Melee @ 6/21/2015 20:32 commented on Immaculate

I definitely can. :)

Melee @ 11/25/2014 14:27 commented on Feeling Blue

Maybe it's the shading? I used a photo as a reference, and I think the hand in that is kinda weird looking too. :P If I have time, I can work it a bit later and see if it helps. I've adjusted the harshness of the lips. :) Thank you for the crit!

Melee @ 11/25/2014 14:26 commented on Feeling Blue

Thank you. :)

Melee @ 11/25/2014 14:25 commented on Feeling Blue

I've edited the color on the lips so that it's less harsh. ^^

Melee @ 6/8/2014 22:00 commented on Self/"Melee"

Thank you, guys! :)

Melee @ 6/7/2014 04:24 commented on Drowned at Sea

Thank you. I might come back to it and fix the dithering... I definitely went overboard with it. >:P

Melee @ 9/27/2011 12:16 commented on Rose

 It's really pretty-- wonderful shadows; I feel like you could cut down on the color count and keep it just as nice looking, however. ^^

Melee @ 9/12/2011 00:19 commented on Waterdrop

 The reflections are super duper awesome. I agree with Muir on the random wave, though.

Melee @ 8/23/2011 16:31 commented on Drop the Beat

 Ty! ^^

Melee @ 8/14/2011 19:35 commented on Clefnote

 Oh, my gosh, it's been years since I've read that manga. I want to go reread to catch all your easter eggs: :P

I love the way you shaded Clef. And the background on the right side, especially.

Melee @ 8/14/2011 19:31 commented on Lucy Liu's eye.

 If by not much, you mean simple, then yes. But it's so simple and gorgeous. It's so wonderfully smooth.

Melee @ 8/14/2011 19:27 commented on Beacon light

 Ahhh, the reflections. <3

Melee @ 8/14/2011 16:23 commented on Drop the Beat

 Oh! It'd probably stay on top... but I wanted to  have it feel like an anchor. May I call it artistic liscense?

Melee @ 8/12/2011 20:13 commented on Drop the Beat

 @Miumau0 You mean not so dark so quickly? :o

Melee @ 8/12/2011 17:58 commented on Drop the Beat

@CELS "Dink" must be a word my aunt made up then. xD Just mess around/play with. Like I just dink with the pixels and see what happens. :)

@Divtag Thank you. ^^

Melee @ 8/12/2011 00:55 commented on Drop the Beat

 Oh, no, really? xD I might dink again later. I wasn't sure if it was completely okay to use, though, because it wasn't pixelled. (I know it's the preview, but...)

Melee @ 8/11/2011 23:54 commented on rabbit

 Quick note: you might want to change your preview file. It should be not-scaled down. So you can crop to a section you like to keep it within the 100x100px limit. 

Melee @ 8/11/2011 22:46 commented on Drop the Beat

 @xxmanisxx I'll work on that! :O Weird, I spaced it!

@Christoballs I just looked that up. I like it. The face, especially. I'll try that, too. ^^


Melee @ 8/11/2011 16:32 commented on Quick Self-Portrait

 @Delicious, @Big Brother, @Christoballs

Sorry for not responding sooner. I've felt like not responding to anyone the last few days. :P
Anyways, I tried the dithering-deletion and re-cropping. I think I might edit this again to add a fourth color for some extra bits of highlight.

Ahh, I'm almost intimidated to share my dA. xD A lot of stuff on there is super old because my freshman year sucked up all of my time. But I do have some new things. ^^

Melee @ 8/8/2011 18:51 commented on Quick Self-Portrait

 @CELS Thanks. ^^

@Christoballs I originally didn't have it, but it felt too much like the poster filter some graphics programs had.

Melee @ 8/7/2011 18:19 commented on Witch

 I'm not sure why, but I really like the broom's sweepy-part. :o Cute.

Melee @ 8/6/2011 16:41 commented on Golem

 I can edit it up 'til voting, right? Thank you. ^^ I'll mess with his bicep.