Mandrill @ 2/21/2017 08:36 commented on a guy

Not necessarily. You have to use the exact 4 colours shown above and transparency is not one of them.

Mandrill @ 2/21/2017 04:42 commented on Former

Incredible use of the palette!

Mandrill @ 2/20/2017 13:08 commented on Reise Portrait

Lovely portrait! Well done.

Mandrill @ 2/20/2017 09:41 commented on Living

Gives me Monster Hunter vibes. Great piece.

Mandrill @ 2/20/2017 09:40 commented on CGA me

Great portrait.

Mandrill @ 2/19/2017 09:42 commented on Mr. Smoky

@ Dawn

That means a lot coming from such an amazing artist, thank you. :)

Mandrill @ 2/19/2017 09:36 commented on Mr. Smoky

@ Cynips

Thanks a bunch, dude. Always great to hear from you! :) I would love to see some new pieces from you.

Mandrill @ 2/19/2017 09:35 commented on Mr. Smoky

@ Risenshiney

Thank you very much. Your works are great, some really well-done sprites! :)

Mandrill @ 2/18/2017 06:33 commented on The Machine

Cool piece. Simplistic and yet very readable.

Mandrill @ 2/16/2017 07:58 commented on Mr. Smoky

@ jok

Thank you, jok. I'm a fan of your portraits.

Mandrill @ 2/16/2017 07:57 commented on Mr. Smoky

@ Irenaart

It is! Thanks a lot. :)

Mandrill @ 2/16/2017 07:56 commented on Mr. Smoky

@ hostile

Believe it or not, he's not even that hostile. ;)

Mandrill @ 2/16/2017 07:55 commented on Mr. Smoky

@ mordfikosz

Thank you very much, buddy. Glad you like it. ;)

Mandrill @ 2/16/2017 07:55 commented on Mr. Smoky

@ Mac & Cheese

Cool idea. ;)

Mandrill @ 2/16/2017 07:54 commented on Mr. Smoky

@ rhl

Thanks a bunch, kat! That means a lot coming from you.

btw. I added the palette to the description. ;)

Mandrill @ 2/16/2017 07:48 commented on Mr. Smoky


Cheers! I do the same, much easier tell users apart.

Mandrill @ 2/16/2017 07:47 commented on Mr. Smoky

@ Motrox

I love yours too, some really great cluster work. Thanks a lot. :)

Mandrill @ 2/16/2017 07:46 commented on Mr. Smoky

@ D-jinn

Thank you.

Mandrill @ 2/16/2017 07:46 commented on Mr. Smoky

@ Theoden

It's always the eyes that tell the truth. :P

Thank you very much, mate. :)

Mandrill @ 2/16/2017 07:44 commented on Mr. Smoky

@ vaz

Hehe, great you dig it, man! Thanks. :)

Mandrill @ 2/16/2017 07:44 commented on Mr. Smoky

@ bobo

Thanks a bunch, buddy.

That's a lot of hyphens! You are right, I really like to exaggerate anatomy sometimes. I've learned that from studying Paul Bonners work. He does it in all of his paintings.

Hard to tell where the fallout vibe comes from. I guess it has to do with the ramp, highlights are quite bright. Glad you like it!

Mandrill @ 2/15/2017 13:22 commented on widowmaker 1st scene

Your animations are really something else!

As always, utterly amazing work.

Mandrill @ 2/14/2017 14:54 commented on Ungala

Even handsome sorcerers can be evil. However, if the evil version is rather hideous, it makes sense give the good version good looks.

Companions are ok. ;)

@ crit

That's a nice thing to say. Gecimen came up with the idea.

Mandrill @ 2/13/2017 07:41 commented on Hero Adventure (previously Intellivision RPG experiment)

Like a little box full of wonders. Lovely piece, buddy!

Mandrill @ 2/9/2017 13:56 commented on Big Bird

Frankly, it's quite strange that he had been offline for a while came back to fave a piece and went missing again.