon. Some of them look like they were based a lot off of the Red/Green sprites (i.e.:Mew especially). The shading / color is also quite terrific. Overall, this is just really cool to look at.

SpeedXaaa @ 3/16/2013 19:09 commented on VS Hoenn Gym Leaders (Emerald Version)

 Christ almighty, this is just amazing. You have replicated the style pretty much flawlessly! My only complaint, though, is that I'm not that big of a fan of Juan. XD But that's irrelevant; you did amazingly nonetheless.

I originally saw this in a post on TSR.

SpeedXaaa @ 7/24/2011 21:44 commented on Spelunker Mock-Up

Hahah, so cute. X3 Very nicely shaded, also.


Only thing that bugs me is the total uneveness & awkward orientation of all the letters.

SpeedXaaa @ 7/24/2011 21:42 commented on TUGS 2011 Preliminaries!

Awesome; I especially love the hue-shifting / colors used in the birds. |3

SpeedXaaa @ 7/24/2011 21:41 commented on Prairie Animals

 They're alright, but in certain spots the lineart appears rather jagged and most of the shading on the animals appear very pillowed / banded.

SpeedXaaa @ 7/24/2011 21:39 commented on Flemale

 For being so small, this is actually a pretty smooth animation and's got a pretty natural feel to it. Nice!

Well, actually I guess I mean "natural" by that I like how it has the bounce to it, but come to think of it...her posture seems really stiff and upright.