Mandrill @ 2/5/2020 02:32 commented on Gang

Great piece! I love the high contrast.

Mandrill @ 2/2/2020 14:58 commented on A Girl and her cats

Pink is the key here. Really good stuff!

Mandrill @ 2/1/2020 16:43 commented on Hellbound (Preview)

Excellent entry. Your dithering is ace.

Wait a minute... A Hellraiser fan? Nice!

Mandrill @ 2/1/2020 16:41 commented on Dragon's Crown Mockup

Damn! One of my favourite side-scrollers.

I almost killed my Vita playing this..... and my thumbs.

Mandrill @ 1/31/2020 03:59 commented on The Girl In Red

This is great too, man.

Mandrill @ 1/31/2020 03:58 commented on A Star Is Born

This ist great, man.

Mandrill @ 1/29/2020 08:16 commented on GTar

Absolutely. Even a pinkish Red is more than fine.

Mandrill @ 1/28/2020 11:38 commented on GTar

Exactly :)

Mandrill @ 1/28/2020 06:14 commented on GTar

“Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind.“

Adarias described the matter perfectly. That's what the challenge is all about. 

Let your imagination flow a bit and don't try to think within the usual constrains. Don't think hex Codes, think what YOU consider these colours to be.

@ Geci

Hell yeah, man!

Mandrill @ 1/7/2020 07:24 commented on Steel Armour (set)

Dang! That's great.

Mandrill @ 9/23/2019 09:22 commented on 40k Ork

That's a snazzy gun! Great piece, man!

Mandrill @ 9/23/2019 09:19 commented on Hive World Confessional

Amazing looking sister!

Great piece!

Mandrill @ 8/20/2019 09:51 commented on Oscar'suicide


Mandrill @ 8/5/2019 11:41 commented on Lil Dog


Mandrill @ 7/26/2019 08:54 commented on EGA Axe

Fantastic shading!

Mandrill @ 7/26/2019 04:38 commented on Red

I love that style! Great stuff.

Mandrill @ 7/22/2019 17:15 commented on Sons of Peril - Snail unit

This has so much charm, great piece.

Mandrill @ 7/22/2019 17:13 commented on Country Sunset

Very sharp! Nicely done.

Mandrill @ 7/22/2019 09:56 commented on Little kitty

Excellent work!

Mandrill @ 7/22/2019 09:51 commented on Big Bird

You guys are too kind! Thanks a ton!

Mandrill @ 7/20/2019 15:21 commented on Pixel hunters

Wonderful stuff, especially your cluster work.

Mandrill @ 7/19/2019 07:00 commented on Big Bird

Thanks a ton Irena! I really appreciate it. :)

Mandrill @ 7/15/2019 14:24 commented on Waiting

Getting some Resident Evil vibes from this. Cool stuff.

Mandrill @ 7/15/2019 13:50 commented on Just an avatar

This is spot on! Pretty expressive and detailed for such a small canvas and only 3 colours; love the palette.

Well done.

Mandrill @ 6/28/2019 06:22 commented on 1bit faces

I love these so much! That 1-bit Adolf looks absolutely terrifying.