8BitGinno @ 9/21/2011 18:24 commented on MITSUDOMOE

This looks great. Awesome job man.

Judging from your works, I'd say we have similar.. tastes. :P

8BitGinno @ 8/23/2011 12:06 commented on Magical explosion!

Nice work.

I'm scared to attempt an explosion, haha..

8BitGinno @ 8/21/2011 10:09 commented on Drifloon Avatar

I always liked your avatar.

So simple but clean and well done.

8BitGinno @ 8/21/2011 10:07 commented on Skull

I agree. This is very nicely done.

8BitGinno @ 8/21/2011 09:53 commented on Jab, jab, PUNCH!

Just to make it more visible I suppose, haha..

Thanks much. :)

8BitGinno @ 8/20/2011 23:43 commented on Professor Avalanche

Damn, that's a pretty good back story! Ahaha..

Will vote when I can.

8BitGinno @ 8/20/2011 23:39 commented on Ouji

Simple, but  cute!

Although, I do want to say that the darkest shading under the hornes is rather strange.

8BitGinno @ 8/15/2011 00:49 commented on New partisan Tiles

Geez. Love your work!

I'm gonna watch ya.

8BitGinno @ 8/15/2011 00:46 commented on 40 Credits!

Those bums tried to mug ya! Ha!

Anyway, this is freaking awesome man. Excellent work!

8BitGinno @ 8/9/2011 22:38 commented on tiny wizard walk

Simple, clean, and well animated.


I like it!

8BitGinno @ 8/8/2011 21:01 commented on The island of the Empire

Excellent lil' castle portrait, man.

Clean and neat.

8BitGinno @ 8/8/2011 20:08 commented on Jab, jab, PUNCH!

Hey, it could be a karate chop if you want! Haha..

But you gotta admit the animation is smoother this time around, and at least his body isn't so stationary as well.

8BitGinno @ 8/8/2011 18:49 commented on Jab, jab, PUNCH!

And.. updated!


Although he doesn't exactly "twist" his hips he does crouch a bit foward to emphasize the stronger, right-handed punch.

8BitGinno @ 8/8/2011 17:45 commented on Jab, jab, PUNCH!

Thanks for commenting!

I see what you mean. Yeah, the 3rd punch was supposed to be stronger, thus the range. But if that's true, he should have some body movement, shouldn't he? I'm fighting my own laziness and lack of self confidence, but some slight adjustments to make the animation more lively sounds doable.


I've got some stuff to do. :)

8BitGinno @ 8/8/2011 17:34 commented on LOI Starting screen

Same here.

Excellent work DarkfalzX!

8BitGinno @ 8/8/2011 17:31 commented on GunGanesha - Legend of Iya boss

Holy crap, you're awesome. Excellent work man.

Any tips for animating?

8BitGinno @ 8/8/2011 07:20 commented on Stink Sprite Sheet

I'm still searching for a good gif animator.

I didn't really enjoy GraphisGale

8BitGinno @ 8/7/2011 19:38 commented on Mister Man

Simple, but smooth and neat.

8BitGinno @ 8/7/2011 15:42 commented on tileset 01

I'm hoping to one day do a tileset for a game.

This is simple and awesome. Fav'd!

8BitGinno @ 8/7/2011 15:32 commented on The Galaxy in your Pocket

I like the retro feel. Pretty neat man.