Mandrill @ 3/20/2017 09:22 commented on Beach

The lighting in this is superb! Great piece.

Mandrill @ 3/20/2017 09:12 commented on Big Bird

@ BexelArt

If the submission is submitted in time and it meets the challenge requirements, it will get approved before the challenge ends.

@ Crimso

Yes. As I'm the one who runs the weekly challenges now the deadline has been pushed back a good 10 hours. I live in a different timezone than Sca and therefore are at university when the countdown runs out.

Mandrill @ 3/19/2017 14:41 commented on Kite In The Rain

Love the style, looks a bit like a Tetris level.

Mandrill @ 3/19/2017 14:36 commented on Waiting for you...

Grandma was a hotty.

Mandrill @ 3/19/2017 14:35 commented on Birb joined the party!

That's some excellent cluster work and colours. Well done.

Mandrill @ 3/19/2017 14:31 commented on say cheese and dienosaurs

Dinosaurs... you won my heart with this piece.

Fun fact: All known species of the stegosauria suborder had went extinct long before the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event

Mandrill @ 3/19/2017 06:00 commented on Basic Enemy 2

It takes longer these days. The queue is filled with stuff atm.

Great little ship! There are some problems with the inner AA though. I gave it a quick paintover trying to fix those issues.


Mandrill @ 3/19/2017 05:47 commented on Old photo

It's so simplistic and and yet very readable. Nicely done.

Mandrill @ 3/19/2017 05:45 commented on Rogue (X-men)

Excellent sprite.

Mandrill @ 3/19/2017 05:43 commented on ROBIN

Your pixels are getting better and better. Your cluster work and colour choices have improved a lot.
If you want to improve you ramps even more, I suggest checking out the forums. There are plenty of tutorials on how to pick colours more efficiently.

Mandrill @ 3/19/2017 05:36 commented on Family Treasure

Interesting piece. However, it doesn't meet the challenge requirements. Please get rid off transparency and browns

Mandrill @ 3/17/2017 07:03 commented on Royal Fish

Ultra clean pixels, buddy. A real treat to look at!

Mandrill @ 3/14/2017 09:21 commented on G unit

No colour, just greyscale.

Mandrill @ 3/13/2017 09:11 commented on Dr. Fred

Fantastic portrait, buddy! Tons of character in this one.

Mandrill @ 3/9/2017 06:03 commented on Gothic Capital

Heavy dithering can look this great? I'm a bit blown away. Moreover, sublime use of sharp highlights.

Mandrill @ 3/9/2017 05:59 commented on tree #4

This is great!

Mandrill @ 3/3/2017 17:53 commented on Oreo P32-cookie!

That's one tasty looking Oreo. Well done.

Mandrill @ 3/3/2017 17:51 commented on Monster with Extraordinary Hairdo

I think it's great. Love the tight cluster placement. It really helps with the bark texture.

Mandrill @ 3/3/2017 16:47 commented on Bunny Suit Kid

How about combining a bunch of your favourite animals? Don't blame me if they try to kill you on your island though. Jamie

Mandrill @ 3/3/2017 16:44 commented on Wild Link


Mandrill @ 3/3/2017 16:40 commented on Collection of Stuff

I can't add it due to glitchy preview pic.

Mandrill @ 3/3/2017 05:44 commented on Fog of The Wake

Interesting style and some pretty good AA.

I like it.

Mandrill @ 3/1/2017 04:02 commented on Dragon

Great piece!

Mandrill @ 2/28/2017 04:59 commented on Pinkblue

Your use of 45° lines is masterful. Great portrait!

Mandrill @ 2/28/2017 04:37 commented on Life In The Countryside

This series is so unique and well pixelled! It is really something I haven't yet seen done in pixel art.