flaber @ 11/16/2010 23:38 commented on Mario Power Z

I am really happy with the style of yoshi. Great character and design, there is a lot of personality in him.

flaber @ 8/10/2009 00:37 commented on G

great lineart.

looks like it would be interesting to try and color.

flaber @ 5/31/2009 10:50 commented on Big Bird

you need to download chatzilla from

need it first before it will allow you to use IRC.

flaber @ 5/31/2009 10:27 commented on Big Bird

Excellent, Thanks Jalonso.

now just to see if I have any pixelling skills left in me. maby I should start back with a collab..

flaber @ 5/31/2009 10:02 commented on Big Bird

So, Iv been away from the scene for awhile, and now that I come back, I find the IRCs are gone?

hmmm. most unfortunate.

flaber @ 8/6/2008 23:40 commented on Imagine the Scene - 4
im always so bad at these.. so i know im wrong
but i kind of see popeye..

flaber @ 7/16/2008 11:41 commented on I miss Lectro
uh, souly...
hes not in the same style.
tsk tsk.
its good though

flaber @ 5/20/2008 07:24 commented on Adorned Fist
Im happy to see quite a few more newer faces on this top list.
Its nice to see some of the lesser known people get recognized,
instead of the same 'brand name' pixels winning out.
By which i mean, just because a specific artist made it, everyone seems to fall in love with it, even though there are better things out there, by people lesser known.

Its nice to see a wide range of people this time.
Instead of some months where it seems to be dominated by only a few.

flaber @ 3/14/2008 23:59 commented on Big Bird
"i am tired as hell seeing people pissed off about this kind of crap."
and all those fads.

oh you people and your fads.

you cute human folk.

flaber @ 3/1/2008 11:26 commented on Anguna - GBA homebrew - crab
my only bit with this one, is that im not overly fond of the vertical and horizontal lines, on either side of the shell. perhaps curve/flow those lines to the shape of the shell.

otherwise, this is looking good.
Colours are very nice. could probably drop one of the greys in the AA/line areas though. probably the second darkest grey (excluding black from that count)
otherwise, i like the design, and everything else seems fine to me.

flaber @ 2/26/2008 21:14 commented on Big Bird
so. first time poster. long time lurker >_<
noticed a few pixels lately.
wasnt there supposed to be quality control.
because i have noticed a few things that probably should not have been passed.

and it was my birthday on this past saturday. the 23rd.

flaber @ 2/15/2008 10:42 commented on Samus in Zero Mission
please post references.

flaber @ 2/13/2008 21:58 commented on Ninja-Bot - 4 colour compo test
Now not taking either side. But from what I can see, I might see abit of what Adam is talking about.

The branch on the left and the ninja himself would be the examples I would use the strongest.
But it seems to appear anywhere from the transition of black to green.
the entire outline pretty well, of the left branch is traced with the darker greens. Exposing next to no black to the actual scene.
AA does not need to have alot of colours. You can use numerous different colours, or one. It is simply the process of softening the edges. Any amount of softness added, would be considered AA. Generally I only AA with 1 colour.
To use effective AA, it is a cross between methodology and vision.
It is simply not to trace the outline of something, with a transition colour. Rather, add softening to places that need it, such as corners, or curves.
This is seen in the logo aswell.
Its as if you inverted the colouring. Instead of using black outlines for your coloured area. you use a coloured outline for your black area.
This I would then think, would be more of selout, rather than AA.

hopefully that might have made alittle sense. Thats the only bit that I could percieve from it.
Like I said though, im not taking sides.
I personally think it looks fine, and the overall image looks great.
But I can also see where Adam is coming from.

The only thing that bugs me, is the flip animation. seems to jerky to me.

flaber @ 2/1/2008 14:15 commented on Bones
I dont recall the dithering in the version you showed me.
not too sure im keen on the small bit of dithering.
otherwise, i still do like it.
Especially the jaw area, and the colours

flaber @ 1/26/2008 21:02 commented on ichi the killer: cut scene!
lines is one thing. True, then that is like lineart.
But tracing the shades, lighting, colours, textures??
that is a near direct copy.
how is a full copy acceptable? True it is not fully identical. But flip between the images, and you can see the blocks of colours, and shades are traced.
This would then be closer to a hand done photo-reduction.
Unless im interpreting this wrong...

flaber @ 1/26/2008 15:54 commented on ichi the killer: cut scene!
seems very close to the original.
I personally am seeing this as traced very very closely.
Was flipping between yours and the original, and every line and shadow are exactly identical.

flaber @ 1/25/2008 23:41 commented on Alien - An Alien Spacecraft
That is a gorgeous sky.
I feel I can learn from you, and this piece for a new texture. Im always looking, and you have really captured something new and intrigueing.

the cliffs could use a few harsher shadows thrown about it, comparing to the reference... not a fan of the 50% dither on the stones/cliffs. Looking at the sky, Im sure you could have developed a much stronger and effective texture for the rocks.

Great sky again.
I plan to reference this when looking for a new intrigguing texture

flaber @ 1/11/2008 22:55 commented on Dragon baby
wow. nearly forgot i had drawn this guy.. been along time now.
looks not bad.

the front of the belly and head, dont really have much shading on it. The arms and legs are well done though.
im afraid though you have your textures reversed. the belly and head generally are alot smoother. The head may have tiny scales. The outter of the body would have the chunky scales such as what you have done, rather than being smooth.
Its a good texture, just wrong portion of the body.

i quite like the eye though. thats well done. not a big fan of the grey lines in the white area. but besides that i like the eye.

nice colouring

flaber @ 1/9/2008 19:10 commented on Captain Exocet at Flaber Cove
couple of things still could be cleaned.
like BOB mentioned the sails. I still think they are too blue. But you gave your reason as to why.
Lots of progress and improvement was made on this.
can really see the effort put into developing something new, and something past your previous talent.
like I said, still some places here and there. but eh, lets no worry about it.

great job again.
i really do quite like the amount of revisions and learning you did with this project. Rather than just cranking off another image, you wanted to learn and develop yourself with this. I quite like that.
its a keeper.

flaber @ 1/3/2008 20:21 commented on self portrait
i like the hair.
its well done.
so are the colours

flaber @ 12/28/2007 22:08 commented on Secret Santa - Pirate map
this is great.
i really appreciate it.
very well done,
the colours are especially great.

flaber @ 12/3/2007 18:29 commented on Woop Woop
glad you all enjoy :)
tried to capture the spirit of christmas ;) hehe

@bisque - so that I can post him anywhere, on any forum or any site. He seems to work well with that background, so why not.

flaber @ 9/27/2007 11:55 commented on *NEVER TO BE FINISHED*
@Gil / Jalonso: If your going to get sticky with that, then remove all the wips from all members. there are quite a few unifinished works in gallerys, there are quite a few wips in gallerys. I can pick out a few, but i didnt feel a need to bring specific examples up. Even some of the stronger members in the community have wips or unfinished pieces in their gallerys, because they still like what they did with it and feel it deserves a spot. So if your to get all technical about that - then please, remove all wips/unfinished from the gallery.

heh, i better finish or else you will?? well id hate to see your rendition . haha. so i suppose, that means i should finish? i guess maby i should start rethinking this one again..
perhaps i shoudl pull from my gallery then

flaber @ 8/25/2007 21:56 commented on Big Bird
oh, dammit..
i just had a great idea for the rainy day challenge..
but.. theres like no time left. damn..

flaber @ 8/19/2007 18:39 commented on Big Bird
i can never make a good one or an interesting one :(