Arkan85 @ 5/15/2019 00:40 commented on Moon

Wow! I like it a lot! 

Maybe you could add some AA on the bottom/external side of the moon (if you want)

Arkan85 @ 5/15/2019 00:36 commented on A bunch of mechas.

You added more mechs! Great work!

Arkan85 @ 5/15/2019 00:34 commented on 20181201

Very cute!

Arkan85 @ 5/15/2019 00:33 commented on kmnz

Finally it is on PixelJoint! Cool work and cute girls!

Arkan85 @ 5/15/2019 00:30 commented on Grandmaster Portraits

Good work Gecimen!

Arkan85 @ 5/15/2019 00:20 commented on KF map

WOW! Great work! 

Arkan85 @ 5/5/2019 02:44 commented on Book

Very cool!

Arkan85 @ 5/5/2019 02:40 commented on Kolonisierung

Nice work!

Arkan85 @ 5/5/2019 02:39 commented on Scarlet Witch

Nice work!

Arkan85 @ 5/5/2019 02:38 commented on motorbikes

Cool Collab!

Sadly I missed it.

Arkan85 @ 4/15/2019 05:58 commented on Metal gear Plus

Great work!

Arkan85 @ 4/15/2019 05:57 commented on Resident Evil 2 Demake


Arkan85 @ 4/8/2019 14:03 commented on Attack dog soviet

@ptoing Thank you!
One day I will try it again

Arkan85 @ 12/31/2018 13:52 commented on Mei Misaki - November 2014

Very very cute!

Arkan85 @ 12/31/2018 13:51 commented on Mei Misaki - September 2015


Arkan85 @ 12/31/2018 13:46 commented on Mei Misaki - December 2018

Very nice!

but I prefer the extreme cuteness of "Sep 2015" and "Nov 2014"

Arkan85 @ 12/31/2018 13:31 commented on Attack dog soviet

How you can change the resolution?
On my PC it cuts the top and bottom of the game... and ALT+ENTER does not exit full screen mode :(

Arkan85 @ 10/31/2018 07:56 commented on Walking ISO Male Animation

I played that game long time ago...

nobody else as I see from the challenge's entries...

Arkan85 @ 10/11/2018 12:43 commented on Fox

It is nice...

but it has 256 colors... the sky wasn't pixelled one pixel at a time but with some kind of brush and/or filter and also the water wasn't made manually I think...

I don't think a purist would call it "pixel art"

Arkan85 @ 8/17/2018 04:30 commented on Bogu Parts - Men

There were two entries in this challenge... and now they are not linked to it...

I think that something went wrong... or someone decided that the two entries didn't deserve the podium...

Who knows...

... and the 300x300 without "max" confused me too

Arkan85 @ 6/29/2018 13:14 commented on The Passion According to a Cockroach

So small... but zooming I noticed the woman and the dead cockroach
I don't think I will ever read that book...

Arkan85 @ 6/8/2018 14:16 commented on Teamwork

I love the coloring of R2D2 too!

Great work!

Arkan85 @ 6/8/2018 14:15 commented on Suikoden Character Re-do's

Wow! Great work!

Arkan85 @ 6/8/2018 14:07 commented on Jeremy's Crocodile

Thank you everybody!

Arkan85 @ 5/26/2018 23:34 commented on teamwork competition entry

Very nice work!

You made it funnier and sexier than my original idea!