Mandrill @ 5/21/2018 12:48 commented on Chibi Fossil Idle Stance

It can be anything. Totally up to your imagination!

Surprise us. ;)

Mandrill @ 5/16/2018 03:44 commented on The 8 Sins: Gluttony Mage Leader

Neat little sprites

Mandrill @ 5/15/2018 06:35 commented on ninja portrait 02

Haha, you got it!

Mandrill @ 5/14/2018 10:08 commented on ninja portrait 02

@ k1

Tick the box at the bottom when uploading a piece.

It should look like this.

@ SmashAdams

Yes, the backround layer has to be transparent.

Mandrill @ 5/10/2018 03:41 commented on Jack Doe- Your twenty year old shmo.

@ CryoKimothy

They do! :)


Sure, why not. ;)

Mandrill @ 5/8/2018 08:02 commented on Renaldo Disguise 2: Street Mime

Hey darchangel

thanks for pointing that out. We are aware of this issue and are going to deal with it once the voting is done.

Mandrill @ 5/8/2018 03:04 commented on Jack Doe- Your twenty year old shmo.

I would prefer 'real' insects over arachnids, but I won't decline your entry if it has 8 legs. :)

Mandrill @ 5/8/2018 03:01 commented on Robots, Droids, Mechs..

Killer piece, andy!

Mandrill @ 4/30/2018 13:25 commented on eyes

The lighting here is top-notch, great piece!

Mandrill @ 4/30/2018 13:19 commented on Crystal Lineart - Detail

@ PixelDust

You can add some meat here and there, but make sure that most of it is mechanical.

@ Eggy

Would be great to see your entry!

Mandrill @ 4/30/2018 11:30 commented on Crystal Lineart - Detail

Yes, they do. :)

Mandrill @ 4/26/2018 10:16 commented on Escape

The master has returned!

Amazing piece, dude.

Mandrill @ 4/26/2018 10:04 commented on portrait - commission

I cannot get over how great this looks!

Absolutely stunning.

Mandrill @ 4/19/2018 11:18 commented on Bear Portrait

Love the freaky shapes and colours. Well done.

Mandrill @ 4/17/2018 09:30 commented on Greens Performance

Mr.Hai's idea is pretty good. The restrictions have been altered.

Glad you like it! Thanks irena

Mandrill @ 4/11/2018 07:51 commented on Do-Re-Mi

Thanks a bunch, man! :)

Mandrill @ 4/9/2018 12:02 commented on The Collector

Sublime piece. Can't find any flaws!

Mandrill @ 4/2/2018 15:33 commented on BOCEANSCENTED

There's at least one OCEANSCENTED piece every april fools' challenge. This one is the best yet!

Mandrill @ 4/2/2018 15:18 commented on Sol-La-Si

I really, really love the piece. Despite it being a bit jaggy I feel you've captured what I try to do with my cluster placement perfectly.

I feel so humbled! I'm more than glad to have others studying my art. Thanks a bunch! If there are any questions concerning my process or art in general, fire away! :)

Mandrill @ 4/2/2018 15:14 commented on Birbs

Such lovely sprites! They read perfectly.

Mandrill @ 3/23/2018 07:43 commented on Down the well

Juicy clusters! Love it.

Mandrill @ 3/22/2018 10:40 commented on Air Discovery


Mandrill @ 3/20/2018 09:27 commented on After humans..

Holy crap, andy! This is so good I can't even begin to find words in order to describe its beauty.

Mandrill @ 3/20/2018 09:26 commented on Gameboy - "Song about love"

Didn't even see this one! The shading looks absolutely stellar, perfect cluster placement.

Mandrill @ 3/19/2018 05:39 commented on Gameboy - "Endless road"

Utterly smooth considering the palette.

Great piece.