Mandrill @ 7/11/2020 04:15 commented on Nurgly Avatar


You are the man! Thanks a ton, buddy!

Mandrill @ 7/11/2020 04:14 commented on Nurgly Avatar


thank you very much, man! I'm more than happy that my work has become recognizable!

Mandrill @ 7/11/2020 04:13 commented on Nurgly Avatar

@ Wolf

Thanks a lot, my friend! :)

Mandrill @ 7/11/2020 03:06 commented on Mushroom giant

Great piece!

I love that sepia palette and the Warhammer vibe.

Mandrill @ 6/27/2020 06:02 commented on First avatar.

Really strong piece with a neat palette. I love the black backround and heavy contrast, great clusters too!

The only thing that might be worth revisiting are the shadow areas of the face. I think using some of that black to daarken the shadows would make the face "pop" a bit more.

Otherwise, an awesome avatar!

Mandrill @ 5/26/2020 01:21 commented on Normal Worm


Great challenge, Geci!

Mandrill @ 5/20/2020 04:04 commented on The Holy Bolter

@ Otto

Thank you very much!

Mandrill @ 5/20/2020 04:03 commented on The Holy Bolter

@ jok

Thanks a lot! :)

Mandrill @ 5/20/2020 04:02 commented on The Holy Bolter

@ Dokitsu

Thank you very much. :)

Yeah, it's so tempting to go with a transparent backround sometimes.

Mandrill @ 5/19/2020 10:35 commented on The Holy Bolter

@ frikicat

and the alien, and the witch!

thank you very much. :)

Mandrill @ 5/19/2020 10:34 commented on The Holy Bolter

@ geci

Hehe, thanks a lot, man!

Mandrill @ 5/19/2020 10:33 commented on The Holy Bolter

@ Theoden

The emperor protects!

Thanks a lot my friend, glad you like them colours! :)

Mandrill @ 5/15/2020 06:28 commented on Juggernaut avatar

Great material rendering!

Mandrill @ 5/6/2020 05:00 commented on Steampunk plague doctor

Getting some Warhammer 40k-vibes from this! Awesome piece. :)

Mandrill @ 5/4/2020 08:05 commented on Flesh Mask

Disgustingly good!

Mandrill @ 4/4/2020 14:30 commented on Mechanisms - Belts

The reflections got me too, amazing!

Mandrill @ 4/3/2020 02:15 commented on Random Sprite Dump 2

I can't even pick a favourite (except the dino of course). They're all too good!

Mandrill @ 2/5/2020 02:32 commented on Gang

Great piece! I love the high contrast.

Mandrill @ 2/2/2020 14:58 commented on A Girl and her cats

Pink is the key here. Really good stuff!

Mandrill @ 2/1/2020 16:43 commented on Hellbound (Preview)

Excellent entry. Your dithering is ace.

Wait a minute... A Hellraiser fan? Nice!

Mandrill @ 2/1/2020 16:41 commented on Dragon's Crown Mockup

Damn! One of my favourite side-scrollers.

I almost killed my Vita playing this..... and my thumbs.

Mandrill @ 1/31/2020 03:59 commented on The Girl In Red

This is great too, man.

Mandrill @ 1/31/2020 03:58 commented on A Star Is Born

This ist great, man.

Mandrill @ 1/29/2020 08:16 commented on GTar

Absolutely. Even a pinkish Red is more than fine.

Mandrill @ 1/28/2020 11:38 commented on GTar

Exactly :)