Voltali obscur @ 10/11/2016 14:32 commented on Big Bird

So... m.reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad/comments/56tl2j/i_added_pokemon_to_the_supereffective_chart_by/

Voltali obscur @ 9/15/2016 09:45 commented on Infinite Rage

Back at it with the popular dark background I see!

Voltali obscur @ 9/15/2016 09:41 commented on Cosmic Latte WC

Agree, it's been edited. Hopefully it now feels a bit less cramped on the top part, not much margin here though and cropping the bottom part makes lose overall balance I think.
Awww but I like squares

Voltali obscur @ 9/13/2016 06:11 commented on Cosmic Latte WC

Oohhh I didn't knew about the morse code thing in Panda's piece, that's pretty cool!

Actually I'm not really good at making nice templates or previews in general; here I just started by adding a simple frame outlining the portrait then put the small dots/lines so it wouldn't look too simple or thick.
While I've made 2 study pieces in Panda's style a long time ago, this one piece was not made with that in mind at all. 
Not sure if I should be proud or ashamed that my crappy template skills are bringing up the subject of Panda's art! Haha

Thank you for your kind word and the discovery :)

Voltali obscur @ 9/6/2016 00:40 commented on Zombie Glue

When pixel art meets Matisse. 
I see an eel with a nose and a... brown stubble? 

Voltali obscur @ 9/6/2016 00:30 commented on Starman! (EarthBound)

Not familiar with the character aside from googling it, but speaking from a technical aspect, you've done a nice job rendering his shiny look!
There are some parts of the outline that don't really work with PJ default background though. Also, the eye visor slit could use a bit more AA on the darkest outside pixels, so to be on par with the rest :)

Voltali obscur @ 9/6/2016 00:22 commented on Stranger Things

The demogorgon got him! :p

Voltali obscur @ 8/3/2016 15:56 commented on GBC sprites

The poses are the ones from the Sugimori artworks made for the Red/Green and Red/Blue promotions (except for Charmander head that is closer to its current design, which looks a bit off when put side to side with Charmeleon/zard older design btw).

Voltali obscur @ 8/2/2016 04:49 commented on Overwatch Demake

I guess it has now been edited since the light casted on the stairs is currently from above..? Also, why is there no more Pharah?  

Loving the simple and efficient look of this, the silly explosion fx is a great cartoony addition too! 

Voltali obscur @ 7/25/2016 11:15 commented on Simple Style

*ominous whisper* Doctor Strange new trailer 

Voltali obscur @ 7/19/2016 08:32 commented on Priusian Re-design

Yes, the overall look is more homogeneous now! :) 

Voltali obscur @ 7/18/2016 11:18 commented on Decadence

The larger jars with the 1 pixel width for the hole seem a little flat compared to the others, but apart from that it's a really nice take on a top-down perspective. The palette gives a retro yet fresh look at the whole piece, the greens and more reddish colours mix surprisingly well!

Voltali obscur @ 7/18/2016 11:11 commented on Priusian Re-design

The black outlines for the golden parts stand a bit out compared to the rest that is way smoother. Love the colours used for the beard and the light blue in the eye!

Voltali obscur @ 7/17/2016 10:13 commented on Turtle Ride

Neat! Always glad to see posts from you. 

The foliage is really good looking, smooth and clean at the same time. 

I think the 3 trees at the front of the treeline stand out to much though, the most reddish one in particular for its color. And they don't really show a wood/bark texture, which make them look a bit "lacking" in comparison of the rest of your great work.

Voltali obscur @ 7/17/2016 10:00 commented on A Magic Cat

The #de12ba color is a bit too much saturated compared to the others to act as a neutral tone, hence a few jagged lines (notably for the eye). Apart from that, the general palette is pretty and I really like the colours used for the hair. 

Voltali obscur @ 7/17/2016 06:26 commented on 18 Monsters


Too bad the project was cancelled though :/ 

Voltali obscur @ 7/16/2016 18:31 commented on Remote Controller

Would love to see even more channels. Clean and dynamic animation, all in a small format, the palette is well used... good take on this!

Voltali obscur @ 7/16/2016 18:25 commented on Eiffel Tower

It's always very challenging to depict perspective in pixel art, kudos for this!
Love the raptor expression, full of character and fitting with the description. 

Eeet je viens de remarquer que tu es de France, bonjour compatriote :)

Voltali obscur @ 7/10/2016 10:08 commented on Health

Hahaha that toaster animations are so funny and well done, you really got good at this!

Something has been bothering me for a while though, and I don't know if I mentionned it before but here we go: considering the perspective of the character, shouldn't the leg on the left be the one highlighted because closer to the front/viewer?

Voltali obscur @ 7/10/2016 10:03 commented on Embrace the iris

Heeeey je n'avais pas vu ce post! :0

Les couleurs sont super bien choisies, elles créent à la fois un contraste intéressant pour traiter la texture du métal, mais elles sont également assez douces ce qui (je suppose vu ce que j'en ai entendu dire) va bien avec la personnalité du robot!

Petit nitpick tout de même pour les boules (errr): le copié/collé ne fonctionne pas super bien, d'autant que c'est au premier plan donc attire de suite le regard. Il y a moyen de corriger ça en modifiant juste 2, 3 pixels max sur chaque paire de ... de boules copiées/collées (oh boy, ce que tu me fais écrire)

Go faire d'autres persos du jeu maintenant, je suis addicted <3

Voltali obscur @ 7/10/2016 09:54 commented on Ninja

The red pixels are a nice addition, second lightsources are a great plus!
However, these red pixels placement seems a bit erratic. You already have a brown colour in the palette but you're not using it much when it could really help smoothing the transitions between different colour zones. 

Voltali obscur @ 7/10/2016 09:42 commented on Ghost Police 2016

I can see the struggle between the gameplay comfort and the artistic aesthetics... so yeah, maybe thinner lines would be a good compromise. 
Although I think most of the dillemma is created in the first place because of the "small" size of the screen itself. It's really complicated to deal with split screens on a pixel-ly level of work.

Putting this aside, the graphics are really stunning! Very professional looking, colours are working nicely together to create unique ambiance for each background.
Also, the perspective effect gives a very immersive feeling.

Voltali obscur @ 7/10/2016 09:28 commented on Malmari

Ah, always loved FF black mages / Subrosian etc. look with shiny eyes surrounded by dark, these sprites bring back a lot of memories. Nice job on this batch of little dudes (and dudette!): good readability, pleasant colours and chara design :)

The Indian and Abyssal are my favs <3

Voltali obscur @ 7/7/2016 08:17 commented on Footman

Both the preview and the piece itself are great sprites, lovely colours as usually with you and neat readability.

Are these made for the WC though? If so, I don't think the preview really fits the rules (size / recolor purpose of the challenge). If not, you definitely should edit it and enter!

Voltali obscur @ 6/22/2016 20:36 commented on DK sprites

Omg... you're right. I literally had to count them one by one while reading your post then rechecking what I had written so far to grasp it. That never happened before, can I blame the lack of sleep? *facepalm* 

Apologies for the confusion!