Mandrill @ 1/18/2019 01:12 commented on self portrait

Great clusters.

Mandrill @ 1/8/2019 15:35 commented on Cave vehicle

The guy with the spear should be a woman, haha.

Cool idea.

Mandrill @ 1/7/2019 08:21 commented on Rocketeer

Just one "machine"

Mandrill @ 1/7/2019 08:07 commented on Phosphate of calcium

Super clean clusters! Love it.

Mandrill @ 12/11/2018 08:17 commented on Dreadnought

Right up my alley, I love 40k! It is so hard to get that kind of detail with such a small canvas, well done.

Mandrill @ 12/4/2018 05:48 commented on Leanne

You can, but you don't have to.

Mandrill @ 12/3/2018 14:31 commented on Grim Ascension

Excellent use of high contrast.

Mandrill @ 12/3/2018 10:38 commented on Tormented Soul

@ Theoden

Thanks a ton, buddy. It's always great to hear from you. :)

Mandrill @ 12/3/2018 10:38 commented on Tormented Soul

Haha, sure thing!

Mandrill @ 12/3/2018 09:41 commented on Vicious

Great portrait, love the lighting here.

Mandrill @ 12/3/2018 09:39 commented on Lan

We are sorry that something like this happened, magickbird. The wackiness of this site can be quite tricky sometimes. You will be rewarded with the rare 'Victim of Circumstance' Medal as compensation.

It's a great entry nonetheless!

Mandrill @ 12/3/2018 08:28 commented on Lan

Quite hard this week! Such great entries.

Mandrill @ 11/27/2018 04:31 commented on Blood world

Bloody hell, it looks great!

Mandrill @ 11/27/2018 04:28 commented on lilmonk

@ Eggy

You can pixel an already existing character. That is possible too, it just have to look like it comes from a video game.

@ eishiya

If you manage to fit a few poses and a decent portrait in your entry, go ahead.


Nope, als long as the sprite isn't too small and readable.

Mandrill @ 11/23/2018 08:34 commented on Forest spirits garden party


Mandrill @ 11/20/2018 13:42 commented on Big Bird

A helluva lot of great pixels!

Welcome back.

Mandrill @ 11/20/2018 04:45 commented on RED ROBOT ON FIRE

Should be fixed now. Thanks for the heads up! :)

Mandrill @ 11/17/2018 07:17 commented on Twitch Creatures

Sublime sprites!

Mandrill @ 11/13/2018 10:43 commented on Big Bird

Happy Birthday, buddy!

Mandrill @ 11/10/2018 17:57 commented on Big Bird

Alles erdenklich Gute Elchmann! :)

Mandrill @ 11/7/2018 15:11 commented on Little Knight

Pretty neat! Love the reflective metal.

Mandrill @ 10/30/2018 07:52 commented on Big Bird

Excellent, buddy!

Mandrill @ 10/29/2018 06:15 commented on Dungeon Keeper

Absolutely mindblowing. A modern-day version with these graphics and I would be a happy, happy man!

Mandrill @ 10/23/2018 10:44 commented on Demoiní a pixel

You are back with my favourite portrait series! Looks fantastic.

Mandrill @ 8/6/2018 15:08 commented on Bogu Parts - Men

It's always max when there's no exactly to be seen