philippejugnet @ 8/1/2017 10:43 commented on Obligatory RPG Remake

This is REAALY good :)

philippejugnet @ 7/30/2017 11:22 commented on Forest Transition Parallax

Thanks everyone! :)

philippejugnet @ 7/10/2017 09:12 commented on Contest Smiley

I'm having a hard time chosing only 3 entries!

philippejugnet @ 6/16/2017 12:14 commented on Super Freak Duck

Damn good job Yes-I-Do .
and everybody else ofc! =)

philippejugnet @ 6/6/2017 09:33 commented on Big Bird

Nice! There's more to try on! =)

philippejugnet @ 6/6/2017 07:56 commented on Big Bird

Dudes, have a check at this!
I would like to see some outputs :).

philippejugnet @ 6/2/2017 11:11 commented on Big Bird

Im afraid my weekly piece won't get accepted until the und of the challenge.

philippejugnet @ 6/1/2017 06:40 commented on Big Bird

@Jinn - I can't see a thing.

philippejugnet @ 5/23/2017 02:50 commented on iDracula "Brotech-231"

This is awesome! :)

philippejugnet @ 5/20/2017 21:58 commented on Big Bird

pyrometal- I won't anymore, just joking ^-^.
(I'll wait for you to go offline )
  @Eggy- Let's say everyone only votes itself, and when it does it votes 5/5, then all the pieces will end up being in the same spot. It means that not voting for yourself is like being one step behing :p.

philippejugnet @ 5/20/2017 19:04 commented on Ninja Cat

Thanks! I'm definitely improving on my sprites. =)

philippejugnet @ 5/20/2017 19:00 commented on Big Bird

@Eggy-Same man. (Worked on chrome this time, but it wasn't working when I tried last week-I was trying to put previews on my profile).

Cartoon Ape icon/pixelartCartoon Ape icon/pixelartCartoon Ape icon/pixelartCartoon Ape icon/pixelartCartoon Ape icon/pixelartCartoon Ape icon/pixelart

hello I can now spam stuff here again.

better be carefull or i'll stab you!
My first upload icon/pixelart

philippejugnet @ 5/17/2017 22:36 commented on Big Bird

I think im banned from posting pictures on pj D: no longer works for me. I think it was because I would spam the chat years ago q-q.

philippejugnet @ 5/16/2017 23:32 commented on Dylan_Hunt


philippejugnet @ 5/15/2017 22:01 commented on Cover art of Hero Siege

How haven't I seen this? D:

philippejugnet @ 5/12/2017 12:02 commented on Jackal, Dove & Sheep

I get it! thanks! :).

philippejugnet @ 5/11/2017 20:55 commented on Copper Death

Didn't see this! awesum bruw

philippejugnet @ 5/11/2017 12:29 commented on Big Bird

yey! just got another DD! streaming 24 hours untill 12/05 :) english stream this time! 

if you guys wanna check it up :D

Thanks for everyone who came to the stream yesterday!

philippejugnet @ 5/9/2017 20:07 commented on Big Bird

I've been streaming for some hours. If you wanna check it out :)

doing some pixel art

philippejugnet @ 5/9/2017 16:14 commented on Jackal, Dove & Sheep

The girl's right leg of the right leg of the image of the girl, and if that is, how so? too thin compared to the other?

philippejugnet @ 5/7/2017 12:14 commented on Big Bird

everytime I open my message box there's this jal message :*( we miss you old jal D:

philippejugnet @ 5/3/2017 13:59 commented on 1-bit Girl

It's awesome :)

philippejugnet @ 2/18/2017 10:11 commented on National Congress of Brazil

hehe I live near it :)

philippejugnet @ 2/6/2017 09:54 commented on Palisade

very nice :)

philippejugnet @ 12/6/2016 10:11 commented on Big Bird

Streaming some pixel process if you want to see :).