philippejugnet @ 5/10/2018 11:20 commented on ...

Those clouds feel awesome!

philippejugnet @ 5/5/2018 20:40 commented on 28

Thanks! The mangas were recently republished by JBC in my country, and I had the chance to buy myself a copy. I was very inspired by this one =). (Upcoming scenery piece, maybe?)

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philippejugnet @ 4/23/2018 22:50 commented on Big Bird

 Me and my dreamgirl.

man, she is amazing. Nice interview btw cure.

philippejugnet @ 9/28/2017 14:29 commented on Matees! Welcome to Pixilart

I really like the colors

philippejugnet @ 9/27/2017 06:46 commented on Big Bird

I've heard pixeljoint is not change nick friendly, because it ends up with confusion and reports for RIP, so your new nick should somewhat look like the old nick. Like Cure was thereisnocure, now he is just cure. But you can definitely ask a mod to change it, so, it is possible.

philippejugnet @ 9/24/2017 05:31 commented on Big Bird

 This is already showing up in the hall of fame! so cool! shows how big pixel joint still is!
congratulations Finlal!

philippejugnet @ 9/12/2017 18:38 commented on containtris

That's so nice, tomic. I love it. I think you could still keep the black part thing on top tho, and I would add more colors to the top grab thing.

Something like this.

It's really awesome, I love Tetris. Just a mockup or are you goint to program it? It's quite easy to program a Tetris game, even if you don't have the skills for it you could just learn it because it's so easy.

I would also make the backpart tones a little bit more saturated to the red, or yellow only.

philippejugnet @ 9/8/2017 14:26 commented on Big Bird

what the hell is that 

philippejugnet @ 9/2/2017 17:45 commented on Big Bird

Cutest thing I've ever heard!

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philippejugnet @ 9/2/2017 14:13 commented on Big Bird

Does it sound more like "kill" or "Kiwi" ?

philippejugnet @ 9/1/2017 19:29 commented on Old Stuff #1

I'm glad! thanks for the cheer up! :)

philippejugnet @ 9/1/2017 16:25 commented on Pyramid Mockup

@Eishiya- We don't have yet, it's in the very beggining, but it's 100% programmed tho. These are not the original colors, I kinda tweaked to look more flat. ( They do stand out a bit more on the original colors ). About the crack, it was also an edit to post, that isn't an option on the origianl tileset, but I liked it a lot as dark as they're, Just thought about they would be less illuminated because they're deeper, but I'll mess around with it and learn something. Thanks!

@Graindolium- Thanks! long time no see! :)

philippejugnet @ 9/1/2017 13:32 commented on Big Bird

@cure-Don't say what you don't know, it wasn't on my inbox, its public, you can go check it out.

This was jal's response on the same piece.

Bunch of shame on that chat tho.

The thing about jal being so loved was because he wasn't an asshole, he was nice to everyone, and that is quite the opposite of what we want to be the new jal right?

It's not up to me to decide anything, I don't find myself fit as much as many ppl here to be mods. So stop fighting about everything that's commented on the chatterbox. It's annoying.

philippejugnet @ 8/31/2017 22:14 commented on Big Bird

@neota-Don't overextend this, that shot wasn't on you. It's definitely way more polite than it was some days ago tho.

edit:(ye a lil hipocrite on this one)about hapiel being mod, not wanting to offend anyone but I don't think it's fit, years ago I complained about the gallery being dropped out too quickly for some pieces, and too slowly for others, and this was the response he sent back to me.

philippejugnet @ 8/31/2017 19:55 commented on Big Bird

Why not use our times to criticize some real pixel art thats on the gallery/queue whose people are really needing some feedback rather then throw fire at each other?

philippejugnet @ 8/31/2017 16:02 commented on Werewolf

Hi there, and first off, welcome to Pixel Joint!

This is quite cool, I really liked this piece, and the wolfie looks very nice to me, the glowing eye is quite of a nice detail to it!

But hey, I decided to take some of my time to write this down for you and give you some feedback, and give your piece a little edit to ilustrate what I mean.

I see that some of the colors depicted on your Werewolf piece are quite redundant (that means you are using more colors then you should be using/unnecesary colors). So, you are actually using 41 colors, and some of the colors you put there only show up once or twice and only on a single cluster! (In case you don't know a cluster is, here is a nice pixel art tutorial with some cool terminology, it's nice to have a look so you understand what's going on).

There's also another issue with the colors ramp, so your piece is quite dark and with low contrast (It's not harmonic), you can achieve that by increasing contrast/changing some of the tons to brighter and other to darker.
Here's a little edit to illustrate all of what I've said above, plus, I added some more light to what would be the mandible, so it renders out better, and a little dithering here and there :).

Link (16 colors)

Once more, welcome to PJ! have a nice time around and nice and a cozy stay!

philippejugnet @ 8/30/2017 17:27 commented on Monolith

If you didn't feel like finishing it, it's cool. This way I'm more attracted to the middle of the piece, which is awesome. Nice job =).

philippejugnet @ 8/28/2017 18:45 commented on Plague Rat


philippejugnet @ 8/28/2017 18:40 commented on Big Bird

Guys, have started working on a pixel art last year. Making a bit a day. But not happy with it at all at this point.

Some have seen it on twitter, should I post it the way it is or not post it at all?


I don't really feel like finishing it since I don't like it that much.

philippejugnet @ 8/24/2017 09:35 commented on Big Bird

Fling poo, taking shit. This is some good chat. Ive heard skittle is aka toilet clogger.

what about some pixel art shit challenge?

btw, I still miss the quotes, are they really gone? :(

philippejugnet @ 8/23/2017 18:47 commented on Big Bird

If it's not interesting, just don't answer! :B

philippejugnet @ 8/23/2017 11:27 commented on Big Bird

@Frost- I think the line doesnt exists, if you are successfull, then you're a genius, if not, then mad. Being a genius is all about thinking outside the box right? not like everyone else, having a complete weird mindset. and being smart/not smart has all to do with being successfull. So if you're weird and end up successful then people will respect you for that, and think you're above them, so you end up being understood, but if you're nothing, a loser, then who cares? So, for me, still mad. :B

philippejugnet @ 8/23/2017 11:13 commented on Big Bird

I don't think jointers have to discuss anything specific, like pixel art, just because it's a pixel art website. You can chat whatever you want here. I'd say that if the discussion was Game of Thrones and someone was annoyed, they could say that, but it means nothing. You can post whatever you want here, doesn't have to be pixel related, as long as it's not against the rules, like mature content or someone's mucus full of blood blown on a paper (yeah I still remember that day.I just don't think it's right that you tell someone not to do something or what to post.

If there was a worldwide pixeljoint meeting, would you discuss pixel art at all times?

btw, do you still have that mucus picture greeny?